Mixing it Up on the Couch

By his_sweetheart Sexy wife gets the boys to play with each other

NOTE: This mmf threesome story includes two men touching each other. If that’s not your thing, click back to where you came from. If you know it is your thing, or you think it might be, read on.

Eric, Mark and Angie had been close friends in college, frequently partying together and often road-tripping to go rock climbing or kayaking with whatever girlfriend Eric happened to be with that month. And while Mark and Angie had gotten married right after school, Eric had yet to find the right girl to settle down with in the years since graduation.

These days they all lived in the same area code in southern California as they worked their careers, but they didn’t hang out quite as often as before. When Eric had a girlfriend, gatherings were usually grabbing a meal and some dancing somewhere in between the cities they were living in. But every once in a while Mark and Angie would host, usually when Eric was flying solo.

Tonight, Mark and Angie were awesome hosts, providing food, drink and entertainment. This particular evening had involved edibles, good music and deep conversation. As the night grew older and the buzz settled in it got harder and harder to follow the conversation, so Angie suggested they get comfy in front of a movie.

Like so many nights during college, Angie claimed her spot between Mark and Eric on the couch. They were all comfortable hanging, so there was very little space between them, and besides, Angie liked feeling squished in on both sides by the guys. Eric also enjoyed feeling Angie’s ass pressed up against him when she snuggled into Mark’s chest.

The first movie they watched was a half-decent sci-fi flick. It was enough of an attention-grabber that no one fell asleep, but they were all real chill in a pile on the couch as they end credits appeared.

“I’m ready for something different,” said Angie as she took the remote and switched it the feed over to a porn movie.

“Mark and I always enjoy getting off to this one,” she announced as if she needed to justify it to Eric. As the action started on the screen, Angie began to narrate the parts she liked and didn’t like, and that served to ratchet up the growing sexual tension even more.

It wasn’t long before Eric saw Angie’s hand rubbing Mark’s crotch overtly as she wiggled her ass against Eric. Obviously the action on the screen was affecting her, and she was in a playful mood.

Eric kept diverting his gaze from the screen to what was happening next to him, and he couldn’t decide which was more exciting to watch. All he knew was his cock was hard and he felt he should get up off the couch to go take care of it in the bathroom and let Angie and Mark have some privacy.

As if she could sense Eric’s contemplation, Angie looked over her shoulder to him and at the same moment pulled Mark’s pants down. “Do you want to watch me play with Mark’s cock?” she asked, sensually.

Eric stammered out a yes, and Angie beamed in response. She slid off the couch and into position between Mark’s legs. She pulled his pants completely off and then sucked his cock into her mouth. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her cheeks, blocking Eric’s view of the blowjob, but she quickly moved it out of the way and tucked it behind her ear, winking at him.

As her head bobbed up and down, Eric rubbed the length of his own cock through his pants, imagining what it would feel like to have Angie swallowing him. Eric looked up at Mark’s face to see where his mind was at and was a bit surprised to see Mark staring at Eric’s bulge. This sent a jolt of electricity through Eric and he could feel the precum leak out, messing up his shorts.

Mark and Angie made regular appearances in Eric’s masturbation thoughts, and on more than one occasion, as Eric fucked his own ass with a dildo, he’d imagined it was Mark’s cock in there. The first time he’d imagined it, he came so hard it took him a week to find all the places his cum had landed on the floor around his bed.

Now, he was watching Angie devour Mark’s cock, right next to him, and Mark was looking at Eric’s hard cock pushing against his pants, wanting to spring out.

And as if Angie was sensing a crossroads, she popped Mark’s cock out of her mouth and said, “Hey, Eric, it looks like you’re enjoying all this, why don’t you take your cock out, too? I’d love to watch you wank while I get Mark off.”

Eric didn’t waste any time lifting his butt off the couch and pulling his pants and boxers off. His cock was already leaking precum, and he used it to lube up the sensitive tip as he touched it, feeling it throb.

As he was doing this, Angie stood up and pulled off her top, exposing her perfectly shaped breasts and thick nipples. She then peeled her pants off, revealing her clean-shaven pussy to both of them.

