Woman seeking man

By thechrysalids

The girl had skipped through the door already topless and giggling before she pulled her tiny pair of shorts down to her ankles.

“Why don’t you come and fuck me, Daddy?”

“I think that’s just what I’ll do baby.”

The man grabbed her by the waist and lifted her over his shoulder, pausing minutely to pull her shorts from her ankles. Now completely naked she allowed herself to be carried up a flight of stairs to a luxe bedroom, bed stripped of everything but the sheets. He threw her down and climbed on top of her, rubbing his hand over her skin, from her face to her shoulders and down to her breasts, palms cupping them briefly before he played with her nipples, pinching and pulling at them until her back arched off the bed following the pleasure and pain he so graciously gifted her. After a few minutes of teasing her he grabbed her around the waist and flipped her over, forcing her to present him with her ass. The girl turned her head to the side to meet his eyes, her expression overcome with the lust and need she’d felt at his ministrations.

“Please, Daddy.” She whined and keened when he pressed his thumb into her slick heat.

The man rumbled in response, “You’re so tight for Daddy, baby girl. You’re going to take my cock so well, aren’t you?” He slid his finger out and bent down to lick her pussy from clit to hole, stopping to linger and fuck his tongue into her. The girl mewled and clawed at the sheets, panting open mouthed and begging for her Daddy to fuck her.

The man drew back and put two fingers back in her cunt, fingering her deep and without mercy. The girl whimpered and twisted around as if she didn’t know whether she wanted more or to get away. He chuckled at her antics and unbuttoned his pants. Not bothering to take them off, he pulled his hard cock out of his pants and rubbed the head of his prick against the sweet wetness of her pussy. She cried out once more in an effort to get what she wanted, and he finally delivered. Without warning he pressed his dick inside her, thrusting hard and burying himself completely.

He threw his head back and hissed at the relief of being seated fully inside her. Her sex clenched around his throbbing dick rhythmically as she moaned her happiness. He began fucking her in earnest filling the room with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and their combined groans and pants. Her breath hitched as he fucked in her at a new angle.

“That your spot baby? You like when Daddy fucks you right there?” He pushed his thumb into her ass and fucked her harder, grunting with the effort.

“Yes Daddy, fuck!” She gasped, quivering while her cunt was punished. “More, fuck me harder please!”

“That’s a good little slut, Daddy is going to fill you with cum, understand?”

She hummed her assent and the man gritted his teeth as he plowed into her. His thrusts became harsher and the girl wailed. His body went rigid as he emptied himself inside her. He pulled out and watched his seed drip from between her legs.

The video ended.

Eliza huffed as she felt her mounting orgasm fade away. She slid her hand out from her panties and got out of bed. Porn just wasn’t going to cut it. Obviously, she needed more than her own hand. Shaking off her annoyance at not being able to finish, she closed the site on her phone and dialed her usual booty call.

Three rings in and he picked up the phone.


“Hey Drew!”

“Hey Eliza, I was actually just about to text you.” Eliza grinned, he was probably in the same position she had been. Horny.

“Well now you don’t have to, I was just calling to see if you wanted to meet up tonight? Preferably soon?”

“About that Eliza, I don’t think I can…” He sounded reluctant.

“Oh, if you’re busy we can reschedule another day. I just-”

“No, I can’t meet up with you again. Like at all.”

Eliza’s eyes widened at this and she had to stop herself from snapping at him. First porn failed her and now Drew was going to do the same?


“Yeah, it’s just…I’ve been seeing this girl recently and it’s starting to get serious so I can’t really hook up with you anymore.” He had the gall to laugh.

“No, I totally get it, don’t even worry about it. I hope it works out for you, hun.” She spoke quickly, already done with the conversation.

“Haha, yeah me too, look if it doesn’t work out I’ll let you know, Eliza. We could always-”

Elizabeth snorted and ended the call. Embarrassment making her throat burn. She’d been having sex with Drew every week for eight months. Eight goddamn months, and it’s not like she’d assumed they were in a relationship, far from it. But for a reason beyond Eliza’s comprehension she was not a girl that he could get serious with, no, Eliza was only good for a weekly fuck in Drew’s apartment and the occasional drink when he was bored.

“Yeah fucking right. Guess that’s the last I’m seeing of him.” She tossed her phone onto her bed and flopped down on the floor. Now what? Eliza had only called Drew because she hadn’t seen or heard from him in two weeks and needed some release. But that was obviously a bust. Now she needed a way to get her satisfaction quickly and had very limited options. Drew was obviously out, and she’d kill herself before texting her ex. Tinder was always a tossup, sure there were good men on it somewhere but who knows when they’d reply?

No, Eliza would have to resort to something far more drastic.

Online Personals.

She’d posted before with moderately good results. Sure, the site she used was definitely flooded with weirdos but occasionally she’s get responses from people just like her; single, horny and too damn tired to go to a bar and fumble over pickup lines all for an unsatisfactory 30 minutes.

