Allison’s Story Part 1

By Juicyjoose

This is a story of Allison Kim. Her mother is South Korean while her father is unknown to her. Allison’s mother often told her that her father was a white US Army soldier that she married in Korea but separated when Allison was born. Having that said, Allison stood about 5’5″ tall, and weighing in about 110 lbs. Light skinned, and somewhat on the thin side, she had attributes not normal of the typical Asian female. She had big hazel eyes; but what really separated her was her stunning body. She had naturally light brown/blondish hair and was quite endowed with full 34C cup breasts that could pass for D cups depending on the cut of the bra and a nice toned butt that wasn’t flat. I guess that was from the father’s side of the gene pool. But on with the story…


The clouds started to roll in as Allison had just gotten off the metro bus that shuttled her from her school to her large apartment complex in which she lived. Even though the bus had dropped her off close to her complex it was still about a brisk 10 minute walk from the bus stop to her complex building. Her face seemed to turn into one from happy 18 year old in a charter school to one of sadness knowing she had left her umbrella at school, as well as her keys to her building.

Allsion, being of mix parents never really knew who her father was, except that he was white; had married her mother which was of Korean decent. Sadly they had parted ways when she was born and never knew anything about her father. Having moved from South Korean to New York City when she was younger, she had trouble fitting in socially and academically. Needless to say she was left behind 3 years until she was able to adapt to speaking English proficiently. So she was an 18 year old in her second year of High School when she should be a senior or already in college.

Stepping off the bus she heard the loud crackling of thunder and the drops of rain started to fall. Heavy rain kept her in the bus stop enclosure, but she thought she would wait it out. A good 20 minutes passed and while it kept her dry for the most part she noticed her legs and shoes were getting soaked due to the wind that pushed the rain sideways. All of a sudden a car came speeding by too close to the curb at the bus enclosure and a tidal wave of water crashed into her. Mortified as to what had happened she heard a crackling

“Ha-Ha!” Someone yelled out as the car that just splashed her sped off.

Soaked from head to toe. Allison gathered herself together and started to walk to her complex. Her brand new uniform that she had to wear to school was soaked. Her nice white blouse was drenched and getting more wet while she marched at a fast pace to get to her complex. Luckily she had a grey cardigan to cover herself or you could practically see part her soaked material and she her black bra which held her 34D breasts from spilling out. The front of her skirt was soaked and sticking to the front of her thighs while her socks and brand hew Tory Burch flats (a gift from her grandparents) were getting soaked. Onward she marched, she tried holding her backpack above her head but with the wind blowing the rain sideways it was useless. So she marched on.

Finally she arrived at her destination. Standing under the awning of her complex she rang the bell to her apartment hoping her mother would be home. But it was Friday, and that meant the family business liquor store would be open late to about midnight. So she stood outside under the awning hoping for someone to let her in. She rang at all the bells, but no luck. Meanwhile getting even more soaked. Allison sneezed.

“Bless you.” she heard come up from behind her.

Allison was so fixated on the vestibule to see if someone would come out that someone had come up from behind her even holding an umbrella. She turned around, and recognized him somewhat. It was another one of the residents in the building that she would run into while getting her mail. She recalled him fetching mail from the mailbox of 7A. Which was 3 floors below her apartment.

“Thank you.” Allison said to the man that just appeared out of no where.

“Can you let me in? I forgot my keys at home and my mom wont be home till after midnight.”

“Sure… But first, what apartment do you live in? Just to confirm you live in this building. And you’re not just some junkie that wants to get in and get high.”

The mysterious man questioned her while standing in front of her.

“Haha Im in 10A! Im Allison Kim! Ive seen you before in this building! You live in 7A! And you like to buy Fireball all the time from my family’s liquor store!” She blurted out loud.

“Oh, very good then.” As he opened the door to let Allison in first.

She stood there while he went to get his mail from the mailbox. He was roughly about 6’3″ tall. Wearing a black jacket to hide his physique, but Allison could see his broad shoulders and dark hair. He looked thin But she could not tell for sure.

“I’m Rob. And you’re going to catch a cold if you stay down here. Do you have somewhere to go?”

“I don’t have my keys.”

Allison nodded no and whispered in a tone of sadness.

