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Love blows (spanks) are passion feeders. They are a matter of taste. Always have the consent to do them. Open-palmed slaps can be sweet if they are mix with dominance and love.

Satamala’s Love Blow

This position is also known as The Nun, it’s the perfect position to give a loving blow (Spank). The hands of the partner with the penis or dildo will rest naturally on their partner’s buttocks. This is a position where the partner with the vagina or anus goes on top, having control of the movements but being submissive at the same time.

How to do it:

The partner with a penis or dildo lies on its back, the upper part of their body has to be in an elevated position, like the animation. A pillow can be used too. Their legs are straight and driven apart. The partner with the vagina kneels between their partner’s legs, their shines are under their partner’s hips.

Where to do it:

The bed is the perfect place for this position.

Lily’s Tips:

  • Grabbing the base of the hair of the partner with the vagina or anus will give the partner behind the control of the movements.
  • Playing with an ice cube in the back of your partner can be very exciting. The partner with the vagina can have a payback when changing positions.
  • The partner with the penis or dildo can give a massage before the sex starts to make the back and neck of their partner more sensitive.

similar positions:

Intimate and beautiful. A petting pleasure. Riding and thrusting with easy and love.

A completely full filling position. Deep connection with very strong intensity. A spring joy.

Bring out the primal self in this natural position. Rotate within the caves of her thighs until climax. A twisting loving thrust.

A very intimate position to lean back between the legs of your love. A delight to the thighs and clitoris.

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