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Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic

Milk & Cookies Part 2

By Dakota_North

They were warm and soft to the touch, and while Veronica wriggled in his embrace, she made no effort to stop him. His mouth was fully involved with sucking on her tits, alternating sides as was his custom, and she seemed to be enjoying every moment of it. Emboldened by her lack of resistance, Howard inched his way up her thighs, eliciting a moan when his fingers found her hot pussy. The crotch of Veronica’s panties was moist from her arousal, and in no time Howard had pushed them aside so he could finger her cunt. Here he expected Veronica to stop him, but she didn’t even protest. In fact, she spread her legs further apart, giving Howard unfettered access to her pussy. She wanted him, that much was clear, and her moans grew louder as his fingers slid inside her waiting cunt. Howard sawed them in and out of her gently, finger fucking her right there on the couch while he sucked her tits. Veronica’s moans grew louder and louder, even though she tried to stifle them so as to not wake the entire hotel. Her own wandering hands could feel Howard’s stiffness within his pants, and she knew that she had to act. Sucking him off out here had been foolhardy enough, but there was no way she was going to let this opportunity pass. “Come…come back here with me,” she intoned, just as Howard’s intensity reached a fever pitch. No sooner had she said it than she gasped out loud in his hear, squealing in delight as his mouth and fingers had delivered her to a plateau from which there was only one escape. Miraculously, Veronica managed to suppress her scream as she came, succumbing to the long awaited touch of Howard’s hands on her body. She moaned and whimpered as she squeezed her cunt tight around his fingers, cumming as quietly as she could manage before rising up off the couch. Howard initially started to undo his pants, but with his hand in hers he followed her to a small office behind the front desk.

She started to explain that there was an extension to the front desk phone in here, that she could listen if someone came in, but Howard interrupted her. He didn’t say anything to her, he didn’t need to. Rather he pushed Veronica down onto a soft armchair and stood before her. Immediately she stopped her explanation, instead motioning for him to close the door behind them. Even as he did, Howard unzipped his pants, freeing the cock she had so expertly sucked so many weeks ago. He was rock hard and stiff, his head a dull purple as he stepped towards Veronica. She hiked up her skirt and pulled down her soaked panties even as she spread her legs for him. Howard pulled her blouse open, exposing her breasts and he paused for a moment, taking in the sight of the lovely young lady in front of him. Dark brown nipples and aureole capped her gorgeous breasts, those soft mounds that poked out at him. Veronica’s taut belly hid her secret well, not that Howard’s attention was focused there. Instead, his eyes were drawn to the dark patch of bushy cunt hairs that were now exposed, along with the hot pink pussy that lay wide open for him. Veronica was so aroused that her cunt glistened with her own juices in anticipation for the cock that was displayed quite proudly before her. Howard allowed his gaze to fall on the silky thighs that were parted for him as well before closing the gap between himself and Veronica. For a brief moment, he let the head of his cock rest on her slit, then he thrust himself inside.