“Why don’t you come up and stay with me until your mom comes home. Wouldn’t want you to get sick.”

He said, but not in a questioning way. More of like demanding, which Allison could not say no to. The tone of his voice left no chance for her to deny the fact that she wanted to go up and warm up.

Up the two went, silence in the elevator only to be broke up by Allison’s small squeaky sneezes that she let out. As they walked into his apartment, she noticed how immaculate and neat his home was. Black leather couches with large mirrors on the wall. She set her bag down in the living room as she stood there soaking wet, not knowing what to do with herself. Rob went into his room and brought out a Tshirt and basketball shorts for her to wear.

“Here, change into these. Give me your wet clothes to hangup to dry.”

Allison nodded and proceeded to take off her cardigan to give to Rob. Rob took note of her while she took off her cardigan. It stuck to her while she was taking it off and struggle a little. He noticed how her chest almost burst out of her blouse because it was stuck to her as well. He made out a tight black bra which contained her lovely womanly qualities. Her wet hair pushed back to look like she just got out of a pool was a look that he had etched into his mind. She handed her cardigan to her and he led her to the bathroom to change. She came out dressed in his white tshirt and basketball shorts and left her clothes hanging on the shower curtain to dry out. Rob turned on the TV for her to watch while he went to the bathroom to use it.


He thought to himself, as he inspected her bra that was hanging. This little hottie has 34D cups. He didn’t think skinny Asian girls could have tits this big. He looked to the side and saw her skirt… along with her Victoria’s Secret thong. It was black and lacy. He couldn’t believe that she left it hanging here. But then he realized that it must be soaked also from her standing in the rain. Curious, he leaned in and took a sniff of her lacy thong. He almost fell over because he got lightheaded from smelling her scent on the thong. Slowly he exited and went to his bedroom to change.

After Rob changed out of his wet clothes he put on his white robe and only his boxers underneath. He came out to find Allison sitting indian style on his black leather couch flipping through channels. Seemingly bored she stopped on the Archer. He sat next to her on the couch and asked her a myriad of questions. Most importantly how old she was. She responded by telling she’s actually 18. This surprised Rob, he thought she was younger than that since she was in a charter High School. She explained her story of coming to the US at an early age and how it was a struggle for her to adapt and was thus forced to enroll into the educational system at a later age. With all that’s going on these days with girls looking older than they really were. She had no problem fitting in. Except she knew she was more mature and older than the girls in school. Not to mention more voluptuous due to her womanly features. Rob took note as he sat next to her. Looking down into the V neck of the T shirt he lent her. He damned himself and wished he had given her one of his ex’s smaller shirts that he had kept hidden away.

So Allison sat and explained herself to Rob while watching the TV show and there was a point in the show that was really funny. Her and Rob let out a big laugh and they just looked at each other. Rob told Allison she had a cute laugh and that he wondered if she had a boyfriend in her High school. Allison nodded no and explained

“All the boys are horrible here. They’re kind short and annoying. I see how they’re all just looking at my ass or chest.”

“Oh, that’s too bad for them! You’re beautiful, and you’ve got a really cute laugh.” Rob told her.

“Really? Thanks! You’ve got a nice place here. Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Allison shocked at his bold statement earlier while blushing contently.

“Im divorced. My ex-wife left me because she moved to Hawaii along with my daughter. I see her as much as I can. But work usually has me tied up.”

Hearing this Allison got quiet. Then she asked:

“How old are you?”

“Im 35.” Rob said.

Inside of Allison’s head started processing this. This handsome tall man that had just saved her from the pouring rain is single and heartbroken. She really felt sad for him in a way. He was tall, good looking, and was a dentist from the certifications and awards on his wall.

“Well at least YOU, have a nice place and a cute laugh.” She responded. And they both had a nice chuckle over it.

“No, no. You’ve got the cuter laugh.” He said.


She said and she proceeded to reach over to him and tickle him in his ribs. With that Rob reached over and tickled her back, which lead to both of them trying valiantly to tickle each other. Rob being taller and bigger obviously was able to overpower and force Allison to the corner of the leather couch and was on top of her tickling her until she cried with laughter. Rob was straddled Allison and tickled her until she cried out stop and out of breath.

