Lily Erotic Scissor


This is not the only lesbian sex position nor only for lesbians. This variation, the one at the post, is best for clitoral stimulation. The verb scissoring is an act that involves two people with vulvas rubbing said vulvas against each other. But Kamasutra’s version of men and women suggests another thing. It varies a little from the gif since the penis or dick owner lies on their side facing their partner. For the clitoral stimulation version, you can place a bullet vibrator in-betweens the two bodies. If you want a more intimate connection, the partner on top can bend more so your two faces meet. A dick owner can also try the clitoral stimulation variation. The little perv on top can place their vulva on top of the thigh of their partner. I suggest lots of lube in the thigh, bullet, or dildo.

Looking for another position?

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