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A Warm Place

By alan_smithee_III
Two girls take shelter from the storm

Glory Queen Part 2

By TWeston
He took her to a glory hole and she was totally unprepared

Glory Queen Part 1

By Tweston
He took her to a glory hole and she was totally unprepared


By Dv69
Threesome shower then fondle

My Pet

By LoveGoddess

How to eat pussy I

Eating a pussy or cunnilingus is the practice of oral sex in the female genitals. (clitoris, vulva and vagina) It’s a performance where one partner gives pleasure to the other and itself. The act of cunnilingus its about intimacy, sex and love. Not only looking for the orgasm on the receiving partner but the exploration of their body and pleasure. A very intimate moment which is a very important part of any sexual and love act. Many factors of a relationship can determine if you bond with your partner or not, oral sex its one which is very important where if you do it correctly you can blow your partners mind. Here is everything you need to know to eat a pussy with confidence and mastery.

Fingering I

Here is an introduction to fingering, various moments where you can apply it and take your partner to heaven. You’ll learn to identify the G-spot and the A-spot, how to simulate a penetration with fingering and very fundamental tips.


By JSamuels



BDSM at Boarding School

In this boarding school the director uses very harsh correction methods with the female students. Elsa is going to check it on their meats.

The Tattoo

An artist in the search for his masterpiece

You don’t play with desire

In response, almost more like a jerky gesture than a voluntary one, Alex’s body turned a few inches on itself causing one of my hands to collide with his crotch. That movement and the hardness that I felt between my fingers caught me so off guard that it disturbed me a bit …

My sister’s thank you

An executive hires a cousin of his for a while, who proves to be an efficient worker and a horny bitch who “thanks” him for the powder.

Flor’s cute butt

A young man is very horny after trying to take advantage of his girlfriend without success. So he fixes his attention on his sister who he starts to bully

Mom’s House

Try on some bikinis, ask the opinion of the son. So far everything is normal, but when he asks to caress her breasts the mother melts and in the end they end up fucking like savages.

Cutie in a thong

With her husband asleep next to her, his wife lets himself be fucked and swallows her brother-in-law’s semen like a puppy.

I just want one kiss from you

What good harmony is established between these hot cousins, when the call of sex awakens their bodies and desires.

Love in the family

A woman tells of the feelings that seeing her daughter in a lesbian relationship with her sister causes her. Aunt and niece are lovers. Our protagonist hopes to access her daughter’s favors in the future.

Love from a soldier

A professional soldier on leave visits his uncle with the intention of teaching his aunt a few sexual techniques.

Something real

What begins as a relationship by email materialized in a lovers’ meeting ends up being a curious triangle of passion and jealousy with the man’s sister who in turn becomes the woman’s lover.

The two minutes

A clever boy manages to cajole his mother and, in addition to fucking her, make sure that she will keep quiet and be her lover in the future.

Bme lovely best friend

There are glances that hypnotize you, making you lose yourself in them and kisses that restart you, bringing you back to life as if life did not exist before, it may be something serious or not, but sometimes it is necessary to feel alive and I do not mean to breathe and walk because many alive they are more dead than others already buried … My name is Valeria, I am twenty-seven years old, a somewhat active social life, boyfriends, zero suitors, some and not so interesting, I am somewhat d

Cousin’s weekend

One time my cousin Lucero came to stay at my house for a weekend since my uncles were going out and

Alone with Rebeca’s Boyfriend

I had loved the threesome with Rebbeca, although I wanted to drink her boyfriend’s semen, she told Rebecca the next day when we were talking

Grow A Stronger Relationship, here are five easy ways to do it

Relations are like plants that you need to water and nurture every day for them to grow healthy and have big roots. Until they become a big tree of love. Love is the water of a relation. One of the best ways of expressing love is by giving importance and thought to your relation. Surprising your partner with creative and playful new ways of loving is gonna create some new strong roots and beautiful flowers all around your relation tree. Here are five easy ways of watering your relation.

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