Wild Party

By Bizzy_Bish

Elise walked around the trashed-out house in a daze. Her normally wavy and immaculate hair that fell in waves over her shoulders was now frizzy and a bit disheveled. The funny thing was: she really did not care… She was having a good time, between the alcohol and the contact high, she felt amazing. She was glad she took a break from studying to check out the party…

Tyler was leaning against the bar in the kitchen, sipping a red Solo cup. Some chick was talking to him but by the grace of the alcohol, not one word was sinking in. His blue eyes carelessly rolled over the living room full of drunken college kids. He smiled when he saw her: Elise Chambers. She looked around the room, just as unimpressed as he was. She beamed when she made eye contact with him, instantly throwing a ‘fuck me’ wink in his direction. Smiling, he stood up straight, leaving ‘what’s her face’ in the dust. He heard her calling his name out behind him.

“Hey, Stranger,” Elise said when he made it over to her. He wished he could say that he had no idea that she would be here but he couldn’t… He knew that wherever a hot party was, Elise Chambers would be there… and Hunter Graham had a reputation for throwing wild, amazing parties.

“Hey,” he said, looking down on her from his 6’3 peak. He felt the blood rush to his dick as he watched her brown eyes, roll hungrily over his body. She was such a fucking tease and she had been since the day he met her.

“I think you made your friend mad, Ty,” she said, looking over his shoulder at the fuming girl that was staring daggers at them. Elise knew what the girl must be thinking and she felt a bit bad for her. Though she couldn’t lie by saying that she didn’t enjoy being the object of Tyler Wilcox’s attention.

“She’ll be alright,” he said, not even looking. Everything he was interested in was standing right in front of him with her sexy brown skin and eyes, wearing the skintight, red dress that gripped her ample ass and tits in a way that he’s been wanting to since he first saw her walk into his Biology class last year. He had been trying to get her on her back ever since then and this was getting ridiculous.

“You’re so mean,” she said, turning her head to the side and giving him a small smirk. Elise had wanted Tyler ever since the day he approached her after her Biology class. He used some lame line that would’ve had a weaker girl on her knees in a heartbeat but she didn’t budge. He had been wanting her for awhile but she knew Tyler was the ‘love ’em and leave ’em’ type and she thought too highly of herself to just give in that easily. Though the moisture collecting in her panties told her that tonight would be the night.

“I’m not mean, I just know what I like,” he said, shrugging. Elise felt heat wash over her body and Tyler’s lips began to move in slow motion, she was hypnotized by his voice and the occasional feel of his fingers on her bare skin.

“…And just what do you like, Mr. Wilcox?” she asked, raising her eyebrow. He closed what little distance that was between them and draped his arms around her waist, pulling her in close.

“This,” he said, squeezing her round ass tightly in his hands. ‘God, I’ve been waiting so long for this,’ he thought to himself as Elise let out a small squeak of approval. She inhaled his sweet, masculine cologne as his erection prodded her lower belly. She was dizzy from the smoke and a little tipsy from the alcohol and it all seemed to turn her on even more.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” she whispered, looking into his lust-filled blue eyes. Those words were music to Tyler’s ears as she snaked her hand between them and discreetly massaged his cock. He silently prayed that he wouldn’t cum in his pants… that would really fuck up his reputation.

Elise grabbed his hand and led him through the throngs of people to the staircase, the crowd parted when they saw the look in Elise’s eyes and the size of the bulge in Tyler’s jeans… it was obvious that they were going to fuck.

“Ay, Ty… Anthony and Bria are in there!” Tyler’s roommate, Justin called to him as they made their way to the first bedroom of three.

“Shit! Are any of them empty?” Tyler asked in frustration. He had been waiting to fuck Elise for too damn long to let some shit like this stop him.

“Na, the bedrooms are full… I dunno what to tell you, Bro,” Justin said, sympathetically… he knew how bad Tyler wanted this to happen.

“Fuck!” Tyler said, ready to punch Hunter’s mom’s ugly vase right off of that table.

