Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic
Lily Erotic Lilyerotic Official – Art w/ Narrative | Lily Erotic

My Pet

By LoveGoddess

I only made it through my terrible day because I knew my sweet little secret would be waiting for me. The day was bad from the first moment my eyes opened. I overslept because I had stayed up to late watching one of my favorite movies. My new boss was already pissed at me because I had been late a couple times already and she was a stickler—I was never more than 5 or 10 minutes late and it didn’t matter if my work was top notch or that I would stay late—she had found my one thing she could complain about and had pounced on it. I know I threatened her in many ways. Although I didn’t have an official title or anything I pretty much had ran the office of the little business I worked for, and as the business grew, the owner, a homely middle aged man, started to gain more self-confidence with the more money he made. He hit on me once—only once. No way was basically what I told him. Not long after that he hired my new boss, now the official office manager, a very good looking and very flighty lady who was also a catty bitch. She had only been there two weeks and I already was looking for another job. I know I will find one soon as my resume is stellar and that combined with my little secret keeps me sane.

By the end of the day I wanted to storm out and quit on the spot but I stopped myself. I would quit as soon I got the job offer I knew I was going to get by the end of the week right after I had my interview. I wasn’t going to give that bitch the satisfaction. As you can tell I like to call the shots in my life. Instead of storming out, I made one little text that was all I had to do. My place at 515 was all I wrote and I knew what I would find waiting for me.

As I drove home I even had a smile on my face for the first time all day. I walked up to my door and could hear soft pop music. The door was unlocked as I walked in I called out Where is my sweet Andy? Where is my little puppy? Immediately he came running up to me on all fours and I leaned down to pet him and scratch behind his ears as he reached up and licked my face excitedly. But don’t think that my pet was just your average, run of the mill Labrador retriever or anything. No Andy is my pet human puppy and personal slave who loves to serve me and make me happy more than anything else in his life. He is young, blonde with pretty blue eyes and oh so innocent looking. I knew better. He had greeted me naked on all fours, his cock rock hard his dog collar on ready to do whatever I wanted.

Bring me a glass of wine sweetie I commanded and headed back to my bedroom to get more comfortable. I took off my blouse and skirt but kept my black lace bra, panties, thigh high stockings and heals on. I leaned back on my bed and didn’t have to wait long when Andy arrived now standing with a glass of chardonnay on a silver tray. Good boy I said and patted him on the head.

Take my shoes off and rub my feet I order him next as I moved closer to the end of the bed. He kneeled before me and reverently took each shoe off. Would you like to me to take off your stockings for you as well he asked so very eagerly. You may I answered. He slowly took off my stockings and then begin to rub my feet so gently. Please may I lick your feet he asked. Yes you may and I leaned back and finally relaxed as he slowly massaged and then licked my feet eagerly once more.

I turned over and commanded him to rub my neck and shoulders. He loved this part because he could sit on the back of my legs and massage me and rub up and down my large but firm ass with his cock. I sat back up suddenly and pushed him back on the bed. I waved my pussy still in my black lace panties over him but not quite touching him and, took my bra off and stuffed my tits in his mouth. His eyes got really big and round and he looked like I was almost chocking him but I could tell by his even now harder, fully erect cock he loved it. I lowered my self on his belly and rubbed my clit up and down but still didn’t touch what I knew he wanted me to touch so badly. I writhed and moaned and when I knew I was going to come soon, I ripped my panties off, sat on his face and shoved my dripping wet pussy into his mouth and came all over him.

Oh please mistress he begged please can I come now. No I laughed I am not done with you yet and I leaned back and downed my glass of wine thirstily. Fetch me some more wine I told him and bring me some cheese and crackers too. He didn’t dare protest and did what I told him.

After I had had a little more to drink and nibbled at some cheese I allowed my sweet pet to have some cheese and a few sips of wine for being such a good boy. Now get off the bed you don’t belong here cutie. He sadly got off the bed and kneeled there waiting. I moved down to the foot of the bed and said Are you still hungry then I will let you eat my pussy again. Eagerly he lapped and lapped and again I was moaning and writhing but then I grabbed his hair and pulled him off of me and pulled him back on the bed.

Lay down I ordered him and he lay on his back his legs straight out his cock fully erect and already dripping. Please, Please Please was all he could say and then I silenced him again by sitting on his face. Up and down and round and round I rode his beautiful mouth but this time I grabbed his hard cock and stroked him slowly and then faster and faster as I rode him. He started to whimper and I knew if he could talk-if I wasn’t sitting on his face- he would be begging me again. Right as I felt myself getting ready to climax I finally said Yes My sweet pet you can come now too and as I screamed out my release and came all over his face again he came into my hand as I squeezed one last time.

Now get off the bed like a good boy and go clean yourself up I told him and his smile was huge as he gladly obliged. I leaned back fully satisfied. Don’t disturb me for a bit sweetie I called out to him as he was getting into the shower I am going to take a short nap and as I drifted off I was content knowing that when I woke up my sweet puppy would be curled up on the floor next to the bed waiting eagerly for me to wake up so we could play some more.

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