By Dv69 Threesome shower then fondle

Licking and smacking her lips Celia announces it is shower time.

“But babe you haven’t come for yonks,” exclaims Dave, “don’t want you having to wait too long.”

“It’s ok Dave, wait and see how we go.”

“Well all right but l want her pussy dripping and juicy.”

Celia leads the way to the communal bathroom, stepping aside so Dave can view the room.

“Ah l see, wow,” he remarks. “Lots of scope for play in here, nice.”

Before him is a large wet room, complete with jacuzzi, 3 showers not in cubicles, so anyone using them would be in plain sight to all. Close to the nozzles is a long narrow bench. In a glass fronted cabinet various sex toys are on show, in another cabinet are washing essentials, soap, shampoo etc. The walls and floor are mirrored with lighting arranged in such a way that all reflections can be clearly visible.

“Jacuzzi or shower?” Celia stands by Dave, hands running up his inner thighs, lightly brushing, producing a tingling in his cock which is responding as she hopes.

“Shower first,” Fi gloats, “put your left foot on the bench please dearie.”

Celia complies, the motion stretching and revealing her pussy for all to see.

“Dave kneel before her and spread her cunt lips, wide. Feast your lecherous eyes my sweet. Get closer and smell her sex aroma. Now hands either side of her pussy use your thumbs to open her. Good, now rub gently, massage and make her lips mushy.”

Celia’s dripping pussy feels hot and gooey as Dave massages his thumbs on her lips, making them softer and more malleable.

“Tits Celia, play with your tits. Cup them, squeeze them, pull them apart, good girl. Now fingers on nipples, twist, pinch, pull, rub them with your pinky.” Fi licks her lips as she watches Celia’s nipples harden, hears her moans of pleasure as she responds to the sexual assaults on her genitalia.

“That’s a lovely view of your balls and hard cock Dave,” gloats Fi, “open your thighs babe so l can see more of you. This mirrored floor is a wonderful idea. Look down Celia, can you see under Dave’s cock?”

“Oh yes,” she pants, “mmmm, yes, yes yes!” Consumed by her sexual passion Celia is in a world of bliss.

Dave looks across at Fi and is treated to a glorious view of her open thighs, cunt spread wide. She is holding her pussy open by forming a v with two fingers, the other hand holding a shower nozzle, spraying water into her minge.

“Just checking the water temperature,” she smiles impishly.

“Dave open her lips like l am, now push the middle finger of your other hand up into her fanny. Yes that’s right, twist and push, up and down, make the horny fucking hussy squirm. Only one digit hun, tease and make her ravenous.”

Fi moves closer to Celia, her left hand rubbing her mons as she lets the shower nozzle spray into the gaping pussy, targeting the hard throbbing clit. Celia shudders, squeals and gyrates her hips, milking the maximum pleasure from the sensations generating in her flooding twat.

“Oh fucking yes, mmm, fuck me, mmm,” Celia’s orgasm rips through her. Trembling, her knees buckle, Dave puts his arms round her, pulls her close to hold her upright, her body shuddering as waves of sexual release wash over her. When she relaxes he seats her on the bench.

“Time to shower and have some food and drink,” suggests Celia, regaining her composure. Showering involves much intimate washing, soaping, touching and pampering. After this sensual experience their sexual juices are refreshed!

“We have a lady who looks after us when we are at work, cleaning and dusting. Clearing any mess which we frequently make. She also cooks and helps out at any functions we have, which means there’ll be some food prepared for us now so let’s have a bite to eat.” Fi’s last comments spur all to go to the dining area where Dave notices a large, glass topped table with buffet style food arranged.

“Have what you want Dave,” smiles Celia, “just pick and choose.”

Dave lets his hand wander over Celia’s breasts, tweaking her nipples and rubbing her tits.

“Anything you desire Dave,” Fi pouts, taking his other hand and holding it to her pussy, her fingers guiding his to slide up and down her dewy crack.

After a few minutes they have all had a satisfying grope, the girls availing themselves of a nearby hardening cock, and eaten their fill. Glasses charged to their liking they retire to the lounge.

Celia flicks a switch and the television boots up. Images of two scantily clad ladies in sexy lingerie appear, one kneeling before the other, hands around bum pulling her twat into her face.

