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Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic

Glory Queen Part 1

By Tweston He took her to a glory hole and she was totally unprepared

Honey, are you sure about this?” Ken simply grinned at my question.

My husband of two years just asked me if I wanted to visit a glory hole with him and I was amazed at his question. Hell, I didn’t even know there was a glory hole anywhere near us. In fact, I didn’t even know what a glory hole was until I married Ken. I was twenty-three and he was twenty-five, and yet I was still somewhat inexperienced.

The idea filled me with several different feelings. First, I was disgusted by the idea of a glory hole, a place where women went simply to suck off a bunch of strange men. Second, I was excited by the idea of a glory hole, a place where women went simply to suck off a bunch of strange men. Third, I was concerned about the emotional impact on our marriage. Ours wasn’t a perfect marriage but it was good enough that both of us were fairly happy, and I was trusting that it would get better as time went on. But me on my knees sucking off strangers while he watched? I never considered that idea as a means to improving our marriage, and I had no idea how he would react to the idea once it happened.

Hell, I had no idea how I would react! Would I like it? Would I want to go back later and do it again? Would I be satisfied with my husband ever again? I looked at Ken and asked my question again, serious misgivings in my heart.

“Honey, are you sure about this?” He laughed and gave me what I should have known was a very predictable answer.

“Suzi, the idea of you sucking off a bunch of strange men turns me on so much I think I will be hard for a week.” And he grinned at me, but his sincerity showed in his eyes.

“Come on, honey, you like my cum, don’t you?” His question required no answer.

“Well, yes, but…”

“And I wasn’t your first, right?” I was almost embarrassed at this question.

“Well, no, but…”

“Then we should try this once and see if we like it.” He said that as if his comment ended the discussion, and I guess maybe it did. I smiled at him, and probably looked as nervous as I felt.

Hell, nervous didn’t begin to describe my feelings. I was terrified!

“But do we even have a glory hole around here?” He laughed at my question without answering. Three minutes later we pulled into the cracked and broken parking lot of an old gas station that looked abandoned. Yet I counted eleven cars in the parking lot.

Ken turned off the car and opened his door. Suddenly, I was shaking so badly that I couldn’t grab the door handle. In fact, I was trembling so hard that Ken had to open the door for me, as if he was actually a gentleman. I stepped out of the car, trying hard to keep from falling on my face out of an inability to place my feet on the ground properly. I gulped hard and looked around me as if searching for a place to run and hide. But before I could make a move, Ken grabbed my hand and pulled me toward a unmarked and unpainted door in an unmarked and unpainted wall with only a small light bulb above to light the door handle. Ken never hesitated as he pulled the door open and walked into a barely-lit room. But he jerked to a halt when I stopped before entering the place. He quickly turned to me and looked into my eyes.

“Look, Suzi, if you really don’t want to do this, then we will go back to the car. But you and I both know that there is something deep inside you that wants to try it once. So, do you want to walk away wondering about this experience for the rest of your life? Or do you want to try it once just to see what it is like?” He waited for a response without a word, but still holding onto my hand. I looked down at that hand, not sure what to say or do. And Ken showed more wisdom than normal with his next words.

“Honey, I will be with you every minute. You will be safe with me there, I promise.” And then he shut up, almost as if he knew that the next one to speak would lose. I looked at him in silence for another couple of seconds and a voice from the almost dark room broke the silence.

“Coming or going, people. You are letting in the mosquitoes.” I jumped, startled by a voice coming from a room I assumed was empty.

“Coming.” The word almost squeaked out, sounding nothing like my own voice. I took a step into the room and closed the door behind me. Ken stood there for a second and then gently kissed me on the cheek. Turning, he led me over to a desk that I had not seen and spoke to a man almost hidden in the darkness.

“Do you have an open booth tonight?” I was surprised that Ken actually sounded like he knew what he was doing. Briefly, I wondered how many times he had been here before. And then I spent several seconds wondering if he had ever taken a woman here before. And then the man behind the desk asked me a question.

