Lily Erotic The Venus

The Venus

The Venus: This position weighs the activity on the penis or dildo owner. They stand behind their partner, leaning a little to the side, bending one leg, and using it for support. If the penis or dildo owner is not much taller than their partner, they may stay still or the way they like. The vulva or anus owner stands, slightly leans forward, kneels, and uses them for support. In this position, there is a great versatility as both partners have their hands free. Easy to caress each other or their bodies. It’s a medium-level complexity but very much worth it as it is a routine breaker. You can perform this position anywhere. Go for a ride, use the elevator, or on the roof, amazing. It is only one step to the doggy style; changing to it will be easy. Caressing the buttocks, clitoris, breasts, neck, back, and legs is an easy possibility. If you manage it, you can even kiss, maintain eye contact, and neck kissing. This position has a deep penetration rate, A-spot stimulus as well as G-spot.

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