With Two You Get …

By BrettJ

Raymond was extremely disappointed when he heard the news that the Mandarin Palace was closing its doors for good in just a few short weeks. He always enjoyed their food, was comfortable there — it was his “home away from home”. He understood Mr. Yan’s wish to retire and travel, but he was going to miss the place. He always had a good time there, it was like his “Cheers” – everybody knew his name.

He had another reason though — in the last year or so, the 45-year old had developed a “crush” on Mr. Yan’s eldest daughter, 20-year old Lauren. She and her sister waited on him almost all the time, sometimes they even argued about who was going to be his server. Ray also found Rachel very appealing and friendly, she was a little hottie — but it was Lauren got his heart beating faster, every time. There was no question in his mind that if Lauren was a “10”, her sister was a 9 ½ .

One of the reasons Ray always noticed Lauren was her naughty little habit of wearing form-fitting miniskirts and clothing, or silk dresses with a very high slit, showing off her sleek, long legs. She nearly always wore high heels. Lauren was exceptionally tall for a woman of Asian descent, nearly 5’10” in height. Lauren had beautiful features, with high cheekbones and deep, dark almond-shaped eyes. She was a tad more voluptuous than the average Chinese girl, her hair was long and jet-black, reaching nearly all the way down her back. When she smiled, her entire face lit up — and she smiled a lot. Her cute little voice was the icing on the cake. Ray’s heart went thumpathumpathumpa whenever she walked by him — but he was sensible enough to know she was only a fantasy, he was old enough to be her father.

In contrast, her sister Rachel was more like the typical Asian woman, petite in stature, delicate in appearance, but she still very cute and worthy of a man’s attention. She didn’t dress in the same provocative manner as her older sister, but Raymond could tell the 19-year old still had a pretty terrific figure. She was also possessed of the same sunny disposition as Lauren. Rachel wore her hair a mite shorter than her sibling’s, with a natural wave. Her voice voice was lower and a bit more husky, she certainly was not without sex appeal. The Yans certainly had lovely daughters.

So, it was with a heavy heart on Friday night, Raymond had his last meal at the Mandarin Palace, saying his goodbyes to Mr. Yan and his wife. Lauren brought him his bill with a Fortune Cookie, but the fortune already seemed to be peeking out of the cookie. Inspecting it further, he came to the realization it was a Phone Number. He pocketed it, said his goodbyes to everyone, and went home.

He paced his apartment, wondering if he should dial the number. Trying to get up the nerve. Wondering if it was all a put-on and just what the hell was up? Finally, mustering up his courage, Ray dialed the number. A voice he was certain belonged to Lauren directed him to a local “No Tell Motel”. Heart palpitating, he got in his car and raced there, ignoring all the traffic lights, not caring if he got ticketed. It would be worth any price to have just one passionate night with a woman like Lauren.

Upon reaching the Parking Lot, Lauren was indeed standing there — sexy in high heels and a black leather mini and cream-colored top. Beautiful. Desirable. She nearly took Raymond’s breath away. Lauren scampered over to Ray and kissed him, hard, this time truly taking his breath away. “I’m so glad you came!” she enthused. “I thought maybe you wouldn’t!”

He looked at her like she was nuts . “Are you crazy — you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, a man would have to be crazy to turn you down!” She grinned at that. “Lauren, I’ve had a thing for you for a long while!” he blurted out.

“You never said a word.” she responded, her grin growing even broader.

“Lauren, I’m a lot older than you. Old enough to be your father , for God’s sakes!”

Lauren took Raymond’s hand and led him to the room. “You’re not my father though Raymond, not with that wavy brown hair, that sexy grey streak and those broad shoulders. I think a man like you can teach me a lot of fun things — things about sex, things I really want to learn.” she cooed in that soft, sexy voice of hers. She continued on. “I’m not a baby, I’m a grown woman Raymond, and this is MY decision, but it has to be mutual. Now, are you going to be silly or are we going to fuck ?”

Once she’d said that, Raymond just went for it. He joined her on the bed, drawing her towards him and kissing the softest lips he’d ever felt. Nervously, Raymond undressed the beautiful girl. He took his time, paying attention to all of her — nipples, tummy, pussy, legs, arousing her greatly. Ray saw the sparkle in her sensual, almond-shaped eyes, he took pleasure in the little chirps of pleasure Lauren was making. She arched her back and came, then she looked up at him with her beautiful, dark eyes. Ray’s heartbeat was doing the thumpathumpathumpa thing again, so loud he wondered if Lauren could hear it.

“My turn to please you, lover?” Lauren questioned. Raymond nodded his assent.

Ray could easily tell that Lauren was a bit unsure about how to suck a cock, but he was a patient man. It was soon evident that her enthusiasm would make up for it. Lauren was a playful little thing — she licked the tip of his shaft, flicking at it with her pink tongue, She worked downwards, laving it and being extra-noisy with the obvious intent of turning him on. She examined his balls and fondled them, then worked her way back up his dick again, then swirled her tongue around it. Finally, the Asian beauty slid her mouth all the way down his cock, right to the base. He was certain Lauren was a virgin, her overprotective father wouldn’t let her out of his sight — so her talent for giving head was a delightful shock to the older man.

