Lily Erotic St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day

This position’s name is “St. Valentine’s Day” #kamasutra This position is a little bit exotic. A hard level one. This sex position is perfect to try for the first time today non-stopping with it all year long, letting every day be a holiday and a sexual adventure. This position is great because it stimulates de A-spot and the G-spot because of its deep penetration. It will give you an orgasm. This position can be a little rough for the partner who is upside-down. Their arms should be straight and sustaining the whole body, you can also do it just like it is on the gif. The partner standing grabs the hips and helps their partner in this position while pulling them into their penis or dildo. This position demands the activity of the two little pervs involved. Stop with the boring sex routine and try this position!

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