Middle Penetration

Lily Erotic The Spider https://lilyerotic.com/kamasutra/the-spider/

The Spider and its prey

Each lover grisps the other, unable to escape and unwilling to relinquish. A game that gives each partner the thrill of both the hunter and the hunted.

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Lily Erotic The WheelBarrow https://lilyerotic.com/kamasutra/the-wheelbarrow/

The WheelBarrow

Wheelbarrow: As you might have guessed, this move gets its name from the wheelbarrow-like shape the two little pervs create.  This position is hard because

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Lily Erotic Bizet https://lilyerotic.com/kamasutra/bizet/


It’s one of my favorites because you can be very passionate. Kissing and caressing the body of your partner is a delight. Some whispering and

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Lily Erotic Watch https://lilyerotic.com/kamasutra/the-watch/


This is a hard level sex position. It is a P-spot stimulation where the partner on top is the one who does the activity here.

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Lily Erotic Seesaw https://lilyerotic.com/kamasutra/seesaw/


This position is great for the little perv on top to have many orgasms. You can try this one on a sofa or the side

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