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Get your unique Lily’s artwork

Immortalize your love with an elegant and thoughtful design. Choose from a great variaty of finishes and styles. From minimal to semi-realism, steady for a beautiful frame on your bedroom to a motion design for your electronic photo album. Picture of  your favorite moment in time with your partner, what an unique and beautiful gift. Perfect for the sweetest to the wildest ones. 

Lily Erotic Personal Drawing https://lilyerotic.com/personal-drawing/

How does it works?

Step 1. Let’s choose the product. You can choose from this 3 products depending on what you want to portray. Custom Drawing Minimal, Drawing Colored and Animation.
Now its time to choose the style and finishes of your product. 

Step 2. It’s time to get creative. Now its the time where you and I will be talking through mail and define your unique drawing. 

Step 3. Now we are going to wait for the process to finish. Your artwork is now on the making. 

Step 4. Review your artwork so we can make changes and adjustments so it ends up perfectly. 

Step 5. Your artwork it’s finished and delivered via digital to you in HD. If you didn’t purchased the finished printed or framed, now you can ask for them.

It’s a gift?

We offer a special museum Quality printing called gliclée and two color option for beautiful and minimal frames. Save yourself the effort, receive it, admire it and just wrap it.

Lily Erotic Personal Drawing https://lilyerotic.com/personal-drawing/

Need help choosing the right product?

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Step 1. Choose the product!

You can choose from this 3 products, their different styles and finishes.


Yes, I’m couting on it. Anything you want. 

Yes, I’ll love to portrait stories and experiences.

It depends a lot on what type of drawing your ordered. But usually it takes me less than a week to complete it. If you need it in a rush please let me know.

Only me (Lily), it is stored in my personal iPad and erased as the order it’s finished.

Yes you can, personally I love anime characters.

As you need to, the artwork isn’t finished until you are happy with it.

Not necessarily, if I want to publish your finished artwork anywhere I’ll ask for your permission.

The artwork its gonna be delivered in UHD format 2048×2048 pixels (2k Resolution). If you ordered the printed version its 14×14 inches.

All the kinks you want, the artwork is designed at your image and desires.

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