The Book Club Part 1

By Eva_adams Six close friends explore new toys at a party

Appreciated cowriting this with a more experienced writer, LAHomedog. This is about six close, female friends, who replace their normal book club gathering with a sex toy and new vibrators party. It was hard to categorize as the group interactions test, but remain within the bounds of their longtime friendship. If you are looking for hardcore swinging couples or lesbian sex, this one is not for you. But if you are looking for a fun, sexy story with a lot of new experiences and orgasms please enjoy. Thank you for reading our story.

My friend Anita was sitting on my living room couch testing all 12 settings of a high-tech vibrator in the palm of her hand. The top half was pink, the bottom – which held the controls – was white and I’ve got to admit it looked like fun.

Susan kept giggling as Lauren and Linda offered ideas on what to try next. For a moment I wondered whether I somehow should be stopping this. Instead, I went into my kitchen to get the cheese plate I prepped earlier from the fridge, grabbed another bottle of wine, and a corkscrew. With the wine under my arm, I somehow balanced the plate back into my living room and onto the coffee table.

At that point, Anita had brought the vibrator up to her cheek and was theatrically moaning as if she was having an orgasm and the room was howling with snorts of laughter.

The party in lieu of our normal book club meeting was all Kate’s idea. The concept was like one of those makeup or kitchenware parties where a sales rep offered discounts to the lady hosting a small party for her friends to shop. Only this party was to test out sex toys. Chef tools, sex toys, sort of the same thing. Both could get a woman excited.

And Kate was not even here yet! The diva, as usual, was running late. She got the idea after we read “50 Shades of Grey” in our book club last month, though I suspect she mostly wanted the free gift bag she’d get as my co-hostess. And then she came bursting into the house.

“Helo-o-o-o-w!!” she exuberantly shouted out. “I’m here girls!” boomed down the hall. And Kate sashayed into the living room holding a canvas bag full of wine bottles in one hand and blowing kisses around the room with the other. Large diamonds were framing her face on ears and neck setting off movie star looks, scarlet red lipstick and long, flowing, wavy black hair that was perfectly coifed as usual.

Kate has been the star and the center of attention forever.

As the first girl in a family of boys, she was always the center of attention in her home growing up. Pampered by her dad, and obviously her mom’s favorite.

And that superstar aura continued outside of the house too. Maybe it was because of having so many brothers she was a good athlete, a star in our youth soccer league, a great student, and the girl everybody wanted to eat lunch with at school.

Somehow we became best friends. I mean I was always the wingman – would that be wing-girl? – even in elementary school. Everyone needs a best friend and Kate chose me.

You can imagine how the story goes from there.

As the belle of the ball she had her pick of the boys, and yes, eventually married the college’s star quarterback. He didn’t make it in the pros, but he did make it in his dad’s construction company where he was now the Chief Project Manager. They lived in a beautiful McMansion just up the hill from my husband and I. The four of us are now best friends together.

Kate looked around the room. If she was the belle of the ball, and I was the BFF, Anita was our oversexed slut who liked the fellas and lived for her pussy. Only a couple years older than us in her mid-30s, she was already working on her third marriage. Hell, she made out like a bandit in the two divorces. Her current husband, Frank, was a nice enough shlub, I guess.

A few weeks back over white wine at lunch Anita whispered to me that she had developed a thing for black lovers with big cocks. BBC is what they call it in porn. She had been making a cuckold of poor Frank, meeting these well hung studs in motel rooms and made Frank sit in the corner and watch as the she sucked her lover’s gigantic cock then let him fuck her more than once, however he wanted to including her ass. I’m not sure if she allowed him to get himself off in corner or not.

Lauren, the school teacher, was a pretty blonde with nice tits and a couple of kids. She was also the one who organized our book club and usually picked the next book to read. She and Jim married when they were only 18 and 19, respectively, and took each others’ virginity. They were secret swingers sowing their wild oats in the “lifestyle.” They had just gotten back from a week down at some swingers camp in Galveston, Texas. None of us had heard the juicy details yet.

Linda was our class clown. She had a big mop of curly brown hair, big brown eyes with the boobs and buns to match. Sadly, she had been left at the alter in her mid-twenties. She had a sense of humor about it, fortunately, but that didn’t stop her from taking it out on men ever since. I heard that she had a wardrobe of harnesses and a drawer full of dildos of every shape and size. Sherry, the bartender at the Red Chimney down the street told me she had seen Linda with a hot blonde a few weeks back. I guess that girlcock had started to swing both ways. But who cares. Each to his own I always say, and no one was funnier than Linda, which she was proving right now with Anita and the vibrator. Just between us girls, I’ll admit I did wonder what it would be like to be the one with the cock in bed just once.

