A Warm Place

By alan_smithee_III Two girls take shelter from the storm

It was the worst thunderstorm I had ever seen. Still, I have to admit, it was a hell of a sight. The neighborhood was in chaos. The only sounds that could be heard were the incessant pounding rain and the sirens which were only audible between the almost constant cracks of thunder.

Matt and I sat on the covered porch of the house we were renting and watched it all go down. We had been friends since high school and now attended the same college just down the street. We currently resided in what could be best described as a party house. Unfortunately, the power had gone out a few hours ago, so we now found ourselves trying to drink all the beer in the fridge before it got warm. With just the two of us, we were definitely up for a challenge.

Matt went inside to get another when I saw two completely drenched girls across the street that were headed in our direction. It wasn’t until they got closer that I realized that it was Stephanie and Amber. Friends of friends, as it were. They had been to a few of our parties, but they were little more than familiar faces. Beautiful faces on incredibly hot bodies. Either one of them could have been a model, or at the very least, a stripper. Stephanie was the tall brunette, and Amber was the medium-sized blonde.

When they approached the porch, I couldn’t help but notice that Stephanie was wearing a very wet, very white t-shirt without a bra. When lightning illuminated the sky, I got a nice look at what I would call a pair of absolutely perfect tits. Then Amber broke my trance.

“A tree just fell on our house,” she said through a shivering jaw. “We didn’t know what to do.”

“Jesus. Come on in,” I said as I opened the door for them. “We lost power a few hours ago.”

“The whole neighborhood’s out.” Stephanie piped in.

Matt came out of the kitchen, obviously a bit surprised to see these two beautiful women standing in our living room. Ravaged by the rain and wind, they each had a very animalistic presence about them. I’m guessing Matt saw it too. “Uh, hi,” was the best he could muster.

It looked like I was to be the hospitable host. “I can go get you some dry clothes, if you want. You must be freezing.” This time I noticed Amber’s nipples which were so hard that they were actually poking through her bra.

“That would be awesome,” she said.

I grabbed a flashlight and they followed me upstairs to my bedroom, where I opened my dresser drawer to retrieve a few articles of clothing for the lovely damsels in distress.

“Is it ok if I take a shower first?” Amber asked. Gentleman that I am, I suggested a bath instead, as I could get her some candles to see by and she could warm herself up a bit more thoroughly in a tub of hot water. As I was talking to her, I noticed that Stephanie was already peeling off her wet shirt.

“Where should I put this?” she asked, t-shirt in hand. I stood in awe at her perfect breasts and her casual nature.

“I can take that.” This time I caught her smiling as she noticed me checking her out.

“Well, I guess I’m going to go jump in the bath then,” Amber said as she left the room.

As soon as she was gone, Stephanie slid her wet jeans to the floor and stood before me in only a pair of black lace panties. “Are those wet, too?” I asked. The sexual innuendo was completely unintentional, or at the very least, subconscious.

“Not yet.” And there was that smile again.

She grabbed a pair of my boxers out of the drawer and a hooded sweatshirt that zipped up the front. Somehow knowing how quickly she could be naked if she wanted to was just as hot. .

Stephanie followed me back downstairs, then out to the porch to join Matt while I looked around for some candles. When I found some, I went back up to the bathroom, where the door was already closed. I knocked but there was no response. I could hear running water inside and I knocked again.

“Amber, it’s me. I brought you some candles.” Again there was no answer. “Is everything alright in there?” I hesitated for a moment, then slowly entered. The room was only lit by the occasional burst of lightning, but what I saw had me rock hard in seconds.

She lay in the tub with her legs suspended upward. Her pussy was directly beneath the faucet. Her eyes were closed, and in the shadows, I could see that she was in an absolute state of pleasure. I stood there for a few moments and watched, then quietly retreated to the door where I shut it all but a crack behind me and knocked once again. This time much harder.

“Yeah?” she said. I could hear the trepidation in her voice. I felt bad for taking her out of what sounded like being very close to orgasm.

