Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic
Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic
Greeting the Moon sex position - Animated kamasutra by LilyErotic
Stretch towards the sky, reaching for the moon. Thrust hard or hug your lover from behind. Fingers can stray for the depths and caress the clitoris.

Greeting the Moon

Greeting the moon is a versatile position; you can trust very hard like the animation or hug and use your hands to caress your partner. The partner hanging from above will feel all their body stretching, great for when you need some stretching.

How to do it:

The two partners have to be standing. The partner with the vagina or anus has to lift themselves with a support bar like a trapeze. The partner with the penis or dildo has to thurst from behind, using their hands to grab their partner’s legs or to caress the clitoris or buttocks of the same.

Where to do it:

You’ll need some support for the partner with the vagina or anus, like a short wall, a place to grab with the arms.

Lily’s Tips

  • This is the perfect position for anal sex lovers. Not for beginners.
  • Using an exercise bar in a door can be a cheap version if you don’t find any short walls.

Looking for another position?

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