The jugglers Variation - Sex position from animated kamasutra by LilyErotic
Show off like a circus star. The blood rushes through your head as each thrust moves your whole body.

The Jugglers Variation

This position will reverse the flow of blood in half of your body. So, anybody suffering from brain injuries, spinal issues, and high blood pressure should not attempt this position or any other inverted posture. For the rest, it can have lots of benefits like boosting your mood. You can try the St. Valentine’s Day if you want a standing reversed position. 

How to do it:

The partner with a penis or dildo sits in a chair with a straight back and legs spread slightly apart. The partner with the vagina or anus sits on top of the penis or dildo. They should be facing their lover, slowly trying to stand on their arms with the help of their partner to soothe the transition. The partner sited can lift the legs of their partner too for a more comfortable variation.

Where to do it:

You’ll need a place to sit. Be careful not to imbalance and fall. Get a well-stabilized place

Lily’s Tips

  • Using a wooden bench can feel more unstable, but it can help the power of the thrust if the partner with the penis or dildo grips on its edge to gain more traction.
  • If you want to come prepared for this position, you can try some handstands for at least 90 seconds if you can. Both partners should do them to understand how can they help each other.
  • Breast and clitoral massage add up to this position, even though it can be tricky to do.
  • If you get a wooden bench, you can easily transition to a position where the roles are inverted, and the partner with vagina rides and the partner below stands on their hands while their back is on the bench.

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