Both he and Veronica let out a groan as his long hard cock plunged deep inside her, then they both sighed contentedly as Howard started to thrust. He stroked his cock into her gently, easing his way in and out of her hot pussy. She was quite well lubed, and very receptive to each thrust as Howard fucked her. Veronica’s pussy was deliciously wet, although it wasn’t quite as tight as Howard had envisioned it. That didn’t deter him as he pumped his dick in and out of her over and over again, watching the contortions of her face as he fucked her and listened to her moans. After their last time together Howard had wondered if this would ever happen, now he savored every moment as he plunged deep inside her with each stroke. Those beautiful tits jiggled as his cock pounded into her, and Veronica wiggled around in the chair to force Howard in deeper and deeper. She was pulling her legs back now, as well as apart, spreading her cunt even wider for him. Howard’s slow thrusts quickened when she did this, reaching a crescendo as her hands hooked around the backs of her thighs as she lay herself open for him to fuck. Howard pressed himself down on her more and more, pistoning his cock deep inside her with every stroke. His own grunts were matched with Veronica’s moans, here, uninhibited she was letting out a long stream of them. She too had anticipated this moment, and she reflexively squeezed her pussy tight around Howard’s cock as she felt him building up again. It was different this time, as she felt his cock readying itself to explode inside her cunt instead of her mouth, but no matter where it was, Veronica wanted it. He seemed to sense this from her, and started fucking her harder and harder, ramming his cock in fast and deep, fucking that gorgeous spread cunt as hard as he could. The feeling of that thick shaft plowing deep inside her was way too much for Veronica to handle, and her moans became screams as she came again for her itinerant lover. Big brown eyes squeezed shut tight as Veronica came again, joined in her throes of passion by Howard himself. He drove his cock into her deep one last time before his body shuddered and his balls ached. On that last deep stroke, Howard let himself go, flooding Veronica’s cunt with his sticky white load. Cum poured out of his cock in a torrent, coating her pussy thoroughly inside and out. Howard made a final few thrusts into her cunt after he came, squeezing more and more cum out of his balls with each one, until he had given Veronica all he had to offer. When he was finished, he let his cock linger inside her for a moment before bending over to kiss her tenderly on the lips before departing once again. Even though she understood his haste, Veronica was saddened to see him leave. As they kissed one final time, she let the touch of his tongue on hers last. While she tried to repair her appearance as best she could, Veronica sadly watched as Howard straightened himself out before retiring for the night.

As expected, no one called the front desk or came into the hotel while Howard had kept Veronica well occupied. They had fucked with such intensity that if someone had tried to reach her, it was likely that she wouldn’t have even noticed. In fact, Veronica had been so engrossed in fucking Howard that she never thought to bring her condition up with him. Indeed, he was gone when morning came, and left a note that he’d try to return again soon, but it looked like there would be a lengthy delay until he came by again. Still, she savored the intense passion that they had shared that night for the weeks to come. Although he would admittedly be a hard man to reach, Veronica thought of trying to get a hold of him through his company, but then thought better of it. The news she had to share would better be done in person. Surely she’d be far enough along in her pregnancy that he’d notice the next time he visited, and if that was too much for him to bear, then so be it.

Like it had been the last time, it took Howard another three months before his next visit. By this time, Veronica was quite well advanced in her pregnancy, even to the point where she was considering taking a leave of absence. In all reality, she probably would have if Howard’s name hadn’t shown up in the reservation computer. So she toughed it out, even though her swollen belly was the first thing anyone would notice about her. That wasn’t the only part of her to expand, her breasts were rather fully engorged as well. A casual acquaintance wouldn’t really notice that up close, of course. Anyway, Veronica had been blessed with a nice chest to begin with, the enhancement that resulted from her condition simply made her all the more beautiful. As she pulled into work on the night of Howard’s arrival, she hoped he would see it that way. Sure, the usual bouquets had been sent to her, but he still hadn’t left her a way to get in touch with him. If sex were truly all he was after, Veronica knew she was in for a let down.

Upon reaching her workstation, Veronica noticed that Howard had already checked in, but he wasn’t downstairs to greet her. That wasn’t terribly unusual, and she knew that her coworkers wouldn’t be the ones to reveal her secret to him. The anticipation anxiety was the worst though, and it was all Veronica could do to contain herself until he made his usual midnight snack run. After that, it was anybody’s guess as to what would happen next. Just when she thought he wasn’t coming down, Howard appeared at the top of the stairs. One look across the empty lobby and he saw Veronica looking back at him. Her condition was obvious. He slowly made his way down the stairs without saying a word, helped himself to a plate of cookies at the snack counter, and went back up to his room. The smile that graced Veronica’s face melted away the instant he turned his back. She stood behind the front desk, watching him make his way up the stairs until he was out of sight.