She turned to wiggle her ass at them, wedged herself back in between the two of them, and then shoved her ass up against Eric to create room to drape herself over Mark’s crotch and fellate him again.

Eric loved feeling Angie’s tight ass pushed up against his hip as he pulled on his cock. Listening to the slurping sounds of her blowjob punctuated by her moans was quickly pushing Eric to climax.

Angie paused what she was doing and again looked over her shoulder at Eric. “Do you want to watch us fuck? I really want Mark’s cock in me, and it would turn me on to know you want to watch.”

“Of course I would!”

“How should he fuck me?” She asked, “I want you to tell me how you want us to do it. Stop watching the television and make us your porn show.”

Eric had to think a moment before answering. So many things to ask for, where would he start? “I want him to bend you over the arm of the couch and fuck you from behind.”

Eric knew that no matter which arm they chose, the position would put Angie’s face near his cock as Mark fucked her from behind. And maybe that would lead to Angie giving Eric the blowjob he’d been fantasizing about for so long.

But Angie had different ideas. She and Mark had spent the days leading up to Eric’s visit talking about the three of them having sex, and while the scenario had started off with Angie being the double-teamed one, she got Mark to admit that he wanted Eric to be on the receiving end of both their touches.

So Angie positioned herself, draped over the couch arm, facing away from Eric with her feet resting on his thighs. And before he could correct her position, Mark climbed up on the other side of Eric so his cock was lining up to enter her just inches from Eric’s face.

From this vantage point, Eric could see how dripping wet Angie’s pussy was, and he could also easily make out the veins in Mark’s turgid member. It was still slippery from Angie’s blow job, and when Mark pushed against her pussy lips, it easily slipped inside.

Eric loved watching this up close. He grabbed his cock and started stroking in time with Mark’s thrusts. Angie was starting to moan and push her ass back to wedge Mark’s cock even deeper at each push.

“I want you to play with my ass, Eric.”

This wasn’t what Eric was expecting to hear from Mark.

“Oh yeah, Eric, play with his ass! Oh my god, that would turn me on so much, ” squealed Angie. Eric could swear she gushed hard at that thought because the sound of their fucking got even sloppier.

Eric stopped touching his own cock and reached around to grab Mark’s ass cheek and began to massage it. Mark groaned at this new sensation, “he’s doing it, Angie, he’s got his hand on my ass.”

Angie moaned even louder knowing what was going on behind her. She had all kinds of nasty thoughts rush into her brain and decided to call out for the first one. “Play with his asshole, Eric.” She groaned at the thought of it. “Lube up your finger and play with his asshole.”

Eric spit on the tip of his middle finger and worked it between Mark’s cheeks. Mark was clean shaven, so Eric had no problem finding Mark’s hole, but he needed more lube to do anything but play with the outside.

Instead of spitting on his finger again, Eric reached under to where Mark’s cock was plunging in and out of Angie’s pussy and gathered up the slick juices from there. This had an amazing effect on both Angie and Mark, feeling another person’s hands where they were connected. Angie almost came on the spot, and Mark’s ball sack tightened up in a pre-climax surge.

Angie pleaded, “Mark, play with my ass, too, and tell me what Eric is doing to you.”

Mark was more than happy to oblige. The way Angie was splayed out in front of him, he could easily scoop up their juices from where his cock was disappearing inside her and massage her perineum as he got her rosebud ready for penetration. She was relaxing already, anticipating feeling both her holes filled at once.

“Eric’s tracing the outside of my asshole with his finger. He’s dipping, ever so slightly, the tip of his finger into me, and I love the way it’s shooting sparks through my cock into you.”

Angie moaned even louder as she pictured what Eric was doing to her man.

“Oh, now he’s putting steady pressure on my asshole, and I’m struggling to relax it and let him in while I’m still fucking you.”

Eric was, indeed, struggling to get his finger in Mark’s ass. He moved his hand back to scoop up more juices and resumed his efforts.

Mark gasped as he felt Eric’s finger enter his bum, and in the same moment, he pushed his own thumb deep into Angie’s ass. “He’s inside me.” Mark announced, as he started pounding into Angie even faster.