It all of a sudden became quiet. Rob was straddled on top of Allison, holding her by her ribs when she gave up. The shirt she was wearing was tight against her body and Rob could see the mounds on her chest pressed against the fabric trying to break free. Allison noticed her hands in Rob’s lap area. Rob’s robe had opened up and revealed his hairy chest and somewhat chiseled physique on top of her. His white boxers were all that separated them and unbeknownst to Rob, the whole act of hearing Allison giggle and the rough housing has caused Rob to become excited. The image of her pinned down on the couch had made Rob so excited that he started to poke through the opening on his boxers.


As Rob looked down to see what was the matter, and saw his engorged penis poking out of his boxers.

“Oh shoot! Sorry!”

Rob jumped up off Allison and stood up only to make his penis poke out more of boxers opening. So there he stood trying to cover himself awkwardly while Allison sat up on the couch staring in awe of Rob’s enormous member. As she sat up, she too, had shifted in her V neck tshirt and her nipples had become hard and were poking into the fabric of the shirt that could not be missed. They looked at each other in silence. Allison staring at Robs penis and Rob taking mental notes of Allison large breasts and her nipples poking out through the shirt.

“Wow.” she said with her mouth agape as she sat up.

“What?” Rob replied.

“Ive seen videos in health class; It never looked that big.”

Rob, embarrassed and flattered at the same time couldnt think of anything to say except:

“Yeah… sorry.”

“Dont move!” Allison said.

Rob was perplexed as to what was going on. More in shock if anything. Allison then grabbed a text book out of her backpack and flipped through some pages.

“See, look!”

Allison showed Rob a picture of a penis from the book. Looking at the picture and pointing while looking at amazement of Rob engorged penis.

“The book says the average size of a penis is 5.5 inches. How big is yours?”

“Oh I’m way bigger than that.”

Rob said smugly “I’m 8.5 inches” Rob tried to contain his laughter and cover himself knowing this is wrong. Yet thinking this girl wants to see my dick…

“No, wait!”

Allison blurted out. Noticing that he was trying to cover himself. She moved towards him putting the side of the page of the book next to his penis.


Rob, looking down at Allison, literally her face next to his penis now made him really excited. He felt his penis harden and it felt like it had a life of its own.

“This is wrong… I shouldn’t.” he said slyly.

“Wait, I wont tell anyone! Can I just see it?” Allison blurted out.

Upon hearing this, the gears in Robs head started turning. He thought to himself:

“This is how pornos start! I cant let this chance pass me by!”


He said and sat back down on the couch next to Allison. Rob spread his thighs and his erect penis just stood out of his boxers pointing out.

Allison just looked at it up and down and Rob could still see her erect nipples trying to poke through the fabric of the shirt.

“Ive never seen one in real life! Just pictures…”

Instinctively Rob reached for Allison’s hand and put in around his penis. Allison’s hand felt so warm and soft on his penis that Rob let out a deep breath. Allison’s hand naturally gripped around the shaft of Robs penis and Rob let out a sigh. She asked:

“Does it hurt? Am I hurting you?”

“No, it actually feels good, Allison”

Rob said to her. As she let out a mischievous grin.

“Is this your first time touching one too?”

Allison nodded yes as her grip on his penis intensified. Rob let out another sigh. Rob then asked:

“Do you know what stroking is?

“Kinda..” Allison answered.

And then Rob started to move Allison’s hand up and down his penis shaft. Allison started to giggle while her hand was moving up and down.

Rob was loving this. A hot young 18 year old girl holding on to his erect penis while guiding her how to pleasure him. He felt that his was not going to last long. It was an awkward position, he saw it on Allison’s face also. So he told her to kneel in front of him while he sat on the couch and she gladly obliged. She knelt in front of him and this time without his help she slowly gripped his penis and started to stroke him up and down. Rob sighed again.

“Whats wrong?” She asked.

Rob had told her because her hands were still dry that it was going to hurt him. She asked him what to do. So he playfully told her to lick the palm of her hand and try that. She did what was asked without question. The sight of Allison licking her hand was memorable. He still couldn’t believe he got her to kneel in front of him, lick her palm and stroke him. This was too much. He felt like he was going to erupt. It was was not enough. He told her that she needs to spit on her hand. And with that Allison let loose a huge gob of spit into her palm and continued to stroke him. She kept doing this when she felt her hand get dry as if it was natural. Rob was just taking this in. He had wished he had a camera to record all of this. He started moaning loudly. Allison giggled some more.

