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Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic

Wild Night at the Office

By PamperedLinny

It was a typical Wednesday night. I was staying late at work to process more rent payments that had come in today’s mail. It always seemed that around the beginning of the month there was so much to do and not nearly enough time to get it done. As it was I was working off the clock because there would be no over time approved for a while.

I said good night to each person that said it to me as they walked past my cubicle to see me still working. No one said much of anything about my being there, just good night and that they’d see me in the morning. Just the same as always. No one cared what I did as long as my deadlines were met and I didn’t interfere with their own work load.

I heard the last few girls wonder out toward the time clock and figured I was alone. After 6pm and alone in the office… now that had some possibilities. I decided that since I was off the clock anyway I’d go online for a bit. You know, take a bit of a break for myself. There was this website I’d found where I could look at women being pounded by big black cocks and I always enjoyed checking it out once in a while.

For about 15 minutes I watched the video clips and diddled myself at my desk hoping to draw out my orgasm for a bit. So far, so good. Until I heard the unmistakable sound of someone walking down the hall way. I tried to close the window but as these things go it kept popping back up more ads for similar sites and wouldn’t even close the original site until I had closed all the other windows as well. The last pop up was just closing leaving only the original web page on my screen as he walked up behind me.

Jay had always been one of my favorite people to work with. He was a single, attractive man around 50 or so. One of those men that looked a lot younger than his age and the physical job he had in the field kept him in good shape. Jay was a man with a quick smile, gave bear hugs and rarely criticized. He was, as I said, one of my all time favorite people to work with.

But here he stood before me as I swung around to see a man that didn’t look all that different from himself pounding into a girl just as pale as I was. His eyes skimmed down to notice my skirt hiked up a bit higher than normal and my flushed face. I didn’t even try to explain. Instead I silently bit my lip and looked at the ground waiting for either his temper at playing at work or announcement that I was as good as fired. All it would take is a word to the computer guys to check my internet log and I’d be toast. I just happened to know that without being notified to do so they only randomly checked the system… as they already had the day before.

When he still hadn’t said anything at all after a minute or two I glanced up. He was smiling that smile I normally loved but at the moment was afraid of. Still I seemed unable to speak as he stepped into my cubicle and like a child lifted me out of my seat and sat me on the edge of the desk instead. I gasped at being lifted so easy and stared at him in wonder.

Jay leaned in to kiss my mouth and without even thinking I opened for him. It had been him that I was fantasying about to begin with. The only man I’d ever truly wanted but never made a play for. His tongue reached in to tangle with mine and I suddenly knew that my fantasy was about to become reality. Still, I was afraid to say or do anything to ruin the moment and so I gripped the edge of the desk with all I was worth.

His hands began to move and roam my body until they reached my fingers. Gently he gripped my wrists and moved them to around his waist. “Touch me,” he whispered against my mouth. “I’ve always wanted you to.”

It seemed those were the words I had been waiting for. Suddenly I was all over him. His hands gripping and squeezing just as mine were doing to him. I could feel his arousal through his work pants and knew that I had to have him inside me. But it seemed he had other plans.

He backed up a step and suddenly the dress I had been wearing all day was torn down the front. I’d never even realized his hands had gripped the top of the fabric. This, however, just made me hotter for him. Jay must have read it in my eyes because then his mouth and hands were everywhere. I felt him on my neck, my breasts, my legs. His mouth made a trek lower and lower until he reached the apex of my thighs. Noticing my lack of panties and my shaved pussy begging for his attention he sucked in a breath.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I thought I heard him mumble something but rational thought seemed to have fled. And then before I could even begin to wonder what it had been his mouth was on me. I felt his tongue and teeth working my clit while he jabbed two thick fingers into me.

Glancing down between my legs and seeing his dark head between my milky thighs seemed to push me over the edge quicker than ever before. But he never leg go. I felt him licking at me lightly and drawing it out a bit. And then finally I started to come back down. As my breathing returned to normal he suddenly picked up where he’d left off. Apparently he wasn’t done with me yet.

I felt him add another finger, stretching me out and working me as I’d never been worked before. It took a bit longer but again it was too much and as his lips and tongue worked at my clit and his fingers pounded into me I felt that overwhelming need to let go again. He must have felt the change in my body because he suddenly bit down on my clit hard. It was enough to send me over for the second time.

As I tried to get my bearings again he stood and stripped off his clothes. It was then I noticed that he was very thick and at least 8 inches long. My mouth salivated and I started to lean forward. But again without a word he pushed me back and waived his finger back and forth telling me no. He kissed my neck again and whispered in my ear “This one is all for you.”

Then he was all the way inside of me. In one single thrust he buried himself in me and filled me to capacity. I’d never felt like this before. Jay gripped my hips to move me where he could work best and then with my arms wrapped around his neck he was bouncing me up and down on his massive cock. The feeling of being rammed was incredible.

Somehow I managed not to cum again right away. I still don’t know how. But he pounded me over and over his mouth buried in my neck and his hands gripping my ass tightly. I could do nothing but hold on and enjoy the ride of my life.

The familiar feeling of my impending orgasm began to take hold. Everything in me beginning to tighten and squeeze. Jay murmured encouragement to me until finally I let go with a scream. However, he never stopped or even slowed. I thought he said “one more, just one more,” but I couldn’t be sure. All I knew was that I was getting the fucking of my life and I loved it.

But now after three incredible orgasms it seemed my body wasn’t doing what it should. I kept feeling the incredible sensation of his pounding but nothing was tightening. Nothing was pulling me over the edge. I was beginning to feel sore after the constant attention my pussy was getting. However, when he stopped and lifted me off of him I groaned in protest. I felt lost without his cock holding me in place.

Jay stood me on my feet and forced me to turn around. Then he pushed my head down toward the desk. Again with no real warning I felt him enter my wet cunt from behind. One hand on my hip and another pulling my hair back towards him he began moving again. Somehow he seemed impossibly deeper than before and the pain from pulling my hair was making me even crazier for him.

And then it happened. I started to keen and couldn’t hold back the sounds my body demanded I make any longer. He realized I was beginning to tighten around him and just as I went over the edge I felt his hot cum spurt into me. Jet after jet of the hot liquid seemed to hit my cervix and another mini orgasm shook my body milking him for all he was worth.

When finally I slumped over the desk he left me only to return a minute later. He had gone into the restroom and brought back some damp towels. He sat me back in my chair and knelt on the ground to clean me up a bit. Then after wiping himself off as well he kissed me long and hard.

Again I looked at him in awe realizing for the first time what I had just let happen to me. Jay looked me in the eye before smiling that smile I always loved. But this time it seemed even more personal. Even more soft.

“Did you know I’ve wanted you for 7 years? I always thought you wanted those young 20 or 30-somethings that I’ve always seen you with.”

I shook my head. Finally finding my voice for the first time in over an hour. “No. I prefer older men but I never thought you’d want me either.”

He shook his head a bit at that. Then he kissed me one more time. “Next time, we’ll be somewhere other than the office. I promise.” He stood up and put his pants back on. “Oh, and I wouldn’t look at that stuff in here. They’re thinking of checking the log more often. I’ll make sure tonight is ok on there though.”

With that parting remark he finished dressing and walked out. It took me another 30 minutes to dress, shut down my computer and leave. I was still in a bit of a daze… but it was well worth it. Who’d have thought the man I’ve wanted for so long felt the same?

And next time, I’ll make sure he knows just how much I want him too.

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