And last but not least, Susan was our lovely, insecure petite blonde in the glasses with the big boobs that she was always trying to hide. The problem was she had an abusive alcoholic father who never sexually abused her, but mentally abused the hell out of her, telling her she was dumb, ugly, would never come to anything and no man would ever want to marry her.

I took her under my wing our first year in high school when I saw her sitting by herself in the lunchroom. I went over, said hi and asked her over to the popular girls table. Well, you know, Kate’s table, and she had been part of the gang ever since. I am happy to say that her dad was wrong. She was not dumb, made something of herself in business, and Kevin swept her off her feet after meeting at a work Christmas party. They had three beautiful children, she was a great mom, the President of the PTA, a great organizer, and a good friend to us all.

Kate looked at me extending the canvas bag my way and said, “Jenn, be a dear and take these in the kitchen and open up two or three of theses babies” and gave me a smile.

I did and when I came out the girls were howling and Anita now had the vibrator under her pleated, plaid skirt and I didn’t know if the orgasm was still pretend or now real as Kate egged her on shouting, “You go girl! you go girl!” encouraging the rest to chant the same. I looked at my living room watching five women shouting, “You go girl, you go girl!” as my friend Anita was cumming like there was no tomorrow, shouting, “That’s it.! That’s it! That’s it!” over and over and over from the vibrator under her skirt in front of five other women including me.

“Wow!” said Linda. “That orgasm was large enough to have its own zipcode. Give me that vibrator!” and everyone started laughing hysterically as Anita was leaning back totally spent was panting and recovering from one of the largest orgasms of her life.

As everyone giggled and went on about Anita’s performance, Kate reached into her burnt orange Kate Spade satchel and pulled out a paper bag.

“Truth or Dare! We are going to play truth or dare during this party. That’s my plan. We all have a vibrator, right?”

Heads nodded.

“Each is different and none of us know exactly what we each have right?” Kate asked to more nodding.

“We can either use our own new toy or ask anyone to swap theirs on demand. Sort of a Secret Santa vibrator party – are you up for it?” Kate asked, looking around noting most people said yes or nodded.

“I took the liberty to write out some questions and dares in this bag,” Kate said, dramatically holding it up to her cheek and gesturing as if she were selling it on that QVC shopping channel.

“OK. I’ll start. Lauren – truth or dare – pick one,” and she reached into the bag and pulled out a slip of paper folded over in two.

“Well, open it and read it already,” instructed Kate.

Lauren flipped open the card and read, “What’s the most embarrassing item someone found in your bag or purse?”

“Recently or when I was young?” Lauren asked.

“Either,” Kate said.

“My mother decided to do laundry during my first trip home after Jim and I got married. So she rifled through our suitcases guessing at what was laundry and then wanted to discuss a pair of black, faux leather crotchless panties she found,” Lauren said as everyone giggled and laughed.

“But that’s not even machine washable!” said Kate.

“Exactly,” said Lauren.

“But you were married – it’s none of her business,” Anita said.

“Yes this upbringing is why I’m repressed – was repressed,” Lauren said.

“Well you’re anything but repressed now!” Anita said. “This is worse. My most embarrassing find was when the TSA found my big black vibrator in my carryon on my last trip to Jamaica. I didn’t care, but my husband looked like he wanted to crawl under the table.”

“Did they really think it was a weapon?” Kate said.

“No. It probably didn’t help when I said ‘Oh shit Frank, they found Bosco!'” The guy who found it was pretty buff, a real stud – looked like he was ex-military. I was so hoping for a reprimand,” Anita said dramatically, as the room erupted in more laughter.

Lauren held out the bag and Linda reached into the bag and pulled out a truth and flipped it open.

“What’s it like to use a strapon?” Linda read aloud. “Hey is this rigged. Kate did you put this on top for me?”

“Just luck of the draw,” Kate said.

“Well, it gave me a new appreciation for men who are good lovers,” Linda said.

“Yeah, right,” Kate said rolling her eyes.

“But is it hot?!” asked Anita, of course.

