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Lily Erotic The Leapfrog

The Leapfrog

The leapfrog (Also know as “The Chibi”): is the perfect way of spicing the doggy style. Its racy movement creates a deeper penetration, plus it

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Lily Erotic The WheelBarrow

The WheelBarrow

Wheelbarrow: As you might have guessed, this move gets its name from the wheelbarrow-like shape the two little pervs create.  This position is hard because

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Lily Erotic The Venus

The Venus

The Venus: This position weighs the activity on the penis or dildo owner. They stand behind their partner, leaning a little to the side, bending

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Lily Erotic The Mature Lady

The Mature Lady

Mature Lady: This sex position is extremely sensual to start things off in the kitchen, but you can do it at your office desk too.

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Lily Erotic Bizet


It’s one of my favorites because you can be very passionate. Kissing and caressing the body of your partner is a delight. Some whispering and

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Lily Erotic St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day

This position’s name is “St. Valentine’s Day” #kamasutra This position is a little bit exotic. A hard level one. This sex position is perfect to try for

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Lily Erotic Spanish Sunset

Spanish Sunset

This position performs better on the edge of the sofa than in bed. The little perv on the bottom lies back with their legs bent

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Lily Erotic Seesaw

Flat Doggy

This is a rear-entry sex position and a variant of the standard doggy style position. This position allows the penetrating partner to set the pace of

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Lily Erotic Doggy Style

Doggy Style

This sex position is a form of rear-entry. Although it’s not the most commonly used sex position, it is regarded as the most favored position

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