The lover’s Heartbeat sex psoition from animated kamasutra by LilyErotic
Tap your inner rhythm with your hand, the rhythm of your partner’s pulse, and feel how it synchronizes. Meditation for the romantics, melt the boundaries between you two.

The Lover’s Heartbeat

The Lover’s Heartbeat is an orgasming-inducing sex position for the partner on top. The partner below should feel the pulse of their partner’s neck and tap it anywhere they like. Synchronizing the heartbeats is a very pleasurable experience.

How to do it:

The partner with the penis or dildo sits with their back straight and legs open, giving sustain for their partner to place their legs or closed to thrust harder, leaving the partner on top unable to relax. The partner with vagina or anus climbs on their partner’s hips and sits back to their partner. Depending on the elasticity, the partner with the vagina or anus can fully bend their legs and drive them apart as far as they can. The partner below can place their hands on the buttons or hips, caressing all the parts of their partner’s body.

Where to do it:

A chair is needed because a wooden bench won’t do the work, you may fall.

Lily’s Tips

  • Tapping with your hand on top of the clitoris while performing anal or vaginal penetration can be a top play.
  • The partner behind should try to use their advantage and caress everywhere they can,
  • Neck holding can be a strong stimulus and get to climax faster.
  • Shoulder kissing can be an elegant and lovely gesture from the partner behind.
  • Anal Sex is recommended not for the starter ones and should always be group with dirty talking.

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