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Bring out the primal self in this natural position. Rotate within the caves of her thighs until climax. A twisting loving thrust.

The Monkey

The Monkey can be very enjoyable for many because of its level of closeness and intimacy. A very versatile position that gives the opportunity to kiss, hugging, holding, and caressing each other’s bodies. The lovers may rock back and forth or bounce slightly up and down during penetration.

How to do it:

The partner with penis or dildo kneels down, clutching tightly his legs to the buttocks, leans backward supporting the weight on the arms. knees are driven apart. The partner with the vagina or anus rides the penis or dildo, squeezing the torso of their partner with the legs bent on the sides. One hand can support the weight by grabbing to its partner’s neck, and the other arm on the floor or on its partner’s forearm.

Where to do it:

On the bed or the floor. You can use a mat too.

Lily’s Tips:

  • Kissing or holding the neck will scale this position to an orgasmic experience.
  • You can hug hard on your partner to show your strong sensations. Grabbing hard on your partner’s arms, breasts or waist will drive them crazy.
  • You can path lines of kisses or with your fingertips, in the chest of the other to play some games.

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