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Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic

Glory Queen Part 2

By TWeston He took her to a glory hole and she was totally unprepared

I felt my pussy ooze juices and I reached down to stroke my lips and spread my cum. I took several minutes to enjoy playing with myself, my eyes closed and my world totally focused on my pleasures. Then I opened my eyes and saw another hard cock protruding out of the hole on the other wall. I had no idea how long the man had been waiting so I apologized and thanked him for his patience. I heard his quiet reply.

“I just want to cum in the mouth that made all those beautiful noises.” We immediately settled into a comfortable rhythm as he fucked my mouth much more gently than I expected. Another blow job must have been anti-climactic for my husband, because he was standing next to me zipping up. He mumbled something about finding something to drink, gently kissed my ear, and left the small cubicle without another word. I watched him go for just a second and then went back to blowing the unremarkable cock in front of me. And since I wasn’t paying any attention to my exiting husband, I never noticed that he left the door open a few inches when he left.

It took less than a minute before a head stuck itself into my little cubicle to watch me sucking off the cock. A few seconds later a second head appeared in the doorway, and a third followed that one. In less that a minute, the three men quietly pushed their way into the room and stood just inches away from me.

The cock in my mouth gave me a few drops of cum, disappointing me after a couple of large loads, and I took a minute to wipe the sweat off my face with a handy paper towel, being careful to leave as much cum on my face as possible. And then I turned to look at the hole in the wall and saw my audience. I froze for several seconds before anyone said anything, as I realized my husband was no longer in the room. And then one of them unzipped and pulled out a cock that was already hard.

“Do you mind?” He took a step toward my face and politely waited. I paused for just a second and then grinned at him. Hungrily, I grabbed his cock and dropped to my knees in front of him. In seconds, the other two cocks had been freed and shoved in front of me. I took one in each hand to supplement the one in my mouth, and set about rotating from one to the other. I would suck on one cock for maybe half a minute, while jacking off the other two. Then I would shift my mouth to another cock. I had never worked on three cocks at the same time, so it took me a few minutes to move into a pattern that effectively left no one out. And suddenly I felt a finger enter my pussy.

“What the fuck?” I blurted out my question as I turned around and saw that a fourth man had entered the small cubicle and moved behind me. The small cubical was getting too crowded and one of the men commented on that.

“Why don’t we back out into the hall where there is more room?” I almost laughed at that, thinking to myself that he could have suggested that they all just take turns. But before I could say anything, two men helped me to my feet and almost pulled me into the hall. In another couple of seconds, I was pushed to my knees and all four men took their earlier positions.

While I was servicing four men at the same time, two more walked up and started jacking themselves while standing above me. And another man grabbed the pillow I had been kneeling on a minute earlier and placed it on the floor near my knees. I tried to look up and smile at him but the dick in my mouth made that impossible. In another minute, I was almost forced off my knees and onto my back, the hard carpet feeling quite scratchy on my ass and shoulders.

Suddenly, I realized that there were eight men stroking their cocks while standing over my naked body, and I froze, realizing that this was turning me on more than I could ever have imagined. Eight men were about to cum all over me while I was laying on my back, adding their hot cream to the cum of my earlier customers. And then I realized that I was probably going to jail.

Just then, one of the men shouted quite loudly as he squirted his cum all over my tits, and I totally forgot about jail. This was incredible! This was simply incredible! I looked at all the hard cocks hovering over my naked body and I closed my eyes in total pleasure. And then I came without even touching myself.

Here I was, only an hour ago a relatively innocent woman with less than six men in my past, and I was now naked on the floor commanding the total attention of eight men as they jacked off above me. I simply could not believe it!

Without thinking about it, I reached down to play with my pussy and felt a hard cock get in the way. I looked down and saw a man shove his dick deep into my pussy in one swift stroke. I had no idea if he was wearing a condom, but at this point I was so turned on that I didn’t even care.

In another minute, two more men came on me, their cum jetting all over my tits and face. They turned to walk away and three more strangers replaced them, having come from someplace outside of my vision. For a second, I wondered where my husband was, but the thought was replaced by the man pounding my pussy. He picked up my body as if I weighed nothing and another man slid under me, laying on his back like me. For a moment I was puzzled, wondering what was going on. And then the man under me jammed his hard cock into my asshole.

I screamed in surprise, but I was totally ignored. And then I realized I was having my first double penetration. For the first time in several minutes, I spoke.

“This is more than I expected for my first visit to a glory hole!” I was totally ignored. The man fucking my pussy managed to work out a comfortable rhythm with the man fucking my ass, and the two of them began pounding into my body as if in a race.

Just then, one man dropped to his knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. I felt my mouth being flooded by what might have been the largest load I had ever seen. Except that I never saw anything because he managed to get all of it into my mouth. I had to close off my throat or I might have drowned in cum. Another man dropped to his knees before I could swallow or catch my breath just as the first man pulled out of my mouth. And this time my mouth was simply not large enough to hold everything. With two large loads of cum in my mouth, some of the second load drooled out of my mouth and onto my face. I was trying to breathe through my nose and managed to snort some cum. This time I did choke, spewing cum all over everyone in range. Several men shouted their disgust, even anger, and everyone paused for a second. Then they all went back to fucking me or jacking off on me.

It took several more minutes before the last man shot his load on me or in me, and they all stepped back. There was silence for several seconds and then everyone started clapping and cheering. I tried to look around but my eyes froze on my husband. Men were clapping him on the back. I heard several of them thanking him, and then silence again reigned.

I looked at Ken, an accusation in my eyes.

“You planned this, didn’t you? You invited these men and you left that door open on purpose!” Ken looked at me with a sheepish expression and then his eyes dropped to the floor as he slowly nodded. I glared at him for several seconds, and then my expression of anger softened. Then I spoke quietly.

“Thank you.”

And he grinned at me.

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