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Relationships are like plants that you need to water and nurture every day for them to grow healthy and have big roots. Until they become a big tree of love. Love is the water of a relationship. One of the best ways of expressing love is by giving importance and thought to your relationship. Surprising your partner with creative and playful new ways of loving is gonna create some new strong roots and beautiful flowers all around your relationship tree. Here are five easy ways to water and grow a stronger relationship.

1: Foreplay starts from chatting 

My love loves when I write to her telling the sweetest things to her. But what she really loves it when I tell her the naughtiest things of all. Before you attempt to say one of these phrases you should know how your partner is and how you think is gonna react, if you don’t know, you can start by slowly giving naughty but sweet compliments. Like ”Your butt is the cutest and hottest part of you”, until you know better. Returning to the story, once I wrote to her: ”I want to fuck you so hard your parents will listen to your screams”. Or: ” I miss how your parents were used to listening to how I fucked their little baby girl”. You can tell him or her how you dream of eating him/her out. The more details you give the better.

I always send her a reminder of how much I miss her. How I miss her warm body, her sweet smell of her lovely laugh. Remember foreplay starts before you get to bed. A constant reminder of how good you two are together helping to make a stronger connection inside the mind. Also, it helps to build sexual tension that at some point is going to end in sex. So start now. 

If you are just starting to date or if that person is just a friend. It’s key to do this because it creates an image of you that associates with sex. This will change how you will be seen in the eyes of a potential partner. 

2: Making up limits to break one at a time makes all the loving more important

Back when I was a teenager I had my first girlfriend, I remember so vividly how we kiss in her bedroom with the door open. Because she didn’t wanna make her parents think we were doing something more. I used to enjoy so much of her kissing, we used to kiss for hours and hours. We kissed so profoundly that we even forget to breathe. She was a very good girl and very good behaved so we never really went too far. But kissing her in the neck just melted her. She sometimes moaned very soft because it was just to much for her. I think that because she was so well behaved, she felt so dared in doing these naughty cute kisses, they got her really turned on, but she never crossed a line that she didn’t want. But god being on the edge turned her so good. 

It is very important to build up this nerve-racking desires to cross the limits with each other. First, you will get your partner daydreaming of you, and some moments you will get her moaning without even touching any serious spots. Not saying neck and thighs aren’t serious. In fact, they are more important and give back more than a lot of other places. Second, you are not doing anything wrong if you break them, that only proves that you were wanting it so bad. It creates a story and a moment, proof that you grow a stronger relationship it’s when you reach these goals and get more intimate.

”Girls kissing” art by Lily Erotic - Grow A Stronger Relationship

3: Thought of doing something that you shouldn’t is the biggest turn on 

This tip resumes in public, forbidden, and rules. On my vanilla side, I have this story, when I had my first girlfriend, we used to watch movies with her cousin, she and her boyfriend used to sit next to us in the living room, where they had a tv. We got a blanket on top of our legs and thighs. Very slowly I would get my hand on her knee and very slowly raise it up.

What makes this more interesting is that she controlled my hand, and she raised it very slowly. Like very very very slowly. Slower than the slowest turtle in the world. And that drove me crazy because I wanted to touch her pussy, but she would never let me do that. She got so nervous with her cousin so close. If I ever get close to touching the spot on top of her vagina, she will just take my hand out of the blanket and make me suffer. 

Now on my not so vanilla side, one time we were returning on a family trip with my girlfriend. We were so full in the car that there was no room for us on any seat, we agree to go together in the trunk of the car. There I just started fingering my partner, it was so good because at any moment any one of my family could just look back and catch us. Fortunately, this didn’t happen, but we still get hot remembering that moment. 

4: Make up rules and games.

The key here is using some imagination and preparing a list of games you can think of by analyzing your day to day activities. Being playful and funny never ends. You can start by playing common games to know each other better. When you are kissing in your foreplay, look at her eyes, and ask for a truth or a dare. You can play ”would you rather” while listening to music and drinking some wine. Maybe you can watch some Netflix and put some rules on it.  Now let’s get to the good part. Let’s put in some rules in it. Here are some ideas. You can use a blindfold, no use of hands or mouth, you can ask questions like math problems, and put big praise if someone answers correctly, change your dynamics. You can play a lot of different games together, next are two more elaborated.

7 minutes:

It is a game of teasing, where you have to keep your hands up by your head while your partner has seven minutes to try and make you reach out to them. If you reach out, you lose. If you hold out, you win. The winner gets a favor from the other.

Primal or Struggle snuggles:

It only requires you and your partner. Whoever is dom is “the Predator”, whoever is sub is “the Prey”. If you’re both you can switch, fight for power and dominance on each other. See who can control the other, how to get out of the others grasp and come out on top. First to submit or get exhausted loses. 

Ps: the magic is in how many details you put in. That really shows how you care and also makes the mood. Setting the mood and mindset is very important. Like music in the background.

Let’s save some games for another post. You can comment on Instagram and talk about your make up sex games. I know everyone will love to hear about them.


”Blue Couple” by Lily Erotic - Grow A Stronger Relationship


If you are into BDSM you may already know that a simple gesture as grabbing your partner’s neck with your full hand at the right moment during intercourse may give her one incredible orgasm. If not, here are some ideas using this concept. Especially when your partner is up for new things. Spanking, bitting, blindfold, pet play, tieing hands, hickies, etc, all of these are great starters. Remember that boys love to feel submissive too, if you are a girl don’t forget to take control whenever you feel like it. Spank your partner or bite him softly in his butt cheek, he will be asking for more, if he reminds you of this moment, in particular, is because he absolutely adores when you make him feel owned.


 ”Who’s There” Art by Lily Erotic - Grow A Stronger Relationship

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We are going to give you a lot more tips and fertilizer so you can grow a stronger relationship tree infinitely. Try using these tips and adapt them to what you already do with your partner. Remember that what you practice, you master, also, to use your imagination and your intuition. Use logic and effort to make your partner feel happy. Relationships need a lot of things, watering is just one of them. With your mind you can do everything, you will have amazing sex, but also great love. 

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