Moss on a Branch - Sex Position - Animated Kmasutra by LilyErotic
A meditative moment as your bodies clings close in a growing intimate embrace. Slow pace with mindful touching. Delight with the warmth of each other’s love.

Moss on a Branch

Moss on a branch in a position to let yourself let go of everything and feel each other’s body. Caressing and loving gestures are limitless. From neck kisses each other’s necks, mouth, hands, or shoulders to touching and pathing to wherever you can reach.

How to do it:

The partner with the penis or dildo lies comfortably and effortlessly on their back. The partner with the vagina or anus lies on top of their partner with their legs bent backward. It can easily be a transition from a Horizontal Reverse Cowgirl by just laying on top of the partner with penis or dildo gently. If it feels uncomfortable, the partner on top can relax their legs and straighten them. 

Where to do it:

On top of floor, a mat, grass or bed.

Lily’s Tips

  • The partner with the penis or dildo can get a better thrusting power by bending its knees.
  • Pressing just above the pelvic bone, below the belly button just above the hard surface can give a very pleasurable sensation to the partner on top.
  • Both partners can tell intimate secrets to each other’s ears.

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