Fun at the Park

By writerbyheart

As I walked down the sidewalk alone, cars whizzed by, the people inside paying no attention to what I was doing or what I was wearing. My nipples poked into the the white top I was wearing – if anyone happened to walk past me, it would be very easy to notice. Knowing that only made me even more horny and my pussy to be even more wet, spilling it’s juices into the child-sized pull up diaper I was wearing under my short-shorts. I had begun my walk to the park about 15 minutes ago, and for that long I have been probably the horniest in my life.

Today was a great day for the indulgence I have been planning for weeks now; it was hot, causing me to sweat quite a lot, the sky was beautiful, and my parents were out of town – giving me the time I needed.

It only took 5 more minutes to reach my destination. I started on the park track and climbed up the stairs to the right of it to reach the picnic area where I was nearly alone, only a few people where there, which is what I wanted. Being a fan of exhibitionism, I liked the thought that people were going to be around me when I went through with what I was about to do, but entirely exposing myself was not something I wanted to do, luckily there was a bathroom nearby.

For the past 3 days, I haven’t shit at all in order to have enough for this occasion. Since I woke up this morning, I haven’t went to the bathroom to pee at all, instead drinking enough water to make my bladder full. Holding all of this has been hard, but my desire to go through with this pushed me through. Walking only made me want to let go, but I couldn’t yet.

I went to the picnic area beside the occupied one, leaning against the wood railing to make it look like I was enjoying the scenery to mask what was really about to go on. My luscious DD cups were being propped up by the railing and I arched my back to make my ass pop out more – it would have been a great sex position, I thought, blushing a bit.

Now that I was in position, all was set. I started to let loose of my bladder and anus.

Pee came out first; a slow, steady stream to begin, before progressing into a much larger and faster one, pounding into the absorbent diaper I was wearing. Then came the shit; which I let come out enough only enough to touch the diaper before pushing the whole log out, it took a whole minute for all of the built up shit to come fully out, and another 30 seconds or so for the pee to finish. The pull up couldn’t hold it all, and a faint stream had came running down my leg, the diaper was beyond full – it had swelled quite a bit, full of my warm piss and huge log of shit, making it and my shorts sag.

The feeling was incredible. Making my cheeks flush even more red. If there was no one around, I would’ve immediately dropped to the floor and began grinding my shit and furiously fingering my now-soaking pussy. But I held back the temptation and decided to walk towards the bathroom, the pile of shit rubbing against my ass, complementing the heavenly feel of warm piss that covered my whole crotch area.

I reached the bathroom and took one of the stalls at random, shutting and sliding the lock in place before stripping down to my sagging, full diaper. The floral design stained yellow with pee. I shut the toilet seat and decided to sit down in my mess, which made it squish around even more and the feeling of it all became even more intense. I let out a soft moan and began rubbing the front of the pull up against my pussy, faster and faster, as I also grinded against the toilet seat.

“Mmm, Sylvia, you disgusting slut,” I said in a whisper to myself and began rubbing my breasts and squeezing my nipples with my free hand, which caused more moaning, “you messed yourself and now your rubbing your soaking little cunt with it, so filthy!”

It only took a few more seconds before orgasm. Bringing out my O-face and a loud “ahh!,” I squirted furiously into my diaper and collapsed against the back of the toilet, out of breath but feeling amazing. This was definitely something I was going to do again.

“Mmm, Sylvia, you should be a naughty slut and walk back home in your mess.” I said to myself, and I did.

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