“Let’s watch some porn, the sort we all like,” suggests Celia, lying down on the large central pouffe which also acts as a coffee table.

“Good idea,” says Fi as she lies down beside Celia, feet towards her head. In this position both girls then let their inner hands brush each other’s thighs. Dave stands near them so he can watch the film and the by now pussy fingering harlots. He is enjoying the sight of their cunts’ lips opening to accept exploring digits.

As the girls watch the film they also use their free hands to play with tits and nipples. The fingering is slow and steady, they know Dave is interested, mainly because his cock is dribbling and growing. The sounds of wet minges squelching is a huge turn on for him.

“So tell me about these functions you have, and the mess your lady cleans up, how does that come about?”

“The mess is usually from cum, yes you are right,” explains Celia, “sometimes her’s as well as whoever’s!”

“By whoever’s you mean your’s.”

“Let me tell urgh, mmm!

“Fi you tell me, Celia you said you wanted to taste my cock so please help yourself.” Celia can only comply as Dave pushes his leaking hard bell end into her mouth, leaning forward to give her a good portion, rubbing his cock along her lips, letting her taste him.

“Celia and l teach at a Finishing School for young ladies, 19 to 25 year olds. It’s fairly hectic as we arrange for them to experience the real world, go for trips, days out, parties. We hold dinner parties for them here, where they act as waitresses to learn how to behave in polite circles. Behave that is as wanton depraved whores to get rich old men and women interested in them. So they need to learn about sex, learn and practise sex, lots of sex. At school and out.”

Dave trails his fingers over Celia’s body, up her cleavage between her tits, cups her breast then lets his fingertip press on her nipple, just one fingertip, rubbing in a circular motion. Her nipple responds, hardening so he keeps up the pressure.

“The lady who cleans for you, you said she also sometimes cleans her own mess.”

“Well actually our mess, she is a voracious sexy strumpet and we do share our sexual energies at times. She also helps out at our dinner parties, letting us practise our threesome or foursome techniques as a teacher will always attend with the girls, a very sexy rampant teacher.”

“Girls not too fast with your pleasuring, slowly, make your passion last. I love the sound of wet pussy being fingered, the squelching juicy wet noise which you are both making. String it out, let the goo flood your pussies, l want you oozing.”

The girls are reaching a sexual high, hips wriggling and squirming. Dave feels Celia’s tongue tip licking his cock’s head, tasting his flowing precum which saturates her mouth and drips from her chin.

“You have toys in the wet room l noticed, do they play a part in your sexual antics?”

“Oh yes, we teach the girls all aspects of sexual gratification so obviously we need to learn them ourselves, and keep up to date. We also love to go to sex shops and browse for stimulation, similarly porn cinemas. Public sex is a most for us, it’s so fucking horny going out in just a coat, naked or in sexy lingerie underneath. We have some toys too that are for public lewdness: love beads, vibrating panties, nipple clamps and suckers. Of course our coats can give access via long deep pockets and side vents, discreet naturally.”

Fi clenches her thighs at the thought of public excesses, Celia uses her thumb to rub Fi’s clit and induce more moisture.

“Mmm tease,” murmurs Fi, quickening her fingering pace of Celia’s minge.

“So are there more toys here than those in the wet room.”

“Lift the top off that pouffe next to the corner unit.”

“Ah thought so, bet they are all over the place?” Dave sees an assortment of vibrators, dildos, wands etc. Some he isn’t familiar with but dares to hope the girls will enlighten him.

“Well Dave one is never out of arms reach. Now lover boy, what about you? Why have we never met?

“I’m here to look around before starting a new job. I’m an IT fixer and am about to begin at the local hospital. I’m on 2 weeks holiday prior to starting.”

“Do you often visit porn cinemas.”

“Believe me babe if they had been where l just moved from then yes l would. I was on the continent for some time and nearly wanked myself to death in cinemas, nothing happened the way it did with you two though, more’s the pity. I watch a lot of porn on my PC and phone, well l did until earlier today. I like to sext, do you do that too?”

“Babe of course we do, relish turning cyber lovers on, men mostly but there are a lot of horny women out there begging for any release.”

“What about car sex? I’m always driving with my cock out, trousers down to my knees. Love to stroke and rub, fantasising that horny women are with me, either touching me or themselves up, talking dirty to me.”