Angie’s mind was flooded with images of Eric inside Mark, not just his finger, but his cock, too. She could picture Mark being filled by him as he was filling her. She created pictures of Mark bouncing up and down on Eric’s cock while she sucked him, coaxing a load out of Mark’s balls while Eric emptied himself in Mark’s ass. She pictured herself on her back, Mark on his knees, going down on her while Eric fucked him from behind.

This was more than she could take and she came loudly and forcefully and flopped forward to escape the sensations of Mark’s cock sawing in and out of her and to get his thumb out of her ass.

Seeing Mark’s glistening cock bouncing in front of him, Eric wasted no time to grab it and shove it in his mouth. He loved the way Angie’s pussy tasted on Mark’s cock, and his own penis throbbed at the taste.

Eric continued exploring Mark’s asshole with his finger as he began pumping and sucking harder on Mark’s cock. His cock tasted so yummy, and Eric could tell Mark was nearing orgasm.

Mark, looking down and watching his cock move in and out of Eric’s mouth, knew he wouldn’t last long. The finger in his ass was just hitting his prostate in the right way, and within a few moments, he felt the come start to rush out of his balls and up his shaft.

Eric felt the throbbing mere seconds before his mouth was filled with Mark’s semen. It had a strange consistency as it spurted into the side of his mouth, and Eric kept sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing.

It wasn’t much longer before Mark could take the sensations no more and pulled his cock away from Eric’s mouth while pushing his hand back away from his ass. Mark collapsed back against the side of the couch, overwhelmed with coming down off those sensations.

This now left Eric and his rock hard, throbbing cock obscenely in the middle of them.

The porn movie was still playing on the television, and Eric began to rub the tip of his cock again to the scene of two couples fucking next to each other on a beach somewhere.

Looking back over her shoulder, Angie caught on to what was happening. “Oh no you don’t! Let me take care of that for you.” And she pivoted around to grab hold of Eric’s cock and feed it into her mouth.

“Mark, I think I need some help here,” was the next thing she said, winking at Eric. “I hope you don’t mind us returning the favor.”

And as Mark settled in to start kissing Eric’s cock alongside Angie, Eric knew he wasn’t going to last too much longer.

“What would you think about getting fucked in the ass by Mark?” asked Angie as she slid a finger under Eric’s balls to seek out his asshole.

“I… I… I’d really like that,” stuttered Eric as his mind filled with the picture of Mark fucking him for real. Mark’s cock swelled at the idea.

Eric could see that Mark was hard again. Angie was smiling as she flicked her head to signal Mark to get into position on his knees on the floor, facing Eric.

Angie helped spread Eric’s legs apart and lifted his balls out of the way. She scooped up the plentiful juices from between her legs and smeared it across Eric’s asshole as she slobbered all over Mark’s dick.

Eric held onto his ankles as he felt Angie line up Mark’s cock to enter him. He concentrated on relaxing as he felt the tip begin to push in. Angie started sucking on his cock again as Mark continued to penetrate him deeper.

And then he was in. All the way. Eric could feel Mark’s pelvic bone pushing up against his perineum while the head of his cock touched his prostate. Eric wasn’t going to last long at all with Angie blowing him at the same time.

Eric didn’t know that Mark was similarly close to the edge. The sight of fucking his friend in the ass in missionary position while Angie blew him, Mark felt the tingling in his balls that alerted him he was about to shoot his load again in short order.

And among all the amazing sensations, Eric could make out the beginning of the throbbing in Mark’s cock which meant he was about to take a load of semen in his ass.

He saw the look of the orgasm appear on Mark’s face, and Eric came in Angie’s mouth. Instead of swallowing it cleanly, Angie let it dribble out of her mouth to coat Eric’s cock and mix with the juices of the ass-fucking he’d just received.

Angie smiled at Eric, then looked up to kiss Mark on the mouth and share Eric’s load with him. Eric enjoyed the image of his two naked friends kissing as he felt Mark’s cock soften and slip out of his ass.

This had been an incredible experience, and he wondered if they’d do it again, and when?

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