But it was mostly just weirdos.

Eliza reached behind her for her phone and opened the site for her city. Breathing deeply, she tapped on ‘post ad’ and went through what she was looking for;


Casual Encounters

I am a: Woman

Seeking a: Man

and began composing her ad.

‘Ebony in need of a good fuck.’

She rolled her eyes at herself, yeah it was cliché, but it got the point across.

‘I’m going to make this very quick because it’s in both of our interests to get this sorted out as soon as possible. I’m horny, odds are so are you, that’s why we’re both on here. My usual hookup is now unavailable and I’m looking for someone new. You must be able to host’ She really didn’t like having strangers in her place. ‘You must be drug and disease free, and you’ve got to be close enough to downtown that I can use transit. I’m looking for someone on the sexually dominant side. If you fall under all these categories then send me a reply! P.S. No one line messages please, I hate them.”

She posted the ad and confirmed it in her email.

“Now we wait.”

Eliza hopped in the shower to pass time, no point in hovering over her phone after all.

Thirteen minutes later, Eliza was towel drying her hair and shifting through 30 messages, and those were just the ones that made it through her spam filter.

Message after message, she deleted the really bad ones and responded to the ones that passed muster, no one was really jumping out to her despite the fact that some of the pictures the men had sent her did cause a bit of feminine stirring.

‘Hey I want to fuck you real hard and good let’s do it’

One sentence, looks like someone can’t read. Next.

‘Call me sweetie, just give me an hour with ur feet and you wont regret it I will show you the pleasures and wonders of getting your feet worshipped.’

Eliza wasn’t one to shame anyone for their kinks but…ew.

‘Hey, Handsome and very clean white guy serious about meeting. can pick you up as I drive. have my own house to host VERY PRIVATE NO ONE WILL BOTHER US FOR HOURS. Love eating black pussy and ass, want to make you my little love slave’

God, she was gunning to get murdered, wasn’t she?

The more Eliza read, the less optimistic she got. This was abysmal, worse than the first time (and the first time, she’d been propositioned by her old high school guidance counsellor). She was beginning to think she’d be doomed to spend tonight alone and needy. She flipped to the next email and was pleasantly surprised with what she read.

‘Hey there, I’m Chris. 28 years old, white, 6’2, strong and dominant but respectful. Non-smoker, good hygiene, ready and willing to give you exactly what you need, sweetheart.’

Okay, she had to admit that gave her the littlest bit of excitement.

‘7.5″ cut, I’m a big guy, do some landscaping in my spare time, bearded, some tattoos. Fun to hang out with and down to earth. I’m sure you’re fielding about a million emails but I hope I stand out. Not a psycho, Chris.’

His sign off had her laughing and she typed out a quick response. Hopefully he’d reply back soon. In the mean time she’d get ready to meet up with one of her suitors.


A few emails back and forth and Eliza was in a cab heading to Chris’ place. She reread his last email to her on the way.

‘It’s good we’ve established our boundaries, I’d hate to have to stop in the middle because I made you uncomfortable. He’s a dick for flaking on you like that, but his loss is my gain honestly. Is there anything you like? Kinks you have that you’d like to play around with? I’m partial to being a little rough, biting, spanking that kind of thing ;)’

Eliza squeezed her thighs together at the thought. Drew had been good in bed but he wasn’t exactly adventurous. He was hard pressed to manhandle Eliza like she asked and it left her wanting time and time again. Maybe Chris would solve that for her.

“I think this is it. $8.50.” The cab driver broke her dirty thoughts and she paid him quickly, avoiding his eyes in the rear-view mirror.

Eliza slid out of the cab, heart thudding a bit despite knowing she wouldn’t see Chris until she got up to his apartment. A couple of keys on the building’s buzzer and a short elevator ride had Eliza facing exactly that. Apartment 2104.


Chris rubbed his hands together in anticipation for Eliza to arrive. He’d seen her pictures when they’d been exchanging emails and Christ, he couldn’t decide if he felt lucky or confused. Eliza had dark brown eyes, a mouth that whispered sin and a pair of tits that promised that Chris would be dreaming about them a month from now. How the hell was she in need of a man? Women that looked like her should have lines of drooling men following her around the city to carry her bags.

Two sharp knocks had Chris jumping up from his couch and stumbling over himself to get to his door. He swung it open to reveal Eliza, thick bottom lip caught between her top row of teeth. She released it and soothed the biting with her tongue.

“Uh, hi?” Eliza smiled.

“Hey, Eliza right? C’mon in.” Chris stepped aside to make room for her to come in. However, she wouldn’t be able to get in without brushing against him. Their proximity made her shiver and she couldn’t help but catalogue his appearance while they were so close. He was pretty good-looking, hair cut close to his head, square jaw covered in the brown hair of his beard, clear green eyes hooded as he took all of her in.