Veronica stood there, alone and stunned for several minutes. She knew that this was a possibility, but for Howard to not even say a word to her was unbelievable. Fortunately, she was able to compose herself rather quickly, and she soon made up her mind as to what to do. The desk was quiet tonight, like it always was, and even the number of guests was down. There was little chance someone would come looking for her. Just to be sure, Veronica scribbled a ‘Be back soon’ note and taped it to the desk. Then she marched herself up to Howard’s room. Here, the inner strength that had carried her thus far almost failed her, her hand wouldn’t knock on the door. It took Veronica a minute more, but she managed to rap lightly on the guest room door. At first, there was no answer, and Veronica was about to turn around and leave. Just as she spun on her heels, the door opened a crack and she heard Howard’s voice from inside, “Come in.”

Slowly, Veronica entered the room. Howard was sitting in a corner, facing the door, and his eyes locked on hers. “You never told me…” he started.

“It’s not like you left me a way to reach you,” she countered. “Besides, I should have told you the last time. I was already pregnant. It wasn’t you.”

As soon as she said that, Howard looked relieved. “Then there’s nothing left between us, is there?” he asked. His look became dejected.

“Oh, no. No. It’s not like that at all.” soothed Veronica as she crossed the room to him. “We, I mean you and I and,” she started as she rubbed her belly and smiled. “Can be whatever you want us to be.”

“I wish I’d known.” replied Howard. “I mean, in the past few months…” his voice trailed off as he let his eyes roam her ripe figure.

“I know. I’ve been feeling the same way. I wish I told you sooner but I was so taken by what happened between us. And now tonight, when you didn’t come by…”

He continued finishing her sentences. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to think.” A smile. “I guess I broke our little tradition.” His eyes met hers and he held out his plate. “Unless you want a cookie?”

“Love one,” said Veronica, as she sighed her relief. She carefully selected a cookie and sat down on the end of the bed. Howard moved over to her as she touched the treat to her lips, then slid it in her mouth as if she was sucking a cock. He moved in closer, and she let the cookie fall to the floor as their lips met. A hand came to rest on the back of her neck, another on her stomach as he gently laid her down on the bed. Veronica offered no resistance, conforming to Howard’s movements as best she could. Their lips intertwined as never before as they enjoyed the soft luxury of a bed beneath them. They could have kept at this loving embrace for hours, but the pent up passions of the night soon took hold of them. Even while they were kissing, both Howard and Veronica were working on the buttons to her blouse. It was obviously a lot tighter than he was accustomed to, but that only spurred him on more. Soon her gorgeous breasts spilled free of her blouse, and Howard started searching for the clasp of her bra.

He needn’t have bothered. Veronica’s dexterous little fingers quickly undid the side snaps of the nursing bra she was wearing. Much to Howard’s delight, the floppy panels were pulled aside, revealing her swollen breasts and hard brown nipples. With his mouth still pressed against hers, Howard let his hands take Veronica’s breasts and squeeze them. She moaned as soon as he touched her, loud and long like she’d been unable to before. His fingers found their way to her nipples and gave them a pinch, which was matched by a squeal of delight from Veronica. She thrust her chest up to meet his hands as he pinched and kneaded her breasts quite gently. Pregnancy certainly agreed with Veronica’s figure, giving her perky tits a measure of extra fullness beneath Howard’s hands. A little more hard tugging from him brought on a different response from her though, one that caused Howard to jump in surprise.

As his fingers wrapped around her aureole, Howard used a combination pulling and pinching motion. It was obvious to him that she enjoyed it, but as he continued, a small spurt of her breast milk shot out. It coated his fingers in a fine spray, and Howard turned his head to look. For good measure, he gave her another squeeze, easing more precious milk out of her tits. Unsure of what to do, Howard just stared for a moment, until Veronica took his hand in hers. “Just a little milk, sweetie,” she cooed. Her hand guided his in squeezing out another spurt of it. “Kind of goes well with cookies, doesn’t it?” Veronica brought her milk covered fingers to her mouth as she said that, sucking the sweet nectar off her fingers. Howard mimicked her motions, parting his lips to taste her milk for the first time. The sweet liquid evaporated on his tongue, and without any further guidance from Veronica, he brought his mouth down to get a real taste of her.

