Legs in the Air

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Legs in the air: This position is a medium level in difficulty, it requires a table, so it is perfect for the kitchen, the bathroom, etc. It’s a good position for deep penetration where the G-spot is going tobe target. By having the legs resting on their shoulders, the distance inside the vagina gets shortened. (Making it perfect for small sizes of penis or dildo) Depending on how flexible you are, you can shorten more the inside of the vagina. If you are not flexible enough, you can rest your legs on the arms of your partner. You may experience a zero-gravity effect while having sex and the thought you are going to fall. Remember, your partner will not let you go down. The partner with the penis or dildo has to be standing and grabbing their partner above their waist. Pulling the hips of their partner very close to their body. This position is too strong for performing anal sex, but it’s different from other sex-positions where you are behind and not facing each other. It is also great to stimulate the P-spot.

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