The Bodyguard Sex Position - Animated Kamasutra by Lilyerotic
Intimate and satisfying. A playground for lovers. A delectable embrace to whet the appetite.

The Bodyguard

This position allows for caressing like neck kissing, breast touching, love blows, and dirty talk

How to do it:

This position is easy to perform. Both partners stand, the partner with a penis or dildo enters from behind. Both partners slightly bend their knees to ease thrusting. The partner with a vagina or anus can stand on their toe tips to make the penetration deeper; by placing their head on their partner’s shoulder to allow more caressing. It can be challenging to keep up during thrusting. Height differences between partners can become challenging.

Where to do it:

The shower, closet, or anywhere else you can stand are all great options. A footstool or a stair can line up the genitals to facilitate the thrusting.

Lily’s Tips

  • Doing it in front of a mirror can bring a spectacular view for both, especially for the partner behind.
  • The bodyguard is fantastic to do in a shower.
  • Neck holding can make this position a Dom and Sub play. Can add a holding like the animation to spice things up.

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