The Mature Lady

Lily Erotic The Mature Lady

Mature Lady: This sex position is extremely sensual to start things off in the kitchen, but you can do it at your office desk too. Please remember that sex is fun, and you should try to vary the place and the positions. The height of the table is usually perfect for this rear-entry sex position. It is relatively easy to perform. The little perv with the vagina gets on top of the table. Lifting their tiptoes and their legs pressed together. They can rest on their elbows on the tabletop and lean their upper body forward. The other partner stands with the straight back behind their lover, putting one leg forward. Their hand can rest on the waist of their partner as they enter from behind. This position stimulates the A-spot and the G-spot as it has a deep level of penetration. This position can be great for anal sex too. 

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