“Well Dave we can’t wait to be your passengers. Yes we play in cars on journeys, how depends on the vehicle and how many of us there are.”

“Do you take the girls on trips?”

“Oh yes, as l said earlier we do trips and days out, we have a stretched limo with blacked out windows so we indulge ourselves as we please. Do you have toys Dave?”

“Not to the extent you do, got an electric toothbrush in the glove box which is a great vibe. I sit on it with it buzzing along my balls to my anus. Also l play dirty talking women from my phone through my in car stereo.”

“Well my darling we can do better than that, how about dirty talking masturbating women sitting next to and wanking you while on the back seat other womanly sexual activities are going on, for your pleasure of course?”

“Only if those other activities are for the woman wanking me too,” husks Dave, a tremble in his voice at the thought.

“No worries Dave, all participants will be suitably aroused.”

“Dave come and lie down here, l want to watch you fuck Celia as you eat my pussy,”

The girls give way to Dave as he lies down on his back. Celia mounts his huge hard member, straddling him, rubbing his bell end with her drooling minge flaps, teasing as she slowly accepts his throbbing cock. She clenches her wet cunt and begins riding him, leaning slightly back so her full tits are displayed to lecherous eyes. Fi kneels astride Dave’s face, shuddering and moaning as he licks along her perineum to her pussy lips. She spreads her thighs wider, pulling apart her lips to let him lick her trembling clit.

As passion increases Celia rocks back and forth, clenching and writhing, fucking the iron hard cock inside her flooding minge. Fi too starts to ride the face that is producing such amazing sensations in her twat. The girls lean towards each other, hands groping tits and nipples. Fi drops one hand to Celia’s mons and presses hard, rubbing her sensitive zone. Celia begins to buck and grind her pulsing cunt against the throbbing rod filling her. Her orgasm building to a crescendo.

“Oh fuck, fuck fuck don’t want to cum, uh uh mmmmmm, Oh yeeeessssss!” Celia’s pussy gushes, erupts into spasm. Dave let’s her ride out her passion, feels his own climax approaching.

“Celia if you want to taste my spunk you better wrap your mouth around my cock.” Celia now kneels beside Dave, fists his cock which she takes in her open mouth. Dave bucks his hips, pushes his cock to the limit into her gagging orifice. Fi grinds her cunt faster against his mouth and pushes three fingers deep into Celia’s sodden minge.

Dave shoots his load, filling Celia’s mouth with hot slimy spunk, Celia gurgles and swallows, loving the taste and texture. Fi quickens her fingering and grinding, clenching and writhing as her pussy also bursts it’s dam, love juice pouring into Dave’s mouth. Fi leans forward and helps Celia to empty Dave’s testicles, both girls licking his bell end, balls and shaft, whilst kissing and mouthing each other.

As the clean up continues they decide it’s bedtime. In the wet room they all shower and complete ablutions as required. Then to bed. A large round water bed, with room for a good 6 or 7 supine bodies Dave guesses. The bedroom is spacious, with en suite that has glass walls, of course, for dirty exhibitionism and viewing. Prominent on the 3 bedside cabinets are phallic toys; wands that seem to be permanently plugged in.

With Dave sandwiched between the girls, our 3 naked insatiable sex addicts pet and fondle each other.

“So what happens tomorrow then my lovelies, l do have some errands to run.”

“We have to go to school,” explains Fi, “dinner party here in the late afternoon and evening so need to prep the teacher, Julia, and the girls.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘prep’?” enquires Dave, cock hardening as he conjures up very naughty images.

“My darling we mean exactly what you imagine: check the girls attire, ensure they turn up here with hard nipples and wet pussies, in a suitable sexually excited state that they can be debauched to our satisfaction,” gloats a drooling Celia.

“Julia will need attending to as well, she is insatiable and needs to be pleasured to keep her sweet, otherwise she would stay at the school and just fuck any girls she fancied.” Fi explains.

“Ok so am l invited to this party?”

“You are the main attraction lover, we will all be seeking a bit of you. Now sleep, up at whenever.”

“I’ll drive you to school.”

“We had already planned that babe.”

With kisses, fondling and cuddles the three are soon fast asleep.

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