The Chest Embrace

Enjoy each other all over. Turn to lay down on each other’s chest, forget your hands, and slide together. Feel protected by each other’s love.

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The Lover’s Heartbeat

Tap your inner rhythm with your hand, the rhythm of your partner’s pulse, and feel how it synchronizes. Meditation for the romantics, melt the boundaries between you two.

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The Monkey

Bring out the primal self in this natural position. Rotate within the caves of her thighs until climax. A twisting loving thrust.

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Polishing The Jewel

The circular motion of the thumb in the clitoris creates a burning sensation from the outside while penetrating and stimulating it from the inside.

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Spanish Sunset

This position performs better on the edge of the sofa than in bed. The little perv on the bottom lies back with their legs bent

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