Veronica’s eyes rolled back in her head as soon as she felt his hot mouth sucking on her. She could feel her milk releasing, filling his mouth with its goodness as he suckled on her, drinking down all she had to give him. Howard continued to alternate sides, sucking on both of her tits equally. When he had one breast in his mouth, he was sure to keep a hand on the other one, caressing and squeezing it gently. He tried not to waste too much of Veronica’s milk, but that was inevitable, and they were soaked with her breast milk rather quickly. That was of no great concern, for Howard made sure to lick as much of it off her as he could. In the meantime, they’d both been working on her stretch pants and his fly, it was a little awkward because of what else they were doing, but eventually they did manage to strip those garments out of the way. Veronica positioned herself with her legs spread for him, but even before he mounted her, a familiar feeling came over her. Howard could feel her body writhing beneath him, and knew right away what she needed. With a sudden forcefulness, Howard clamped his mouth down hard on a breast, sucking away for all he was worth. Veronica’s moans grew louder. That spurred him on even more. His hand, which had been caressing her gently, was squeezing her forcefully now, spraying sweet mother’s milk all over the place. Veronica went to move her hands down to her pussy as she wailed in delight, but found them drawn to the back of Howard’s head. She clamped him down on her tits even tighter, forcing him to suck her harder and harder as her body trembled. Howard was pressed down on her as hard as he could go, sucking and swallowing down her milk until she screamed. Her cries of absolute delight filled the darkened room, and her body tossed about on the bed as best it could. Veronica’s legs were kicking in the air as she came, huffing and puffing as she slowly released Howard from her grasp. He looked deep into her lovely brown eyes, milk still dripping from his chin. She came to her senses and smiled at him, blowing him a kiss before righting herself on the bed. Her legs were splayed wide apart, and Howard eased himself between them. His erect cock found the slick opening to her cunt, and while Veronica looked on Howard eased himself inside her.

He had anticipated this for months, and the sensations were no less sweet now that they were real. Veronica’s wet cunt felt so good as Howard sank his cock deep inside her. He was a little gentler than he’d been before, and that took a lot of restraint. Because of her condition, Howard wasn’t able to press his full weight down against Veronica’s belly. Instead, he was more or less upright between her spread legs, looking down at her body while he fucked her. In the back of his mind, Howard made a note to remember this position, the sensations were every bit as good as he’d remembered, but the view was fantastic! Positioned like this, he could watch his cock sliding in and out of Veronica’s cunt without straining himself. Her puffy cunt lips seemed to be sucking his cock in, and her juices formed as slick sheen on his shaft. Veronica’s rounded belly formed a sort of barrier between them, but beyond lay her breasts. What a beautiful sight they were. It seemed as if they were stretched tight and full, even though Howard had done a good job of sucking her milk out of her. Brown nipples and aureole poked out from them, and Veronica rubbed them together between her fingers. Creamy white droplets of her milk sprayed out of her, turning Howard on even more. His cock was really starting to chug now. Over and over he slammed himself deeper and deeper inside the moaning pregnant beauty. She moaned, louder and louder each time his cock thrust into her. Those moans were matched by Howard’s own grunts, he was fighting back the urge to cum but that wasn’t going to happen. Fucking Veronica felt too good by itself, watching her breasts spilling their precious milk as he pounded his cock into her was just too much. Rapid strokes grew faster and faster, until suddenly their bodies shuddered together in unison. Her screams and moans filled his ears as he gasped, forcing his cock deep inside her one last time. A torrent of Howard’s hot sticky cum filled the void between Veronica’s legs. His cum spilled into her, then dribbled out, forming a sticky sweet puddle on the sheets beneath her. Several times he thrust again, emptying his cock of all its cum before finally coming to rest beside her.

Veronica snuggled in tight against Howard’s body as they caught their breath after such a wonderful exertion. She knew she had precious little time to lay here with him, but getting up to leave right now just didn’t seem right. Eventually, she had to, but as she rose to get dressed she vowed to call for a replacement to cover the desk. It wouldn’t take long, she reassured him, and then she’d return. They had a long night ahead of them, and Veronica could hardly wait to share milk and cookies with her lover again.

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