“Are either one of you in law enforcement?” We both declared we were not with any law enforcement agency in any way. Both Ken and I smoked with regularity and we had even experimented with pills, so we would never work with any law enforcement organization in any way, and it showed in our words. Then the faceless man spoke directly to me.

“Ever been to a glory hole before, ma’am?” So nervous I could barely breathe, I shook my head in the negative.

“Do you know what goes on here, ma’am?” Slowly, almost as if I didn’t want to admit it, I murmured a positive response.

“Okay. Condoms are in the booth. We will clean up after you leave, so don’t worry about that. And please rest assured that I just mopped, wiped, and disinfected the room less than ten minutes ago. I think you will find it clean, and hopefully dry.” And he walked around the counter and led us down a barely-lit hallway. The walls were painted black and there were only two bare light bulbs in the ceiling, about ten feet apart.

There was a door on the right with a brass deadbolt, and there was a door on either side of it with no locks at all. I turned and saw something similar on the other wall of the hallway. I paused to think about that, until the man unlocked the center door and held it open for me.

“The door unlocks from the inside, so you can rest assured that no one but me can enter unless you let them. There are two folding chairs in the room, and there are two holes in opposite walls, allowing for several participants at the same time. We close in three hours. Enjoy your time.” And he quietly closed the door behind himself. I gulped and discovered that I couldn’t breathe again. Ken sensed my fears and spoke.

“Honey, I am so turned on by this. Thank you for doing it for me.” I gulped again, still without breathing, and Ken continued as if he didn’t notice.

“Also, you aren’t really dressed for this, so feel free to get as comfortable as you want.” I looked down at my jeans and sweater, wondering what a woman would wear to a place like this. And then I realized what Ken meant. I actually inhaled to speak but Ken beat me to it.

“And Suzi, I want you to enjoy this as much as you can. Whatever you want to do is just fine with me, and will probably turn me on even more. Also, I need to warn you that if you do more than one man, I will probably pull out my cock and stroke it. And please notice the hooks in the door for your clothes, just in case you want to keep your clothes clean.” And there it was — Ken was telling me that he might take his clothes off and that it was okay for me to do the same.

From the one very long glory hole porn video we had watched, I knew that some women remained fully clothed, some removed their tops, and still others got fully naked. In addition, some women gave handjobs, some gave blowjobs, and some fucked the “participants.” In short, the women called the shots and did what they wanted. The problem was, I had no idea what I wanted.

And then a hole opened up in the wall to my right and a cock stuck itself into our room. I looked at Ken and he surprised my by gently kissing me. Then he tweaked my left nipple through my sweater and pushed me toward the waiting cock. The room was so small that I only took one step and the dick was in front of me. Terrified for a couple of seconds, I found myself getting excited as I watched the man getting hard without him or me touching it. I dropped to my knees and got a close look at the hardening cock. I reached out and touched it, my action being very tentative until I heard the man moan in pleasure.

I slowly stroked him several times, excited to hear his moans through the thin wall separating us. And the harder his cock, the bigger his cock. In a few seconds, I was staring at the largest dick I had ever seen. And suddenly I was really turned on. I looked at Ken and saw that he had taken a chair, a wide grin on his face.

I stroked that dick for a couple of minutes. While I was no virgin when I met Ken, I had not touched a cock other than his since our first date. And before Ken, there had only been half a dozen men. So I really did not have enough experience to know how long the average man could last. I did know, however, that the time the typical man could last was in a large part determined by how turned on he was. So I was hoping I was turning this guy on enough that he wouldn’t last very long. I mean, I suddenly realized I really wanted to see this man cum.

I stroked him for a few more seconds and then I took him in my mouth. Even though I wasn’t as experienced as many women seemed to be, I had learned how to deep-throat Ken’s cock. He had been patient but firm about that, and he offered me many opportunities to practice. Naturally. And since I really wanted to please him, I made use of those opportunities every time. Naturally. And in doing so, I learned that I really loved giving head. I mean, really loved it. I took this man deep in my throat, and once was all it took. I pulled back to look at this monster and got nailed.