Then all of a sudden Allison’s head dipped down. She let another huge gob of spit from her mouth and this time it fell on the head of his penis. She stroked some more while watching the spit move down the head of his penis and down his shaft. Rob could still not believe all of this was happening. Rob wanted to be bold and push the limit. He told her to kiss the tip of his penis. Allison looked at him confused but put her face next to his penis and made a duck face and placed a kiss on the tip of his penis.

“Oh god, you’re too beautiful.” Rob let out in excitement.

To Allison’s delight, she opened her mouth and engulfed his bulbous penis head into her mouth and started to slowly suckle him. It drove Rob crazy. His toes curled and he clenched his buttcheeks. This motion made his penis move further into Allison’s mouth. He pulled her hand away from his penis told Allison:

“That’s right. Suck it!”

Allison did just that. She held her hands in Robs lap while her head started to bob up and down on his penis. She looked up at him. And snickered at the faces Rob was making. She thought to herself, “This is kinda fun. I wonder…” And with that her head went down as far she she could get his penis over her mouth. She felt the tip of his penis touch the back of her mouth and it felt like she was swallowing something. She took a deep breath and tried to push down even farther. Remembering how the doctor used a tongue depressor on her while on a visit. She liked this feeling. She got down to almost 6 inches of this dick disappeared into her mouth and the saliva from her mouth started to pour out. Rob let out a huge sigh again. She heard an “Oh My GOD” come out of his mouth and she bob up to look at him. Their eyes met and she smiled.

“That was amazing!” He said out loud.

She giggled some more and asked if he liked that. Rob nodded a yes anxiously and she went back to bobbing her head up and down on his penis.

Now his penis was glistening with her saliva. She took her hands cupped them at the base of his penis because it was starting to drip off his balls. Instinctively she dipped her head lower to lick up her saliva and that prompted another sigh from Rob. Here she was, an 18 year old in HS sucking her neighbors dick, trying to deep throat him, and licking his balls. She thought to herself:

“So this is why those porn clips I’ve seen look so fun.”

And with that, she stuck her tongue out and licked Rob’s penis from balls to shaft to the tip of his penis. Only for the head of his penis to disappear back into her mouth.

Rob was enjoying this too much. He looked down to see this beautiful young half Asian girl giving him one of the best blow jobs hes ever had in his life and this was her first time doing it. He knew he hit the jackpot. He slowly reached with his right index finger to pull the top of the T shirt down he only succeeded half way and managed to expose Allison left tit out of the shirt. He looked down and her pink nipples and smiled. He reached a little further and was able to cup her breast in his hand in which Allison gave a delightful hum in satisfaction. He decided to be more bold and give her pinch on her nipple. Allison giggled and seem to like it. She sucked a little harder on his penis head while he did it. With that he took his other hand pulled down the other side of the neck opening to expose the other breast. He looked down and smiled. Allison, on her knees, sucking his penis with her shirt pulled down and her large 34D cup breasts out and being supported by the opening of the V neck shirt she was wearing. It was such a slutty image that would be burned into his memory forever. He reached forward and squeezed both of her perfect shaped breasts and pinched her nipples. Allison gave a hum of pleasure and lifted her head from sucking his penis, smiled and said:

“That feels really good.”

And then Allison continued back to bobbing her head up and down on his penis.

Rob felt he could not keep this up anymore. He was straddling from exploding whole time. Yet he kept trying to hold back to see what kind of naughty thing this 18 year old newly found slut was capable of. And then he felt it. The urge coming from the scrotum of his balls. He told Allison to go back to stroking his dick. Gladly she did it. She lifted her head and used her right hand to stroke him up and down. He felt it coming. He let out a deep growl and exploded while Allison stroked him. Streams of his cum shot out of the tip of his penis into the air and Allison’s face lit up. She smiled while she stroked his hard penis. Some streams shot up and landed on Allison’s breasts. She let out an squeal because the hot cum on her naked breast was a new sensation to her. Pump after pump she stroke him. A good 6 or 7 streams of cum shot out of Robs penis.

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