“Yeah it’s really hot. Why do you think I do it? And with the right dildo I can get off too, and that is even hotter. Getting off while fucking someone with a cock. You have no idea, girlfriends!” and she put her head down, looked up over hooded eyes, and gave us all a devilish look.

“However, really, truly,” she continued, “It’s more work than you think physically. Not only that, also the responsibility and care. It’s not like you can feel anything, so you are really reading the other person and gauging what to do next.”

“Boring, next!” said Kate, who was hoping for much more detailed, interesting answer – not that she was likely to talk her husband into it. He’d already vetoed the idea once.

She passed the bag to Susan, who held it out for me.

“Truth – What sexual encounter is your biggest regret?” I read.

“Really? OK, we all agreed to play,” and I gave Kate a “thank you” look.

“Actually it’s one that never happened,” and I paused mustering up the courage to go on. “Well, I got cold feet. My roommate and I lived in a house just off campus and other students would stop by on the way home at night for a bowl of curry. She made the best curries.”

“Anyway, he was this totally hot grad student with braids down his back, amazingly chiseled abs we remembered from the beach, whose bathing suit failed to hide the biggest cock I had ever seen. He tried to talk us into a threesome after dinner.”

“Oh, yes!” said our swinger Lauren. Probably recalling a few of her own memories.

“Was your roommate into it?” Kate asked.

“Seemed that way. Yeah, most definitely,” I said. Kate gave an exasperated sigh. “Shit, Jennn. What I’m I going to do with you?” and nodded at Susan, who passed the bag to Lauren.

“Hey if you want a do over on a threeway, just say the word,” Lauren said with a devilish wink.

I held the bag out for Susan.

She said, “Gosh, it looks like we are into the threesome round. This asks, who in this room would you have a threesome with and why?” Susan read, looking around the room nervously then finally gestured at me with a shrug.

“I’m hurt!” Lauren said. “Why?”

“Kevin likes redheads,” Susan said.

“That’s the only reason?!” I said. “Nothing about you and me?”

“Well, you would scare me the least – more my speed and sensibilities,” said Susan.

I pouted, “Not even a little hotness?”

“Oh, of course,” Susan smiled. “Everyone here and all of the guys think you’re hot. Get out of here.”

And we laughed.

Susan held out the bag for Kate.

“Your turn Kate. I hope you pick a juicy one.”

“Anything I pick is always juicy,” chuckled Kate and we all laughed.

“What’s the one thing you’ve done in bed that you never would do again?” Kate read, and took a sip of wine, thinking.

“Honey.” Kate said.

“Yes dear?” Lauren joked.

“No, I mean honey. You know the stuff made by bees?! It looked romantic in that movie 9 ½ weeks. My college boyfriend put it on my tits to lick it off, so much fun at first – until it got all through my hair that was even longer back then. I didn’t notice until I was stuck to the pillowcase at 3am. Getting it out was hell.”

“Did you try cider vinegar?” I asked.

“Well where were you that night?” Kate said.

“Just one floor down in the dorm. If I recall, you forgot to invite me on your movie night, I guess,” I said, pretending to pout.

“Well I’ll keep that in mind for my next catastrophe,” Kate said.

“You’re up Anita,” Lauren said holding out the bag.

“Dare – pick a challenger and using only the vibrator (yours or someone else’s) see which one of you comes first,” Anita read, howling with laughter.

“Well Lauren, you will be joining me on this, show me what you got.”

Lauren held out a mini rabbit vibrator that rotated.

“Definitely switch,” Anita said, handing Lauren the pink and white one she had cum with earlier. “Trust me. It’s a keeper!”

“This isn’t fair I wore the wrong outfit for this,” Lauren said gesturing to her white linen pants.

“Just turn up the setting – or take ’em off,” Anita said.

Lauren shrugged, stood up, unzipped her pants, and pulled them down for us swinging her hips around give all of us a little strip tease show revealing a small red lace thong with a rose delicately embroidered on the front.

“Oh. I’m jealous. I want those!” shrieked Linda.

Lauren folded her pants across the back of my dining chair and then leaned over the ottoman, her splendid ass high in the air, spreading her legs wide so we all could see that thanks to that small thong, she waxes and was completely bare.

I’ll admit I admired the tramp stamp on the small of her back. A small 4 inch vine of roses slightly curved up.

“This feels like we’re in a sorority,” Lauren said. “What do we get if we win?”

“Your next turn, the satisfaction of helping your friends test these out, and if you’re lucky, an orgasm” Linda said.