When the first jet hit me in the face, it was so unexpected that I opened my mouth to scream, which only directed his second jet directly into my open mouth. And then it was over. Two spurts and done for this guy. But I had to admit, I was impressed by the spurts. I felt like the first jet had covered my entire face. I didn’t have a mirror with me so I couldn’t really see how much of my face was covered in cum, but it felt like a lot. But the second jet was huge. That second spurt went almost totally into my mouth and I felt like my mouth was full, so full that I almost choked on it.

And I came.

I mean, it wasn’t a huge orgasm complete with bells and whistles and fireworks, but I definitely came. And since I was still wearing my jeans and hadn’t even touched myself, that showed me how turned on I really was about being here. I looked at Ken and saw that he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Shit, babe, that was awesome! You should see your face!” And he pointed to the back of the door where I saw a full length mirror. I stood to step over to the door and I saw a huge amount of the pasty white fluid covering almost everything above my upper lip. And I could see only because both eyes had somehow escaped his ejaculation, but my cheeks and my forehead were quite covered and I noticed a huge dollop of cum was about to ooze down and cover my left eye. So I quickly scooped it onto my finger and slid that finger into my mouth without even thinking. I almost came again from my reflection because it looked so awesome. And I still hadn’t swallowed yet. I turned and grinned at Ken and carefully opened my mouth, letting him view the large amount of cum in my mouth. And then I swallowed all of it, in a single exaggerated gulp, almost cartoon fashion, so he could see it.

Suddenly, I felt a large dollop of cum drip down my right cheek and fall onto my sweater. Remembering that we had been on a date immediately before this and I had worn my favorite sweater on that date, I suddenly realized that I was probably going to cover my sweater in cum tonight.

“Shit!” My exclamation was partially muffled by quickly pulling my sweater over my head and off. Not wearing a bra under my sweater, that action made my boobs bounce for a couple of seconds. I wasn’t as large as some women, but my tits were all natural C-Cup boobs, so I was quite happy with what Nature had given me. And I loved how they bounced for Ken, and his reaction to them.

“Fuck!” Ken’s exclamation reflected his excitement and mine, and then we were interrupted by the small door covering the hole in the opposite wall being pulled open. I started to kneel and then happened to look at the other chair that was in the room. On that chair was a small pillow like one might find on a sofa in a nice apartment, only this pillow was wrapped in plastic. I quickly grabbed it and dropped it on the floor in front of me. Then I happily placed my knees on that comfortable cushion.

This was one of the proverbial “big Black cocks” that is featured in so many porn videos. I really didn’t know if Black cocks were typically larger than White cocks, and didn’t really care. All I knew was that the last cock was White and it was the biggest I had ever seen, and this one was Black and even bigger. It was about the same length, I guessed about ten inches, but this one was much thicker. In fact, it was so thick that I doubted I could get it in my mouth, much less deep-throat it. I looked at Ken and saw that his eyes were as wide as mine. And then I shrugged.

“Tough job but somebody has to do it,” I muttered and Ken laughed.

I took this giant cock in one hand and discovered that more than half of it was left uncovered. So I reached up to use both hands and slowly stroked him. The man had obviously been prepared and his cock was already fully hard, so I didn’t have to spend any time getting him hard. I did, however, take a few seconds to decide how I was going to make him cum. After several seconds, I had no answer, and I said so.

“I get that a lot, sweet cheeks. Just do what you can and I will appreciate it.” He sounded polite, almost respectful, so I determined to do more than I had ever done before.

I jacked his cock slowly for several seconds. Then I jacked him hard and fast for another thirty seconds. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and moved my head forward. I heard Ken moan loudly somewhere off to my left, but I was focused and didn’t want to be distracted.

Slowly I got my lips wrapped around this monster, and then carefully I worked the head past my teeth. After that, it was simply a matter of moving my head back and forth as I worked more and more of it into my mouth. But when the head hit the back of my throat, all forward motion stopped.

I could give him head but I simply could not work it into my throat. Too thick was the diagnosis, and never was the prognosis. I pulled my head back and admitted to the faceless man that things would not get any better. He moaned loudly and spoke.

“Sweet cheeks, you have already done better than most. If that is all you can do, I will be more than satisfied.” And he moaned again. I had to smile at his words, and then I went back to work.