“Simmer down, Boo…” Elise said, leaning against the wall. She pulled him into her and attacked his lips. He planted his hands on either side of her and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Before long, he had wrapped her long legs around him and he had begun grinding his hard cock against her hot, wet pussy. He felt the heat radiating from her pussy on the crotch of his jeans as she clawed at the back of his shirt. “Wanna go get me a drink?” Elise asked, breathlessly when they finally separated.

“Yeah… Stay right here,” he growled, staring at her. Elise felt a shiver down her spine from his dominance. She watched as his tall, muscular, tanned body disappeared between the people. She knew that she wanted him but would need a few more shots of liquid indifference to go through with this.

Downstairs, Tyler filled another Solo cup from the Keg. “Hey, Ty… How you likin’ the party?” Hunter asked… Tyler could tell by his voice that he was totally trashed.

“It’s awesome as fucking always,” Tyler said, taking a sip of the beer he’d just made for Elise.

“I heard that you and Elise were looking for a room upstairs,” Hunter said, wiggling his eyebrows at him suggestively.

“We were… you have a place I can take her?” Tyler asked hopefully.

“Uh yeah… Home. If the bedrooms are full, I dunno what to tell you, Bro,” Hunter said, laughing. Tyler did not share his light attitude about the situation. He look at him and rolled his eyes in exasperation.

“I’ll catch you later, Bro,” Tyler said, topping the cup off and walking toward the staircase. When he made it to the spot where he left Elise, his cock deflated to find that she wasn’t there.

“Fuck,” he said to himself, taking a sip of beer. He walked past the bathroom to find her to be next in line. He walked up behind her, roughly pulling her into his body. “I thought I told you to stay over there,” he growled into her ear, causing goosebumps to surface on her skin.

“You did, I just thought that I had time to powder my nose,” she said, laughing. He handed her the cup and pulled her out of line. She took a large gulp of her beer and thanked him.

“No prob… Now, where were we?” Tyler asked as he dipped his head down to meet her lips again.

“Just about…there,” she said, gripping his stiff prick through his jeans causing him to groan in her mouth. She chugged the rest of her drink before setting the empty cup off to the side. He pushed her against the wall and snaked his fingers between her legs, rubbing her hot, moist pussy through her panties.

“Fuck, Ty,” she groaned as he pushed her panties to the side and inched a finger between her slick folds. Tyler felt her heart rate increase as she looked around with wide eyes at all of the people walking around them that were oblivious to the fact that he was finger-fucking her pussy into oblivion.

“Hey, Elise!” a female voice called from the right of her. It was her roommate, Julia, “I’m about to head back to the apartment, you coming?”

“Tell her ‘no’,” Tyler whispered into her ear as he began kiss her neck. Elise looked at her friend through hooded eyes as she shook her head ‘no’. He increased his pace inside of her and added another finger as he leaned forward to whisper to her again, “I said, ‘tell her’.”

“No, Jules, I’m fine! I’ll see you tomorrow,” Elise said in a voice that was much higher and shakier than normal but Julia was a bit too tipsy to notice.

“Alright then, your ass better not call me to pick you up,” she warned before turning on her heel and walking away. It wasn’t long before Elise approached her peak, he heard her moan loudly, the sound sending subliminal messages straight to his cock. Her pussy began to contract on his fingers and flood his palm.

He looked around only to find that a mere few people were looking at them. He turned toward her and licked and sucked his fingers clean of her sweet juices. She watched as his tongue expertly darted between his fingers and his hard blue eyes stared at her enticingly. She wanted him so fucking bad, she could hardly stand it! He watched as her wild eyes darted this way and that to determine whether or not anyone noticed.

“Relax, Elise,” he said into her ear as he gently kissed her neck… he wanted her, right there and then. He sank to his knees and reached both hands under her dress, hooking them around the waistband of her panties and pulling them down.

“Tyler, what the fuck are you doing?” she whispered harshly. She looked around as people began to stare.

