Anal Sex

Greeting the Moon

Stretch towards the sky, reaching for the moon. Thrust hard or hug your lover from behind. Fingers can stray for the depths and caress the clitoris.

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The Lover’s Heartbeat

Tap your inner rhythm with your hand, the rhythm of your partner’s pulse, and feel how it synchronizes. Meditation for the romantics, melt the boundaries between you two.

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The Falling Branch

Falling on top of your partner with eyes sinking in each other’s beauty. Perfect to change position in a sensuous way. A flowering care for each other.

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The Squat

An extreme love expression to bring novelty and excitement to the relationship. Playing rough is part of everyday sex. A passion exercise.

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Moss on a Branch

A meditative moment as your bodies clings close in a growing intimate embrace. Slow pace with mindful touching. Delight with the warmth of each other’s love.

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Sky Feet

Adore the beautiful stare of your partner and connect to their soul. Fall in love. Deeper thrusting and sensations, you’ll feel every inch of love from your partner.

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Satamala’s Love Blow

Love blows (spanks) are passion feeders. They are a matter of taste. Always have the consent to do them. Open-palmed slaps can be sweet if they are mix with dominance and love.

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