Sky Feet - Sex Position - Animated Kamasutra By LilyErotic
Adore the beautiful stare of your partner and connect to their soul. Fall in love. Deeper thrusting and sensations, you’ll feel every inch of love from your partner.

Sky Feet

Melting like ice cream in the sun. The piercing power of staring into each other with love and care. A deep penetration that must start slowly, by entering only the head of it at first. Taking the time to lubricate naturally each new piece of skin that gets in contact with each other. Try to let the penetration start slowly and in the background while you express your love in a deeply intimate conversation with the mouth or the eyes by kissing slowly and cheek caressing.

How to do it:

The partner with the vagina or anus lies on their back and pulls their legs to their chest. The partner with a penis or dildo lies on top and positions themself for deep and intimate penetrative access. kneeling with their hips wide apart.

Where to do it:

Top of the bed or floor.

Lily’s Tips:

  • By grabbing the head of their love the partner below can demand kisses on their neck or mouth.
  • The partner with the vagina or anus can grab the butt or the pelvic bone to increase or decrease the thrusting speed and force.
  • You two can play a sex game to keep smiling and laughing while that intense penetration gets you both to climax.
  • After a while, hard thrusting can begin, pulling some hard moaning from both.

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