The chest embrace - Sex position from animated kamasutra by LilyErotic
Enjoy each other all over. Turn to lay down on each other's chest, forget your hands, and slide together. Feel protected by each other’s love.

The Chest Embrace

The Chest Embrace is a position that resembles a gesture of affection and love for each other, simulating a feeling of protection.

How to do it:

The partner with a penis or dildo sits on a sofa comfortably. The partner with the vagina or anus rides their lover while both partners hug each other tightly. The partner with a penis or dildo may rest their face between the breast or chest of their partner.

Where to do it:

A sofa is a perfect spot for this position.

Lily’s Tips

  • If you want to climax, you can stop resting on each other chest and start maintaining eye contact. It will help a lot.
  • Stopping for a kiss whenever you can may give variation to this position.
  • Staying in this position after the orgasms is just a perfect way to cuddle. Use the appropriate protection if you plan to stay inside each other.

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