The WheelBarrow

Lily Erotic The WheelBarrow

Wheelbarrow: As you might have guessed, this move gets its name from the wheelbarrow-like shape the two little pervs create.  This position is hard because it requieres a little finessing to get the right angle. The receiving little perv has to have a lot of abdominal strenght and willpower. If you dont want to bring your pleasure to a hard stop, dont fall in the temptation to fall into the floor. This is a rear-entry position, vaginal or a anal penetrative sex position. This position can be practice on the floor, but if you want a more easier way you can practice it on the edge of the bed. This position is perfect for G-spot stimulation, deep anal penetration or prostate stimulation, it can lead to a pontetial full-body orgasm.  The wheelbarrow position can lead to hit very hard-to-reach erogenous zones. This can provide a much-needed boost if you have difficulties in orgasming by vaginal penetration alone. This position also brings the A-spot into action too. How to get into position: The most common way is by having the partner with penis or dildo can hold ont the bottom partner’s legs, usually mid-thigh or move their grip to the bottom partner’s waist. This variation is amazing when the partner with a vagina or anus can wrap their legs compeltely around their standing partner instead of leaving them along. To smooth this position both partners need to be active tomake the penetration more confortable. The partner with a dick or dildo doesn’t have to be standing up, this is sometimes referred to as the ¨lazy wheelbarrow¨. Keep in mind that for better penetration deepness, both partners should be standing or with their hands on the floor. You can alternate  if you get tyred. If you want to add some clitorial stimulation or a vibrating toy feel free, the partner with the vagina or anus just needs to slide their hand below. You can play with the anus or add spankings and back scraching.  This position is one of the most recommended positions of all time, so give it a good try. Remember that if something doesn’t work the first time, it may work the second or third, so dont give up. The view for the standing partner is amazing too.

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