. As a general rule (and voluntarily), all communications or reports received will be treated in their fair measure, proceeding to their dismissal, elimination of inappropriate content and / or communication to the authorities in case of supposing a possible crime.
  • 1 2 .4. When users cause any damage due to negligence, inappropriate behavior or bad faith, provided that the administrators of this website are not aware of it to be able to remedy it (if it were possible). In this sense, www.lilyerotic.com does not have the means to verify the authenticity of the data provided by users or its validity, and we do not know their identity either because we are not obliged to do so.
  • 1 2 .5. For the actions or interpretations that users take or may take based on what they read in the stories and / or comments. It is understood that what is narrated in the stories falls within the world of fiction and that it may or may not be real. Regarding comments, it is also not possible to control everything that users say or do not say, being they solely responsible for their manifestations.
  • 1 2 .6. For the content that users can access through links or other methods outside www.lilyerotic.com . Although we have limited the web so that these links do not stand out clearly, it is impossible for us to prevent them from appearing in the form of text in stories and / or comments. Likewise, we are not responsible for the links.
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  • 1 4 . Any breach of the conditions stipulated in this page, or in other linked pages, may entail the blocking or cancellation of the account of the users who violate them. In the event of serious non-compliance, the necessary measures will be taken and, where appropriate, the competent authorities will be notified.
  • 1 5 . www.lilyerotic.com reserves the right to modify, add or delete whatever it deems appropriate in relation to these TERMS and CONDITIONS OF USE AND LEGAL NOTICE . Especially to adapt it to the regulations in force at all times or those considered appropriate in the future. 
  • 1 6 . By using this website, you accept that any discrepancy or litigation related to it takes place in the courts and tribunals of the city of Quito, as long as a different one is not designated by order of a competent authority or any legal provision.
  • 1 7 . These TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE AND LEGAL NOTICE have been drafted trying to abide by the law and, therefore, the good intention in doing so is clear. In case of error or omission, they will be updated as soon as such circumstance is known.
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