“To hell with that. Win or not, I’m having an orgasm!”

Linda turned to Kate and asked, “Are you starting them or should I?”

“Hold on, hold on,” Kate said loudly, flipping to the stopwatch setting on her phone. “On your mark, set, go!” she said as the two vibrators hummed to life, singing with different pitches.

Anita’s skirt flapped over the rabbit, that grew quieter as it no doubt entered her judging from the now muffled humming and gasp.

Lauren brazenly moved her thong aside showing everyone her hairless pussy and placed the pink vibrator right on the nub of her clit, let out a low moan and started grinding her hips. Susan looked away from the full view of Lauren’s perfectly rounded ass and then got up to grab wine to help refill glasses.

“You okay sweetie?” I asked as the garnet liquid shook into my glass with a splash. I noticed her hand tremble as if she was the one holding a vibrator.

“Just glad she picked Lauren,” Susan said with a slight laugh and sat back down with some cheese and crackers, sharing the plate with me.

“I think you need some help or we’ll be here all night,” Linda said, kneeling between Anita’s thighs and stroking them lightly with her fingers and then leaning forward to trace the same path with her tongue.

“Hey – that’s not fair!” Lauren said. “If we’re still having a contest,” but I could hear the rapid panting in her voice.

“I’ve got you babe,” Kate said, kneeling behind Lauren and stroked her back. “Now just imagine I have one of Linda’s strapons,” she said as she spooned around Lauren’s back and butt and added her weight as they together thrust against the ottoman and vibrator.

Seconds later Lauren was screaming her hips jerking back suddenly and sending Kate tumbling to sit on the carpet in a peel of laughter.

“We wo-o-on!” Kate said. Lauren collapsed against the ottoman breathing hard.

Linda’s breasts brushed the length of Anita’s thighs as she moved her head from under her skirt and sat back on her heels.

Anita sighed and sat up readjusting her skirt.

“Okay you two, next,” she said gesturing toward Susan and me.

“I think a bit more wine for everyone first. Don’t you all agree?” I guessed right. Everyone did. We open a couple more bottles and poured all around. I was thinking to myself that a lot of Advil was going to be taken later.

“Okay,” and I pulled out a card, “Crawl across the living room floor from the kitchen door to the person on your left and suck their toes in a sexual and suggestive way for five minutes.”


“Hey,” said Linda, whose toes we were talking about here. “For some folks this is a real fetish. I dated a guy for a while who had to admire and play with my feet for sometimes hours before he would let me fuck him. And I mean fuck him,” she smiled. My toes had to be in this exact shade of red. Chanel’s Le Vernis in Rouge. Without that, the poor guy couldn’t get an erection. Actually it was pretty hot.”

“I think I’ll take my chances with an actual question,” I said.

“Nope,” said Kate. “You picked it. You won it Jenny, honey.”

I turned to Linda, “Have you had a pedi recently and how clean are you toes? Yuck.”

“Well, it looks like you are about to find out on your own.” She pointed towards my kitchen door. “Get over there, sweetheart, and start crawling.”

I walked over there, looked at Kate and said, “When this is over you know I am going to murder you in your sleep.”

“Drop and start crawling, Jennn,” Kate commanded.

I did and started to crawl towards Linda’s foot as the girls went crazy shouting and egging me on like a bachelorette’s party. Meanwhile, Linda had taken her sandal off, lifted leg up a bit and was shaking her foot around like she was doing the Hokey-Pokey.

I got in front of her. She wiggled her foot towards my face and said, “Do it like you mean it.”

So I did. I grabbed hold of her foot, slowly moved to her big toe like it was the head of a guy’s cock and started to suck on it as if I was giving it a blowjob.

I didn’t know how to suck a toe, but I knew how to suck a cock.

I moved my tongue out and began to lick around it, grabbed her foot and sucked her toe in and started to move up and down and my hand pumped her foot like a cock’s shaft.

My eyes were closed and I heard Linda starting to breathe a bit harder. As a matter of fact, I thought I heard more than one woman panting a bit harder around the circle.

I figured it was around 5 minutes and I felt I had served my time, so I started to back off. Linda grabbed my head and shouted. “No. Don’t stop!”

I looked up and I didn’t realize that Linda was going at it without a vibrator rubbing one out.

“Really don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

So I didn’t, and in a few moments I heard a very loud, “Yes!” as Linda came very hard.

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