The Squat - Animated Kamasutra by Lily Erotic
An extreme love expression to bring novelty and excitement to the relationship. Playing rough is part of everyday sex. A passion exercise.

The Squat

The squat is a position for two fit lovers that want to embrace deep hardcore intercourse. Don’t try if you don’t plan to sweat your love away.

How to do it:

The partner with a penis or dildo stands behind the partner lifting them with their arms and supporting them with their legs. The partner on top holds itself by gripping their arms in their partner’s shoulder and squatting on top of their partner’s legs. This position is very exhausting for both partners so I should recommend doing it for short periods and resting between so you don’t damage your muscles. Kissing and caressing other than holding can be very tricky. After you are done with this position a relaxing one like The Cat can be extremely pleasurable.

Where to do it:

As with most all standing sex positions, The Squat is very versatile in terms of where it can be performed. It can be done anywhere you can stand.

Lily’s Tips

  • Start by doing the position sitting on top of the bed. Try to stand up having your knees bent and your back straight so you don’t injure.
  • Anal is a must-try when you are very comfortable with it, naughty talk and lube come amazing for this task.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate, especially if you plan to squirt later on.

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