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A very intimate position to lean back between the legs of your love. A delight to the thighs and clitoris.

The Lover’s Couch

This position does as its name says. It uses the partner with the penis or dildo as a couch for back support for the remaining partner. The animation is a variation of this position. You can easily transition from the regular one to the variation. When the partner with the penis gets tired, the other partner gets closer to the climax.

How to do it

If you are in the cowgirl position, you can easily transition to this sexy position. You need to be careful not to stretch the penis. Use gentle movements, and care.

The partner with the vagina or anus lays down on top of the thighs of their partner. The partner with the penis or dildo does the movement supporting on their bent legs.

In the variation of this sex position, the partner with the vagina or anus rests their back between the legs of the other. The hard work falls on their partner. The partner with the penis lays comfortably on his back while the magic occurs.

Where to do it:

You can do it on top of the bed or the floor next to a wall. Just be careful of being too close to it.

Lily´s Tips

  • Both partners can lock their eyes on each other.
  • This is a position for perfect clitorial stimulation from both partners.
  • If sex is at its climax, both partners can moan loudly, close their eyes and let go while the partner with the vagina or anus maintains the penetration escalating.

similar positions:

Intimate and beautiful. A petting pleasure. Riding and thrusting with easy and love.

A completely full filling position. Deep connection with very strong intensity. A spring joy.

Bring out the primal self in this natural position. Rotate within the caves of her thighs until climax. A twisting loving thrust.

The circular motion of the thumb in the clitoris creates a burning sensation from the outside while penetrating and stimulating it from the inside.

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