While it wasn’t easy, I could slide him in and out without too much difficulty, once I had worked the head past my teeth. So I concentrated on that, working up quite a tempo while playing with his balls. My excitement increased with my tempo and I couldn’t stop moaning loudly. He was moaning quite loudly, too, almost covering up Ken’s moaning. I saw that my husband had dropped his pants to the floor and was stroking his boner as hard as he could. I tried to grin but the cock in my mouth prevented that.

And then the monster cock exploded in my mouth. More cum flooded into my mouth than I could handle and about half of it oozed out of my mouth and fell onto my waiting tits. It turned me on so much that I came again, another small but satisfying orgasm.

I pulled my head off the monster cock and turned to show my husband the mouthful of cum, but he was just then shooting his load all over the floor and he wasn’t paying any attention to me for the moment. So I groaned loudly and swallowed, finally thanking the man for the largest load I had ever received. He thanked me politely and told me that this was the best blowjob he had ever enjoyed, and I smiled widely. He pulled his dick out of the hole and closed its little door.

I started to get off my knees and see if my husband needed any help, but the little door covering the hole in the wall behind me opened and a quiet voice inquired if anyone was home. I immediately told him I was here and I moved the cushion so I could use it again. But before I could drop to my knees, a hand and then an arm came through the hole and reached out for my tits. At first I pulled back, and then decided that I would enjoy a boob massage for a minute. So I pushed my chest closer to the hole and let the man play around.

We both moaned as he found my right nipple and gently but firmly twisted it. I could feel my pussy ooze some juices and I decided to remove my jeans and panties so they wouldn’t get any wetter than they already were. I had to chuckle at the contortions I needed to go through as I tried hard to keep my tits within the faceless man’s reach while I removed my jeans and dropped my panties. But the man seemed satisfied with my efforts, if the moans I heard were any indication. And then he dropped his hand to reach for my smoothly-shaved pussy.

He immediately groaned, and I groaned even louder. I loved to have my pussy played with and, as far as I was concerned, Ken didn’t do it enough. So I let this unknown man play with my shaved pussy for quite some time. His fingers stroked my lips, gently rubbed my clit, and finally penetrated my pussy. And the juices just flowed out and down my thighs, while absolutely soaking his hand. It was simply wonderful, and I could feel a real orgasm approaching.

“Keep doing what you are doing and I will cum all over your hand.” My words were clearly strained and the tingling unexpectedly built to an explosion. I quickly looked over at my husband and I saw he was stroking a cock that was not very hard. I wondered if it was getting soft because he had just cum, or if it was getting hard again because of watching a complete stranger finger-fuck me. I decided it didn’t matter and I closed my eyes so I could better enjoy the storm still brewing in my pussy for a few more seconds.

And then I came. Hard.

He continued to finger-fuck me through my orgasm, slowing his fingers a little but still penetrating me deeply. I dropped to my knees in near exhaustion as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. I took a few seconds to rest on my knees, and then opened my eyes to what looked like a perfect cock right in front of my face. In the midst of my aftershocks, I was inspired.

“Do you have a condom?” He answered that he did.

“If you use a condom, I will let you fuck me from behind.” He groaned loudly and pulled his boner out of the hole. A minute later he pushed his cock back through the hole, sheathed in the requisite condom. I looked over at Ken and he nodded, grinning from ear to ear. So I turned and backed up against his hard cock, pushing my pussy against the mushroom head of his boner. He rubbed it up and down once, discovering that I was so wet that he didn’t have to worry about lubrication.

With one thrust, he buried his boner deep into my pussy, holding still for a moment as I almost shouted my pleasure. Then he pulled back a few inches and started thrusting. I matched his movements and we developed a rhythm that was really turning me on. In less than a minute, I was shouting my next release as my pussy muscles clamped down on his cock. With my muscles massaging his dick, he continued pumping my pussy. Then I heard him shout and I felt him cum deep inside my pussy. While the condom contained his cum, I felt his dick pulse again and again, and my orgasm continued, or maybe renewed, for another half minute. Finally, I collapsed again in absolute delirium. It was wonderful.

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