Once Raymond was rock-hard, he took the time to show Lauren how to mount him and take him in. He cautioned his young lover that yes, it was going to hurt, but only for the briefest period of time, and he would be as gentle as he could. She smiled at him, kissed him softly and told him she had expected nothing less. Now she was facing him, Lauren lowered her tight, young pussy onto his dick, it gripped him like a warm, living vise. He thrust himself upwards, taking Lauren’s virginity — another thrill he would never have thought possible, never in a million, billion years. “Oh fuck, yeahhhhh !” she moaned as she rode him, now with a mounting fire. Lauren was making him feel so great, so confident about himself, he knew he had to give her a wonderful first fucking.

Lauren was beside herself with bliss. She just knew her favorite customer would be a great lover — he was always so kind and considerate, she took that into account when she chose him. College boys were a waste of time — in a hurry, fumbling, eager to get their rocks off — while he moved inside of her, Ray was kissing her, his hands explored her body, he looked right at her while he was fucking her, a look of genuine caring and kindness marking his handsome features. Not only that, he had a nice-sized dick, not too thick — she guessed — and just long enough to touch bottom of her horny, wet pussy. She rode him with even greater passion now, her raven-black hair whipping about, her round ass bouncing rhythmically as she took him deeper and deeper. She didn’t want this wonderful feeling to stop, not for a long while yet.

“Am I … uh uh uh … ” Lauren grunted as she rode his cock ” … doing it right? Is it okay?”

“Okay? Lauren, you are … pretty girl, there just are no words to describe how okay this is!” Ray replied as he caressed her breasts, feeling her wiggle her ass and drive his cock in deeper.

“I think I like fucking!” Lauren giggled playfully.

“I can see that!” Raymond chortled as he did his level-best to continue screwing her. She was wonderful in the sack, an absolute natural. “You know Laurel, there are other ways we can fuck!”

Her beautiful eyes widened in delight and she smiled that smile again. ” Really ? Show me Raymond, please? I want to learn it all, I want to … ”

He put up his hand as she slowed her pace, now just a slow, steady rocking. “Easy sugar — I don’t want you sore and achy in the morning, let’s not rush things.”

She pouted at him, then leaned down and kissed him. “I’ll risk it lover … I want to learn all the ways to please a man … especially the horny, fucky man I’m in bed with right now!”

He looked deeply into her eyes and his resolve melted like a sugar cube in a hot cup of coffee — he couldn’t deny her anything. His smile let Lauren know she’d won that argument.

They played well into the night, he taught the sexy girl all about foreplay, about which she knew little. She liked kissing, she was a natural at that, and fucking. She gave him another blowjob and Ray knew she’d be a natural at that as well. She’d been so eager to fuck that first time, he’d had little time to teach her about foreplay. This time, Ray ate her sweet pussy slowly and precisely, hearing her squeal as he ate her out impelling him to pleasure her more. He was certain she had another orgasm as he licked her, the way her tiny fists were beating on the bed, he’d bet on it. He showed her another way to fuck, posing her on her hands and knees, he loved that gorgeous ass and he fucked her from behind, a little harder than the first time.

” Oh damn … oh my God … this feels WONDERFUL! ” Lauren yelled as her mature lover gave her the fucking she’d desired for so long. She would’ve sworn she could feel every vein and bump of his cock as he surged deep within her. She was almost disappointed when Ray was ready to orgasm and pulled out — she vowed to get on the pill so she could feel him shooting off deep inside her pussy.

The pair took their time coming down, resting and starting all over again, a 3rd round of sexplay. She seemed inexhaustible and Ray found that thrilling, he took her in the traditional sense this time, her long legs resting on his shoulders. In some ways, Ray thought this was his favorite of their fucks — he could see her lovely face watching him intently as they screwed.

In the morning’s wee hours, Lauren helped bathe him, teasing him and playing with his dick. “I thought Asian women were supposed to be demure!” he said as they got dressed and prepared to check out.

“Don’t believe everything you hear!” Lauren said, kissing behind his ear, nibbling it a bit. “Can you be here tonight?”

Raymond would have moved heaven and earth for her, so he nodded eagerly. He went through his day at FedEx in a daze, getting to the motel after a quick bite at Mickey D’s. She was already there when he showed up, this time she was dressed in a trenchcoat and high heels. Underneath — all she had on was a black velvet bustier and matching thong. He was overeager to get her indoors and fuck her, but this time he took his time, making love to her slowly, methodically, teasing her and letting a slow, calm orgasm claim her. Lauren loved every torturous, agonizing, sensual moment of it.

On the third night, Lauren took the role of the aggressor. They were barely inside the room when she was all over him, attacking him, nipping here, biting there, scratching at him and taking him hard. He ordered a HUGE meal after they finished that night, he was exhausted. When he got home, he fell into a satisfied slumber, not even his alarm clock woke him up. Raymond called in sick when he finally did awaken, then went right back to sleep.

