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The circular motion of the thumb in the clitoris creates a burning sensation from the outside while penetrating and stimulating it from the inside.

Polishing The Jewel

Polishing The Jewel gives the perfect stimulation to the clitoris and the belly button area. It is a show-off position.

How to do it:

To get into this sex position, the partner with a dick or dildo lays down while the partner with the vagina or anus rides it. Similar to the cowgirl position but the partner with the vagina or anus leans back on their hands and forearms, relaxing their neck. The partner with the penis or dildo plays with the inner thighs, clitoris, and belly area of their partner.  The girl is always on top, similar to a cowgirl, so be careful with the penis stretching. This position offers an amazing view for the partner with a penis or dildo of the boobs bouncing in tune with the thrusts.

Where to do it:

You can do it leaned on a sofa, or at the end of the bed with some pillows to support the back and neck.

Lily’s Tips:

  • A vibrator is perfect to stimulate the clitoris in this position. Can play with the inner thighs to tease at first.
  • This position is perfect to be recorded because it shows a magestic pose from the partner with vagina. Free long hair is going to look amazing.
  • You can play with some ice cubes too.

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