The falling branch - sex position - animated kamasutra by LilyErotic
Falling on top of your partner with eyes sinking in each other’s beauty. Perfect to change position in a sensuous way. A flowering care for each other.

The Falling Branch

A delight to the eyes, a spectacle of motion for the partner below. Watching the ups and downs of your delicate partner as the intercourse intensifies. The feeling of the butt against the pelvis will be a delight too. To intensify the movement, the partner with the vagina or anus can support their legs on the floor, as in the animation.

How to do it:

The partner with a penis or dildo lies down on their back horizontally, bending his legs slightly but without lifting his feet. The partner with a vagina or anus sits down on their leaning on the side with their arms. The partner with a penis or dildo supports their partner with one arm on the back of them. The other arm caresses their partner’s legs.

Where to do it:

In the bed or the floor. Anywhere where you two can lay down.

Lily’s Tips

  • Maintaining eye contact
  • The partner below can support their neck by adding some pillows below their head.
  • As the partner on top, you can wear your hair down to give a sexier spectacle of movement.
  • A vibrator or a dildo long enough can be manipulated by the partner below to give more pleasure to the partner above.

Looking for another position?

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