“Something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, now,” he said, hiking up the front of her dress to bury his face in her sex. She gripped his dark hair in her hands in embarrassment and pleasure. Her eyes rolled back into her head as he dipped his tongue inside of her hole and back out again. By the time she opened her eyes, a small crowd had gathered and was watching him work. Her whole body flushed but the last thing that she wanted was for him to stop.

“Eat that shit, Ty!” a male voice called from the crowd. After being egged on by the crowd, Tyler threw one of her legs over his shoulder, spreading her slightly. He slurped the cream that was escaping her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth.

“Fuck, Tyler!” Elise shouted as her body betrayed her, releasing her frustration on Tyler’s soft tongue. Tyler took a final slurp of her pussy and got to his feet to be greeted by cheers. Elise felt the adrenaline pulse through her veins as she roughly pushed him into the wall and got to her knees, earning a few hoots and hollers of her own.

“You don’t have to do this, Elise,” Tyler reminded her as her nimble fingers fumbled with his belt and zipper. She reached her hand into his boxers and fished out his thick, white cock. She loved seeing her brown hand wrapped around it.

“I know, I don’t,” she said, looking up at him, “but I want to.” She pulled her arms out of her dress, exposing her bare, beautiful tits. Tyler’s jaw dropped as his eyes took in the sight of her dark nipples as they puckered in excitement. He reached down to pinch them hard. She groaned before sticking out her pink tongue, running it up and down his shaft, and twirling it around the head. Tyler let out a loud hiss of air as she eagerly lapped the precum that escaped the tip.

“Holy fuck, Elise,” he said as she began to bob back and forth on his cock. His eyes widened as his cock disappeared into her hot mouth and resurfaced again. He was hot, he pulled off his shirt, leaving him only in his jeans as he relaxed against the cool wall. He looked at the crowd of people that were watching them. He had never been one for exhibitionism but this shit was fucking hot.

He grabbed the back of her head and helped her take more of him inside. “Hell yeah! Force that fucking head down!” another male voice called to them. Tyler quickly removed his hand because he didn’t want to make her feel anymore uncomfortable than she already did. Instead of being offended by it, she was invigorated.

She pulled the ponytail holder off of her wrist and pulled her hair back in a messy ponytail without even taking her mouth off his cock. ‘That was too fucking hot,’ he thought as he pulled her mouth away from his cock. She even looked up at him…disappointed. He fought the urge not to blow from that sexy ass look alone.

“Somebody, get them a fucking chair!” a girl shouted behind her. As if by magic, a chair from the card table was crowd-surfing its way to them. ‘Fucking seriously?’ Tyler thought as Justin sat the chair down. Elise surprised the shit out of him as she pushed him down into the chair and took her dress off the rest of the way. His eyes bugged when he saw her entirely naked. Nothing could have prepared him for the dramatic curve of her bare hips and breasts… perfection.

She turned her back to him, her round ass inches away from his face. To her surprise, he planted a hard slap on her ass eliciting cheers from the crowd. Again, he smacked her. She leaned all the way forward, presenting her perfect ass to him. He again surprised her by burying his face in her pussy from behind, licking it clean.

After bringing her to another orgasm, the crowd began to get a little antsy. “Penetrate! Penetrate! Penetrate!” they chanted as he licked her cum off of his lips. She wantonly eyed the crowd before positioning herself above his cock and slowly sinking onto it. The onlookers applauded and cheered, making her sweat nervously.

Elise gritted her teeth and continued to descend on his borderline painful erection. She let out a sigh of contentment when he was inside of her to his full extent. She had been wanting this as long as he had, she just did a better job hiding it. She leaned forward and began to bounce on his cock to the beat of the music in the background.

“Whoo, Elise! Ride that dick!” a female shouted from the crowd. She bounced harder, her ass jiggling from the impact. Tyler couldn’t handle the lack of control so he grabbed her behind the knees and pulled her back flush against his torso, fucking her hard. Elise whimpered at the sensation of being stretched over and over again.