They made another date to meet Saturday night, but when Ray arrived, he didn’t see Lauren — but he DID see Rachel, who was dressed in a tiny pair of short-shorts and a crepe blouse, with black stilettos. She came over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. Before he could say anything, Rachel spoke up.

“Lauren’s not coming tonight, she’s umm , not feeling well — so, you’re stuck with me. Do you mind terribly much?” she asked, as if expecting him to object. True, Rachel wasn’t Lauren, but she was cute, sexy and appealing — obviously Lauren knew all that and had sent her sister in her stead. Well, if Lauren and Rachel didn’t object, why should he?

“I don’t mind at all — you’re very lovely!” he said as he pulled her close for another kiss. The tiny girl melted in his arms and rubbed against him. “I love the feeling of a man — you feel so masculine. Let’s get inside, unless you want to give everyone a show!” Rachel scampered off to the same room he’d shared with Lauren the previous nights, Ray following and enjoying the sight of her rounded ass. He sat in the armchair in the corner and took in the full view.

Rachel was going to be a bit more of a tease than her older sibling, she’d gained more experience. With her father keeping an eagle-eye on Lauren, Rachel had been able to sneak around and to experience things her sister had not. Accordingly, Rachel had worn tantalizing lingerie underneath her ensemble and she took the time to remove each article of clothing, flinging some of them at Raymond with a teasing smirk. Once she was down to just stilettos, she straddled his hips and rubbed against him. Raymond was horny as hell, he played with her tits, which were smaller and more delicate than Lauren’s. He played and pinched her tiny nipples, inflaming Rachel until she was panting, practically gasping for air. She moved up and her cunt was over his face, she held on for dear life as the horny man in the chair ate her out.

It soon became apparent to Raymond that unlike her older sister, Rachel wasn’t a virgin and she apparently loved sucking dick, fellating him until he came, gobs and gobs, in her eager mouth. Rachel moved over to the bed, wiggled her ass at him and insisted he “Fuck Me like a bitch in heat, you hard-dicked stud!” Raymond was only too happy to comply with her request, screwing her from behind with a ferocity he didn’t know he possessed. Rachel screeched like a Banshee for the entire time, she was a noisy fuck, but it was a turn-on for sure. When he was about to cum, Rachel yelled that she was “on the pill, cum in my cunt, ‘kay?” He did just that, flooding her pussy with his seed.

He was very observant while he was fucking the girl, noting she moved quite differently from Lauren while she fucked, her skin tone a mite darker, the way she clutched at him with more urgency, she also fucked back a lot harder. Raymond certainly had no complaints with Rachel as a sexual partner. From the way she kept grinning at him, Raymond didn’t think she was dissatisfied either.

Ravenous, they called out for a large pizza later, scarfing that down. Then Rachel insisted on having another fuck. She wanted Raymond to fuck her from behind while they lay on their sides. “Play with my tits, caress me all over, you’ve got such wonderful hands, lover!” she purred, moving languidly as he pumped in and out of her pussy. She clenched the muscles of her pussy around his dick and dug her nails into his arms, hissing at him to “Keep fucking me, ‘kay baby?” She was an imaginative little minx, that much was sure.

Exhausted after a frenetic fucking, they fell into a contented slumber. When they left in the wee small hours of the morning, they found Lauren waiting outside by Rachel’s car. She went over to Ray, gave him a hug and a big kiss, then she turned to her sister and gave her a big smile.

“So — how was he?” she asked Rachel.

“Fucking-A!” Rachel replied, laughing loudly.

“Someone want to tell me what’s going on here?” Raymond scratched his head, totally confused.

“Sure thing, lover !” Lauren purred as she came up beside him and took his arm. ” Daddy kept Rache and I so busy in the restaurant, we barely had time to date or have real boyfriends. Although someone was better at being sneaky than I was … ” Rachel giggled at that. “So, we noticed every time you came to the Palace, you were always very nice to us — and it was so obvious you thought we were sexy … ” Both sisters giggled at that.

“Especially Lauren!” Rachel chimed in. Raymond began to say something, but Rachel silenced him, letting him know she was cool with it.

“So, Rachel and I got to talking, and being modern, intelligent, liberal young women, we decided to see if you could possibly handle having two girlfriends. These past few days have been kind of — a test — and neither of us have any complaints, do we Rache?” Rachel shook her head and took her place with her sister, taking Raymond’s other arm.

“So, if you’re cool with this arrangement, we’d both like to continue going out with you — movies, bowling, whatever — and we’d both like to keep fucking you, sucking you and being your lovers! The two of us will work it out, all you have to do is show up and provide the cock!” Lauren giggled. Raymond looked at the gorgeous Lauren, the adorable Rachel — he wasn’t crazy enough to turn down an offer like this, so he just yelled “HELL, yeah!”

Rachel snuggled close to her new boyfriend and whispered in his ear “And if you’re REALLY good …. ”

Lauren finished it by nibbling at his ear and whispering ” … we might just give you our two-for-one special.”

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