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Flat Doggy

This is a rear-entry sex position and a variant of the standard doggy style position. This position allows the penetrating partner to set the pace of the sexual encounter and the depth of penetration. This doesn’t mean the receiving partner can’t take some control. The receiving partner can increase the friction and tightness by squeezing their legs. This is enough to make your partner orgasm. So practice this ladies.
A great idea is to place a pillow underneath the receiving partner’s belly. This variant allows for greater G-spot stimulation.
How to introduce a stronger dominant factor: Your partner can hold your face down by wrapping their hands around the back of your neck. You can also try to rest the weight on your shoulders and have your hands behind your back.
This position is perfect for a deeper penetration without the need of a big penis. Be careful when being the receiving partner because if your partner is too big he can damage the servix.

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