The Book Club Part 2

By Eva_Adams Six close friends explore new toys at a party

Hmmm. That was interesting. From sucking her toes? Humans and sex are a complicated thing for sure.

At least her toe didn’t cum in my mouth.

I needed some wine to swirl around and sanitize my mouth.

I took a very big drink. And then another.

Linda was coming down. “Wow, that was surprisingly hot. Thanks, Jennn.”

“I’d say anytime, but not!!”

And everyone laughed.

Kate looked at Susan and said, “You have the last turn little one.”

Susan reached in, opened her card and read, “Select anyone’s toy that you want to try and use it until you cum.”

“Yeah well, that’s not going to happen. We’d be here all night if we were waiting on me,” Susan said.

“What do you mean?” Lauren asked.

“Are you saying it’s hard for you to cum?” Anita said.

“More like, maybe, never,” Susan mumbled her shoulders hunched making her large breasts seem even less noticeable.

“Wait you mean you’ve never –” Linda said.

“Orgasmed?!” Kate asked. “Really, never? Not even by yourself?”

“Not – I don’t think – that I know of. Actually, no.” Susan said, the room suddenly quiet.

“Oh honey,” Linda said, scooting across the carpet to hug Susan. Susan dropped her head to Linda’s shoulder.

“Here,” Kate said, bringing Susan her glass of wine, which Susan tipped back in one gulp.

Lauren brought a cocktail napkin and dabbed Susan’s eye. “Shh, it’s okay, we’re here.”

“Let us help,” Linda said, soothingly.

“You’ve done the hard part. You’ve had 3 beautiful kids,” Kate said. “Time to enjoy the gift that God gave you.”

Lauren chimed in, “With your best friends and fellow moms. Don’t worry. We’ve got your clit, I mean your back,” and she smiled.

Susan sniffed and nodded. I looked at her raising an eyebrow, asking if she was sure this was okay, and she met my eyes and nodded again.

“Come here,” Lauren said holding Susan’s hand and guiding her to the chaise lounge. Lauren laid back with a leg on either side of the long wide chair and drew Susan’s back to rest against her chest and stroked her forehead and smoothed Susan’s hair that rested on Lauren’s shoulder.

Kate knelt on one side of the chaise near Lauren’s foot and Anita knelt on the other side of the chaise.

“We need a magic wand for this job. Who’s got the magic wand?” Linda demanded.

I did. I had scored the Hitachi Magic Wand, and I handed it over.

“But I want that back when this is over. No kidding. I’m keeping it,” and I looked around the room giving them my “I mean business” look.

“So if you like something nod your head, or say yes and I’ll continue. If you don’t like it shake your head, and I’ll stop – or just say stop. Got it?” Linda said.

Susan nodded, not opening her eyes, her legs in her denim wrap around skirt stood out stiff on the chaise as if she was on an examining table.

Lauren then whispered in Susan’s ear that was resting near her shoulder. “Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for 3-2-1 then breathe out through your mouth. Good, two more.”

“Now slide your feet up so your knees are pointing at the ceiling. Keep breathing, now let them fall open to the side. Good,” Lauren said.

Lauren made eye contact with Kate and nodded at Susan’s legs. Kate touched the ankle near her and began stroking the length of Susan’s leg with her full palm, more reassuring than sensual and Anita watched once before joining in on the other leg near her.

“There you go, relax,” Lauren said, stroking Susan’s blonde hair.

“Wait! Wait!” Susan shouted.

Kate stroked her hair and whispered in her ear. I couldn’t hear all of it, but I did make out “It will be alright.”

Linda flipped the Magic Wand on to the lowest setting with an intermittent pulse and dotted it from Susan’s ankle up to her inner thigh.

“How’s that?” Linda asked.

Susan nodded.

Lauren gently took off Susan’s glasses and then massaged her forehead, while Linda stroked the vibrator the length of Susan’s other leg until it reached the space between her inner thigh, then she dotted it across her cotton panties over her pussy until the wand’s wide top rested on Susan’s clit.

Susan drew in her breath suddenly and nodded.

Linda took that as a green light to dial up the vibration and to begin trying the other settings.

“Okay which is better? One… or two? One… or two?” Linda asked

“Hmmm… two,” Susan sighed, definitely more relaxed.

“Now what do you think? Three… or four?” Linda asked and then repeated to see if Susan liked continuous pulsing or one that paused for a second in between.

“Three – yes – three,” Susan said, her voice more excited now.