“So…” Eliza spoke, now inside, and turned to face Chris who continued to linger by the door. “Nice place you got here.” She inwardly cringed at the awkward attempt at conversation. Chris only laughed in response, she was cute.

Chris’ legs ate up the distance between them, pausing only when he stood in front of her, so close that the tips of her breasts brushed his chest.

“You don’t really want to do small talk do you?” His voice pitched lower when he asked her. He ran his hands up her arms and tilted his head, waiting for her answer.

All Eliza did was nod her head and he’d grabbed her hand to pull her down the hall towards his bedroom.

“It isn’t that I don’t want to talk to you, I just think that right now there are…better things we could be doing.” he explained.

“I get it. We’re getting to the good stuff first. Not a problem.”

Chris led her into the room, allowing her to walk ahead of him and sit on the bed. She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her top, not waiting for him to tell her to do so. She had no illusions about how this was going to go.

“Everything, sweetheart.” Chris crossed his arms and watched as she stripped down to nothing. Chris took a second to absorb all that was in front of him. Her dark brown breasts, topped with darker brown nipples sat temptingly on her chest, rising and falling with her breaths and her legs seemed to go on for days.

“Is this the part where you tell me to get on my knees, sir?” Eliza had tacked on the last bit sarcastically but noted the definite change in Chris’ demeanor. His eyes darkened and he’s begun walking towards her mouth curved in a dangerous smile.

So he liked that did he?

“Exactly, Eliza.” Chris tangles his fingers in her short pixie-cut hair and tugged her head back, kissing and biting the exposed skin of her neck. Chris pressed their mouths together hotly, battling her tongue for a dominance he normally had handed to him. He guided her soundly to her knees without breaking eye contact.

“Get me hard baby.”

Eliza wasted no time ridding Chris of his pants and pulling his dick out of his boxers, slowly stroking up and down before wrapping her lips around it. Chris tilted his hips, letting the head of his cock press on her tongue. Eliza bobbed her head slowly, taking time to withdraw from him completely to place kisses around the head. In no time, he was achingly hard and groaning at the feel of her hot mouth on him. Chris rocked his hips forward and drove into Eliza’s mouth. He knew she could take it, that she would tap out if it ever truly became too much for her. He pushed into her throat again and again and watched as she gagged trying to accommodate the girth of him.

Tears streamed down her face when he hit the back of her throat and Chris had to hold himself back from grabbing her by the hair again and fucking her face until he came down her bruised throat, she wanted it rough, not fucking brutal. Still, it took an immense amount of will to pull away, to let her gasp for air, enough air to speak up when he grabbed her chin and forced her to look him in the eye.

“You alright?”

It took Eliza a moment to recover from the lack of air but she swallowed a few times and grinned.

“I’m good. Very good.” Chris laughed at that and rubbed the tears from under her eyes.

“What do you think I’m going to do to you next, baby girl?”

“You’re going to fuck my pussy, sir?” Eliza’s eyes were dark with lust, her words coming out in sharp little pants. He cursed at the use of the title again.

“That’s right, Eliza,” He reached down, under her arms and yanked her up from the floor to place her on the the bed once more. He gestured for her to climb further up so she was completely on the mattress, legs bent so he feet touched the bed. Without a sound, he knocked her legs apart and slid between them. Chris ran his thumb over the seam of her sex and lifted it to her mouth, licking the taste of her arousal from his skin. She propped herself up on her elbows to watch. Her eyes were glued on his mouth and he knew she thought he was going to eat her out first, use his fingers and tongue to get her ready.

She was wrong.

Eliza screamed when he pushed her back and slammed inside her, his cock breaching her cunt in one harsh thrust. He didn’t give her a chance to adjust, didn’t pause to let her get used to being spread open and fucked hard. He gripped her thighs hard enough to bruise as he drove into her and groaned at how fucking wet she was around him, the slick noise of her pussy nearly overpowering her moans.

“You were made for this,” he whispered, a particularly vicious thrust drawing a cry from her. Her breasts bounced appealingly with every movement and he bent his head to bite at the hollow of her throat, hissing filthy things to her. “Made to be fucked like this, to be used like the whore you are.”

Eliza clenched down on him and wrapped her arms around his neck, begging him not to stop. To fill her in the way she needed. Chris reached down to rub his thumb on her clit, never stopping the hard push and pull of his hips. Eliza raked her fingernails down his shoulders, cursing and moaning before bowing her back with her climax.

Chris lifted her legs to rest on his shoulders and fucked her with abandon. Eliza whimpered as he had pounded into her, once, twice before he tensed above her and came, filling her like she’d begged him to.

Panting, Chris rolled off Eliza and settled next to her, tired but sated.

“So, that near what you were looking for?”

Still breathing heavily, Eliza kept her eyes closed.

“I mean…it was alright. Nothing to write home about.” She shrugged and did her level best not to laugh.

Chris laughed out loud and slid a hand under her shoulders before curling her onto his chest.

“Guess I’ll just have to convince you some more. We’ll get you writing in no time.”


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