“I brought you some candles.”

“Oh. You can come in.” She slid back in the tub, but made no attempt to cover herself as I set the candles down beside the tub, then lit each one and handed them to her one by one.

“I can’t even tell you how much I needed this. It’s been a pretty crazy night. Thank you.” Her blue eyes sparkled in the candlelight.

As she set the candles behind her, I looked down at her exposed pussy and wondered just how crazy things were going to get. “You can sit in here with me, if you want.”


She giggled at my response. “You should get in the tub with me.” I thought about it for a moment, or at least pretended to think about it, but not another word was spoken in the ten seconds it took me to get naked. My erect cock dangled in the darkened air. She slid back in the tub, never taking her eyes off my penis as I stepped into the water. The next thing I knew, her mouth was wrapped around me as I stood up to my knees in hot bathwater. As my eyes rolled back in my head, I failed to notice that I had left the door open a crack, as Matt walked into use the bathroom just a few minutes later.

“Oh, shit,” was about all he could say.

She slid my dick out of her mouth and responded. “Did you need to use the bathroom?”

“Uh, yeah. But, I mean…”

“Go ahead. I love watching a man piss.”

“I don’t think that’s a possibility right now.”

“Oh. I’m sorry,” she said. “Come here.”

It was strange enough standing there naked in a bathtub with a girl I hardly knew, but it was even stranger to have my best friend standing there with her hand still wrapped around my rock hard cock. From the sounds of things, it was about to get even stranger.

“Take off your pants,” she said, almost as an order.

“Is there room in there?”

“Oh, there’s room. I want you to fuck me while I suck your friend’s dick.”

Matt barely hesitated before he was naked, too. I was proud to see that my assumption that mine was bigger actually held true. She didn’t seem to mind as she stood up, bent over and took it all in. Moments later, she returned to sucking me off, this time with an urgency in her strokes.

“Oh my God, I have always wanted to do this,” she said through panting breaths before returning to what was an amazing blowjob. The water splashed beneath us and the sound of wet, pounding flesh resonated in the tiled room. I don’t know who came first, but it all seemed to happen instantaneously. Matt filled her pussy with hot cum as I did the same to her mouth. She swallowed every drop, but somehow managed to scream in pleasure at the same time. A moment later, we were all standing. She looked up at me and gave me a big sloppy kiss, the taste of semen still with her. She then turned to Matt and did the same. After that, she stepped out of the tub, and Matt and I quickly followed. Amber went downstairs with Matt right behind her, each wrapped in towels. I went into my room to get a change of clothes.

As I opened the door, I saw Stephanie lying on my bed with a flashlight and one of my porno magazines. Her other hand was firmly planted between her legs and moving in a circular motion. “Stephanie…”

Lightning struck and she looked up at me with an animal lust in her eyes. I could smell her pussy from where I stood. Sweet butterscotch and honey mustard. She continued to rub her clit as she spoke.

“I saw you guys in the bathroom. I was feeling a little left out. I noticed you had some magazines in your drawer when you got me some dry clothes, so I decided to take things into my own hand.” Literally. “Take off your towel.” Her words fell out of her like smoke.

I dropped the towel, but it hung for a brief moment on my very erect cock. As I stepped forward, it fell to the floor.

“Wow. You have a beautiful cock. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have one.”

“You can have mine. Right now, if you want.”

“So this is what you jerk off to?” she asked.


“I could see that.” She turned her attention back to me. “I want to watch you do it.”

I’m pretty sure all the blood in my body was in my penis at that point. I didn’t really think about it, nor was I really capable of thinking of much at the time. I wrapped my hand around my cock and stroked it slowly, teasingly. She leaned in closer to watch, but continued to keep her one hand between her legs.

“This is so cool,” she said. “I’ve never seen a guy jerk off before.” Her breaths were getting shorter and more intense. I could tell she was close. Then she erupted into orgasm. “Oh my God. Oh my God.” That seemed to be all she could say.

