Allison’s Story Part 2

By Juicyjoose

Rob was exhausted. He collapsed back on the couch and his eyes rolled up. He took a deep breath to look at Allison still stroking his hard penis. A smile from ear to ear on her face. Her giggling would be burned into his memory along with the image of her and the lewd act she just performed.

“Oh god that was awesome!” Rob said out loud with pure excitement in his voice.

“Yeah, that was definitely pretty cool.” Allison replied.

She stopped stroking him and looked at her hand that was covered with his cum. And without a blink of the eye she raised her hand to her mouth and licked the side of her hand that was covered in cum. Rob looked in amazement as she took a big swallow from the cum she just licked up.

“Did you just…” Rob said out loud.

“Yeah, I was just curious as to what it tasted like. It’s kind of salty.” she just said.

Then she took a finger and wiped up a gob of cum that landed on her breast and put it to her mouth and swallow that as well.

Rob laid back into his couch to process all that just happened. Allison licked off the rest of Robs cum that was on her fingers and breast. Stood up and leaned to whisper into Robs ear.

“Promise you wont tell anyone. This will be our secret.”

As she proceeded to walk towards the bathroom she kept looking back at Rob’s still erect penis pointing up at the ceiling… and winked.

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