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A completely full filling position. Deep connection with very strong intensity. A spring joy.

The Hare

The hare is a dom and sub position. Very deep penetration that will evoke some hard moaning.

How to do it:

The partner with the vagina climbs on top of the table, kneels down, and spreads their legs wide apart. Their buttocks are slightly raised and arched towards their partner. Leaning forward, stretching arms over their head and grabbing the opposite edge of the tabletop if like. The partner with a penis or dildo stands behind their lover’s legs. Puts their feet should-width apart. Aligning with their partner entrance may be useful to lift with their tiptoes a little bit. Can grab their partner by the buttocks, entering from behind, alternating from fast and slow.

Where to do it:

Perfect for the kitchen or the dining room because a table aligned with the standing partner is needed. The end of the bed can be a good place to do it.

Lily’s Tips

  • Play very swallow at first. Just the tip, make the sensations grab you both very slowly.
  • Draw words and hearts in the back of the partner with the vagina. Make them guess dirty things.
  • The partner on top of the table should resist a little so the other partner makes their will.
  • Pulling from the base of the hair, being gentle with it, you can bring your partner close to you to say some dirty things.

similar positions:

Intimate and beautiful. A petting pleasure. Riding and thrusting with easy and love.

A very intimate position to lean back between the legs of your love. A delight to the thighs and clitoris.

Each lover grisps the other, unable to escape and unwilling to relinquish. A game that gives each partner the thrill of both the hunter and the hunted.

Legs in the air: This position is a medium level in difficulty, it requires a table, so it is perfect for the kitchen, the bathroom,

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