Having just came about five minutes prior, I wasn’t even close yet. As her orgasm subsided, she grabbed my free hand with hers and drew me towards her onto the bed. I followed my cue and situated myself above her. Then I moved the head of my cock over her clit and up and down her lips a few times until she couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuck me. Please fuck me.” That was all she needed to say and more.

I was amazed at how incredibly tight she was. I could feel every muscle of her vagina squeezing and releasing in perfect rhythm with our movements. Hands down, this was already the best fuck I had ever had.

As things continued to heat up, she started rubbing her clit with one hand and reaching under herself to finger her ass with the other. Within a minute, she was on orgasm number two. As if I couldn’t feel it, I could certainly hear it. She spoke in syllables as her pussy contracted repeatedly, clamping down on every inch of me. That was enough to set me off. My cock exploded in the hardest, most intense orgasm I had ever had. For a moment, I felt like I was going to pass out.

Instead, I just lay beside her for a moment. We laid in silence, listening to the pouring rain and crackling thunder. After a few minutes, we got up, I found a robe to wear and she just put on my boxers and the sweatshirt. Then we went downstairs to check on Matt and Amber.

The further we got down the staircase, the more pronounced the sounds became. There was no question what they were doing. Moans of pleasure filled the house, interlaced with the rain beating against the windows.

When we reached the living room, we saw Matt on the floor with Amber straddling him, fucking his brains out. She started to cum the moment she saw us. Perhaps it was the exhibitionism that did it for her. Matt was now in the driver’s seat as he picked up the tempo.

Stephanie took my hand and led me beside them as she dropped her shorts to the floor. Without missing a beat, she placed herself over Matt’s face so that he could taste every bit of her.

With that, she reached over to me and pulled me by the belt on my robe. As she drew me closer, the robe opened, exposing my dick at half mast. The next thing I knew, I was halfway down her throat and getting harder by the second. The sweet, musky smell of sex permeated the room.

Matt started to cum as Amber bucked harder on top of him. Meanwhile, both she and I each had a hand on Stephanie’s perfect tits. “Holy shit!” Matt yelled, and I knew he was done.

Amber climbed up off of him and lay down on the carpet, continuing to stroke her clit. Stephanie removed me from her mouth and gently guided me dick-first toward Amber’s swollen hole. Before she let me enter, Stephanie licked up as much of Matt’s cum out her pussy as she could. Then she guided me inside of the hot little horny blonde and continued to rub my balls. The combination of Matt’s jizz and her own juices made this the wettest pussy you could possibly imagine. No matter how fast we moved or how hard I pounded, it was still smooth. I knew that I could keep this up for quite a while and enjoy every moment of it.

Meanwhile, Stephanie had gone to work on Matt’s limp cock, doing what she could to change that. First her hands, then her mouth. It didn’t take long before he was standing tall.

Amber reached over and started fingering Stephanie. She took the cue, and moved over closer to Amber to straddle her face. Matt then stood up in front of Stephanie to continue getting head. I was about six inches away from the action as she sucked his cock like a champ.

A few moments later, she stopped then leaned over to kiss me, her tongue deep in my throat and her right hand still tugging Matt’s dick. The next thing I knew, she guided it into my mouth and I was the one giving my friend head. I hesitated at first, but then just decided that this was a night for feeling good, no questions asked. To be honest, though I never even considered doing this, I actually kind of enjoyed it and could feel my balls swell as I got closer and closer to orgasm.

Stephanie got so turned on by watching us that she started to cum right then, and it sounded like Amber wasn’t far behind. Moans and screams and the wetness of our flesh fell in time with the rhythm of the storm outside. Suddenly my mouth was filled with hot cum at the same moment as I lost my load in Amber. I swallowed hard then fell back as we all practically collapsed with the exhaustion of a four-way orgasm.

Our heavy breaths seemed to grow louder and louder the longer I listened. In reality, though, it was just the storm outside steadily diminishing.

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