“This isn’t an eye exam,” Anita said.

“Just getting some feedback – done with that part,” Linda said.

She held the vibrator away for a few seconds as Susan’s hips moved looking for it, and then nuzzled it back in deeper against her clit.

Susan’s breathing was becoming more rapid and Kate stopped stroking her legs and grabbed her leg off the chaise and hugged it to her chest. Anita did the same, spreading Susan wider and giving the vibrator better access.

Linda leaned forward kneading Susan’s thigh with one hand, encouraged that her panties were soaking and starting to drip a bit down her thigh.

“That’s it,” Lauren said against Susan’s ear, and stroking Susan’s neck.

“Yes – oh please,” Susan said. “Don’t stop.”

Linda turned the dial and the humming intensified as the room waited in silence as they hugged, stroked and vibrated Susan to the edge wondering if she would find her way to the other side.

I watched Susan’s chest heaving up and down as her breathing grew heavier and quicker. I was the only one just looking, not helping as Susan hovered on the brink of an orgasm, her first orgasm.

Once she found her way it would be easier the next time. She just had to make it this once.

Suddenly I knew what to do. I clambered quickly behind the chaise, reached over Lauren’s head and grabbed those beautiful round tits through Susan’s sweater and squeezed hard flicking her nipples with my thumbs.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God. Jesus! Jesus! Sweet Jesus!” Susan started shouting as her hips started rocking back and forth, contracted involuntarily, her pussy pulsing and contracting, her legs shaking as if she was having an epileptic fit, making Anita and Kate almost drop them. But they kept hugging Susan’s legs as she panted and Linda cupped her hand around the top of the vibrator to confirm Susan’s contractions, nodding happily at the others.

I stepped back as Lauren wrapped her arms under Susan’s tits and hugged her closer. “See!”

“It’ll be easier next time – now that you know the way there,” I said.

We were all giggling and enthusing over Susan, clinking glasses and drinking a toast or two as Susan slowly started to come down from the very first orgasm of her life.

A lot of warm, loving hugs were being exchanged. Linda was giving Susan hers when Kate said, “Wait a minute. Our hostess, Jenn hasn’t cum yet.’

“That’s OK,” I demurred. “As you said I’m the hostess.”

“Ahh Kate,” our hot slut Anita said. “A hostess is allowed to have fun at her own party, you know.”

A couple women started chanting, “Kate and Jenn, Kate and Jenn, Kate and Jenn.”

“Definitely not – not with Kate. She’s my best friend, and I want to keep it that way. That’s not going to happen. Sorry girlfriends,” I said.

“I tell you what. How about y’all help me clean up before all of our husbands start coming over and my family comes home?” I said, as I grabbed some glasses. I was ready to wind down the evening and return to some semblance of normal with my friends.

“Gather the empty wine bottles and put them in that box,” I gestured with my elbow as my hands were full.

“Absolutely,” Susan said, getting up, seemingly relieved to do something familiar too. No doubt I wasn’t the only one wondering if this might change anything between us.

“Well, before y’all start being remorseful or repentant about this, I had fun,” Kate said. “Hell, I had a great time. Let’s have more fun like this, ladies. Tonight was -”

“Raunchy?” Anita said.

“Absolutely,” Lauren said. “But I also had fun. Wait ’til I tell Jim. He’s going to be jealous as hell. I can’t wait!”

“I want to remind everyone of something important,” Kate said pausing taking control as usual, waiting until we all turned towards her to listen. “We accomplished something very significant, loving and tender. We helped a friend finally find heaven on earth. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to remember the blast we had, how much closer we all are now, and our gift to Susan. Don’t you agree, Jenn?”

“Yes – fun and educational. Now can we clean this mess up, please?” I asked.

“Errr, about our husbands,” Susan asked in her shy way. “Can we agree what happened in this room stays in this room?”

“Yeah! Like Vegas. I’m all for that!” Anita said.

Susan looked at her and said, “Huh?”

“Come on, you know. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Anita picked up the last of the glasses, Linda the rest of the trash, and as everyone piled into the kitchen with replies ranging from “Great idea ” to “Absolutely.”

“Hey. Maybe we could all go to Vegas on our next group vacation. The boys would like that,” said Lauren.

She grabbed paper towels and some lemon ginger scented spray cleaner, wiping until the living room and kitchen looked like it had before their evening began, except for the dish rack on the kitchen counter filled wine glasses, vibrators along with a couple of dildos.

Hopefully they would be dry and in purses before the husbands got there.

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