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Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic

The Devil’s Ballerina

By QueenFlavia

..You’re like voodoo honey, all silver and gold. Why don’t you tell me my future? Why don’t I sell you my soul?” boomed out against the thudding beat. The MDMA coursed through me, catching the pulse and heightening every sense.

Stood on the balcony I looked down across the dance floor. God it felt amazing! Clad in tight black rubber and corset, my whole body felt squeezed; every nerve jangled.

I cast my eye around the club, sliding my hands up and down my body as I did so; feeling the slickness of the rubber and my own body beneath. Everyone looked amazing, displaying their wares in the most wonderful states of dress and undress. Some naked, some painted, in rubber, in uniform, tight things and shiny things. God I loved this place!

Conscious of the beat, I pushed myself away from the rail and moved down the steps and onto the dance floor. Pausing briefly, I checked myself in the mirrors at the edge of the dance floor. Ah, so vain! Pushing through the other dancers, I found a space toward the back and let the music take my body.

Lost in my own world, I didn’t notice her to begin with, but I slowly became aware of someone watching me. Looking round I fixed on a girl standing a little distance away. The other dancers seemed to have cleared a space around her and she stood stock still, staring intently.

She was dressed as the very devil’s ballerina: black tutu beneath a painfully tight corset, legs clad in sheer black stockings and vertiginous heels; a pearl choker clasping her throat. I thought my corset pinched my waist and crushed my ribs, but it can have been nothing compared to hers; her waist was minute!

I smiled at her, standing still and stroking my hair, I stared intently at her face. The enveloping warmth of the drug coursed through me as the beats from the nearby speaker thudded violently, shaking my being.

She smiled deliberately and looked straight towards me. Fixed; I couldn’t move. She edged over and placed herself square in front of me, gazing into my face as I did to hers.

Her face was immaculately made up; her skin pale and perfect; glistening almost silver under the lights. Her deep brown eyes were thickly lined in black, a strong dark line sweeping across her lash line and out to the edge; lashes thick and black. Her cheeks were skilfully sculpted; lips deep red and dripping with gloss. The only flaw a tiny scar at the base of her nose.

Transfixed, all I could think was how amazing she looked. We stood for an age; I have no idea for how long; but an eternity seemed to pass; I was lost.

The thumping beat of a new track kicked in: ‘From Paris to Berlin, and every disco I get in,

my heart is pumping for love, pumping for love…’

We did nothing but dance; I tried to speak, but found myself unable. I wanted to reach out and touch her, but knew I could not, should not: I was mesmerised!

Time seemed to stand still, as it so often does when you are clubbing, but we must have moved off the dance floor at some point. We sat on cushions in a small alcove in another room, facing one another; never letting our gaze drop from the others eyes. My body was screaming out to touch hers, but I kept my hands firmly against my own body, gently stroking my legs and torso.

She leaned toward me and spoke softly, “Would you like to come home with me?”

There was no question as to my answer!

Still unable to speak I nodded my consent. “Mmm-mm,”

“Oh we do like you..!” She replied.

Glancing round to ensure we weren’t overlooked, she pulled out a small packet, dipped in a long red nail and withdrew a small pile of white powder. She beckoned and I leant forward, inhaling deeply into my nostrils.

My head snapped back and my body convulsed with the drug. I assumed it was Ketamine, but this was something stronger and wilder. I lost immediate sense of where I was; everything instantly swirled together and apart. I had a sense of movement, but no longer felt conscious of the real world or what was happening around me.

I heard a chuckle at my ear and slowly opened my eyes. Something wasn’t right. I was lying face down. I tried to turn over, but couldn’t move. Despite the continued sound of throbbing dance music, I realised in a panic I was no longer in the club.

I was naked, face down on some sort of padded bench, my arms pulled underneath, wrists bound together. My legs were also shackled and splayed, a cushion under my stomach, forcing my arse into the air. A ball gag rested firmly in my mouth. Wherever I now lay, I was utterly helpless.

I still felt incredibly high; flushed with alarm I attempted to writhe in my shackles. Despite my fear the drugs continued to work and I relaxed and let the restraints hold me firmly in their embrace.

What was going on; where was I; where was she; what had she done to me? I tried to move again, but found it almost impossible to do so, unsure if it was the drugs or the bonds that were really holding me in place.

I could hear movement close by and a light chuckle but was unable to turn my head to see her. I suddenly felt something press against me; the most searing pain cut into my body and I arced into the air. She had just placed some sort of electric probe against me!

“Ooh hoo hoo! Did you enjoy that?” She hissed, “I did; I loved it!”

I wanted to scream, shout out; call for help, cry for mercy!

“It won’t do any good, you know. There is nothing you can do to stop me; I am going to have lots of fun with you!” She whispered seductively.

A black clad hand placed a small spatula under my nose. Unable to breathe through my mouth, I was forced to inhale the powder she proffered.

I melted into my restraints, the beat of the music taking me again and again. Heaven and ecstasy; I was completely helpless. She skipped around in tune to the music, humming to the beat, enjoying every delicious moment of my bondage.

She placed the probe against my arse and another bolt shook me to the bone. A mix of pain from the probe and pleasure from the drugs mixed in a heady combination. Placing it hard against my anus she pressed the button again and again, pain wracking my body over and over.

Just as I could take no more, she stopped and moved closer into my field of vision. Wearing black latex gloves, she grasped a bottle and squeezed something into her hands, rubbing them gently together before reaching between her legs.

“I have something else I think you might enjoy!”

The black tutu was gone. She still wore the corset, her waist squeezed far smaller than was natural. What stood out most though was the vast black phallus strapped between her legs. A foot long, it was as thick as her arm. She gripped it with both hands, stroking up and down with the lubricant gel she’d squeezed into her hands.

She disappeared out of sight and I felt my arse cheeks pulled apart. Slicked fingers probed their way into my body, almost gentle at first. But then I felt the vast phallus. With one hard, violent shove she thrust herself inside me.

I felt like I had been split in two; her colossal black cock stretching my arse as it plunged in and out. I wanted to panic and resist, but found myself falling into the rhythm, pushing back against each thrust, hungrily devouring the cock into my overstretched arse; the movement of the thing inside me awoke every nerve.

“Ha! You love it don’t you, you fucking little bitch, my own personal little bitch.”

Incredibly I agreed! She thrust into me faster and faster, pulling me onto her harder and harder. Oh God it felt amazing! I couldn’t believe it! The sweat poured off me as the music became faster and the tempo of her movement increased. I wanted her more and more; please, don’t let it stop.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck; this was something else! Pleasure swept through my body in multiple orgasms! This was all too much; my arse was beaten to a pulp, ripped apart by her thrusts, but she kept them coming, wildly screaming with her own delight and ecstasy.

Squealing with delight and fatigue she finally came to a halt and slid herself out. Running her hand across my body she walked to my head, reached up and gently removed the gag from my mouth.

“Was that nice? Did my little sweetie enjoy that?”

My mouth felt dry; I tried to croak an answer, but was overcome with emotion and exhaustion.

I felt her push something again into my ragged arse. This time it was the probe more pain thudded repeatedly into me. This time I was able to scream but little more than sobs came from my dry mouth.

She released my bonds and let me drop to the floor. Sitting beside me, she stroked my hair and held me in her arms.

“Oh Harry, darling. That was amazing; I do so enjoy playing with you.”

“Beth, you are beautiful; but I swear one day you will go too far..!”

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