The Leapfrog

Lily Erotic The Leapfrog

The leapfrog (Also know as “The Chibi”): is the perfect way of spicing the doggy style. Its racy movement creates a deeper penetration, plus it gives you a chance to rest on a pillow. The partner with a vagina or dildo is in a great position to use their hands to stimulate their clitoris. To get into this, think of it as a spanking new version of doggy style. Get on your hands and knees, keep your hips raised and rest your head and arms on the bed. Just like the doggy style position but instead of being on your elbows, like you would be when performing it, rest your chest and head on the bed. The more you push your butt in the air, the more you allow your pervy partner to enter on you. If you prefer to lower your butt, you can have it very low and put pillows or cushions under your belly/waist to provide more support. Usually, the penis or dildo owner does most of the work. They will be thrusting in and out. If the little partner on the bottom moves too, it’ll create more vigorous sex and help to aid your partner on top if they get tired of doing the work. Stimulation of the clitoris is easy, but here is a little secret, if you have your arms long enough, you can also reach back and start grabbing the testicles, shaft, or butt cheeks of your partner. The angle of penetration may vary a lot, being more comfortable by lowering your butt or raising it, raising your hips or lowering them, and leaning forwards or backward too. If you get on your feet, you create a nice variation of the leapfrog called “The Frog”. The partner with penis or dildo may caress the back and butt, give nice spankings; if they lean front, they may kiss the scalp, back, and neck of their partner. They also can be standing or on their knees. You can hit the g-spot and the P-spot. Special tips: You can place a pillow below the head of the partner with the vagina. This position may not be the best for starting, even though it is an easy position because it can be uncomfortable due to the deep penetration. May bother the partner with the penis or dildo if there is not enough lubrication. If the little perv on the bottom keeps their legs together instead of apart can make it tighter for their partner with penis or dildo. If you are set in front of a wall, placing your hands on it and pushing back can make the thrusting feels stronger.  

Don’t forget it is also great for having anal sex.

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