Lily Erotic Seesaw

The Seesaw sex position is a hard level one because it requires a very good posture and lots of strength, not only to carry the little perv on top with your arms, legs, and back but in the intimate muscle of the penis or dildo owner. The partner on top embraces the partner’s neck with one hand and the other hand can gently caress many upper zones like face, torso, shoulders, and even themselves. The faces of each other should meet at the same level to kiss and build up more passion. The partner standing gives more sexual energy. In the Seesaw sex position, both lovers have to guide the sexual energy along the spine towards the crown to make the other orgasm. This will generate a sublimation of the basic energy in happiness and pure love.
This position is best if you started from the bed because it’s easier to carry your partner if they are already on your shoulder. This position can be very exhausting so always try it for about 2-3 minutes at first. Try performing it against a wall, so that the partner on top has its back against the wall. This will help take some of your weight meaning both of you can last longer. Also, it will be more intense since it’s against a wall.

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