“You take it… God, you fucking take it,” said the girl who was eyeing her down earlier as she got closer for a better luck. She was, without a doubt, wanting the fact that Tyler ditched her to be worth it. Elise made eye contact with her and nodded. Tyler continued to fuck her hard, relishing in the feeling of her tight cunt wrapped around him.

She reached a hand down and began to rub his balls. He growled loudly, trying his damndest not to cum. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back as he continued his assault of her pussy. The crowd was getting hyped. “Break the chair! Break the chair! Break the chair!” they chanted as he continued to jackhammer her swollen cunt.

Before long she was squirting her juices all over his lap. He fucked her through her orgasm, trying desperately not to follow behind her. When her breathing calmed, he got to his feet and picked her up… he wasn’t near finished with her yet, he just didn’t know where to fuck her next.

“Pool table!” Hunter yelled causing a few more people to yell as well. Tyler looked down at Elise for consent, she shrugged and smirked in his arms. He nodded at the crowd, they made a hole as he carried her bridal style down the stairs to Hunter’s game room. He laid her on the pool table and spread her legs wide, giving their onlookers a perfect look at her pussy before giving it a few licks for good measure.

When he felt that he had tortured her long enough, he pulled her to the end of the pool table and lined himself up with her slippery pussy. He ran the head along her tight slit before pushing into her. “Fuck! Tyler!” she screamed as he fucked her roughly. He slammed into her over and over, earning several shouts of encouragement from the crowd.

“Nicely done!” Justin said as Tyler pushed her legs up by her ankles as he watched her perfect tits jiggle from the impact. Elise squinted her eyes closed as she felt her orgasm creeping up.

“You can take it! Good job, Elise!” a girl said from behind them. Within seconds, she was contracting yet again on his cock. She smiled, feeling relief as well as slight embarrassment at the size of the wet spot that she left on Hunter’s pool table. She was tired and her body was aching but she knew that he wasn’t finished with her, yet.

Tyler’s balls were on fire, he needed to cum… badly. He picked her up and flipped her on her stomach, giving her ass a sharp slap to get her to hold it in the right position. He eased himself into her nice and slow, allowing her to feel every vein, every inch of his throbbing cock. He felt like heaven to her. She moaned his name and raked the surface of the pool table with her nails as he pushed into her to the hilt and increased his pace.

Swimming in her moans, the smoke, and the alcohol, he felt himself begin to tense inside of her. Her eyes rolled back as she felt his strokes get shorter and choppier, she knew that he was about to blow. “Cum! Cum! Cum!” the crowd chanted. Elise looked around lazily and saw all the fists pumping in the air. With a loud roar, Tyler pulled out of her and shot his load all over her ass. Elise collapsed on the pool table, chest heaving.

“Someone get a towel,” Tyler called over his shoulder, “A wet one!”

Within a minute, he was cleaning his cum off of her ass and wiping down her swollen pussy. One of the girls brought him her dress and he dressed her, all except for her panties and her shoes. After dressing himself, he picked up her limp form and took her to his car. The liquor had ran its course, now it was time to make sure she got home safely. As soon as he strapped her in, she drifted off into a deep sleep. When he made it to her apartment, carried her up the stairs and pounded on the door.

“You finally did it?” Julia said as she pulled open the door to see her friend fast asleep in his strong arms. Tyler nodded and couldn’t help but to look down proudly at his handiwork. Julia shook her head, trying to act annoyed.

“Her room is the second door on the right.” Julia said, stepping to the side to let him in, “Feel free to stay with her, she likes you a lot. Just don’t start Round Two in there tonight, please… my room is just across the hall.”

“Don’t worry… If I do, I’ll use the ball gag that I keep in my back pocket to keep her quiet,” Tyler joked, earning a look of pure disgust from Julia. He carried her into her bedroom and kicked the door closed behind them. He laid her down on her bed. After removing his shoes and shirt, he crawled in beside her. He fell asleep hoping that she wouldn’t flip shit in the morning…

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