By R410a

Now I was in a flurry of thought, “Children, mom we aren’t even married.”

“Then you better get that way, what is it you’re waiting for anyhow? Get married, have babies, that’s what Sofia has told her mom she wants most in life, to be married to you and be a mommy to her babies. You kids can have the entire back wing of the house, we’ll install a doorway so you have privacy, Camila wants Sofie to have the house along with the trust when she dies. When you think about it that will work nicely, you’ll only be three houses away if she needs help with the kids. Think about it David, it’s what your dad would have done.”

Friday when I brought her home we sat in the driveway necking when she sat back and began unbuttoning her blouse.

“Sof, what are you doing?”

“Mama said it’s okay if you touch my boobs so I’m taking my blouse off.”

“No baby, you let me do that, let me kiss and caress you. It’ll be okay, you need to trust me.”

“I do David, I love you. Mama says lovers can do things other people can’t.”

With our lips locked, my tongue tangling with hers and the hormones raging I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, stopping to kiss along her neck and shoulders, it was the dead of summer and her body was shivering with excitement. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, the bridge of her nose and then along the top of her cute frilly bra. She mumbled she’d worn it just for me, I made sure I paid attention to it. She moaned when my hand covered her bra cup, pushing into my hand and whimpering into my mouth as I squeezed, lightly pinching her nipple which was now hard. Lifting her bra she gasped and looked down when I put the nipple into my mouth, moving the other cup out of the way my hands played with her soft warm flesh.

We had been in the driveway a solid half hour when I felt we’d gone far enough for the first night. I helped put her bra back in place and button her blouse when she told me she had wet herself.

“My panties are wet David, but it doesn’t feel like pee, it feels thick and sticky. What is that David?”

“That’s called being aroused, it happens when you are being passionate with your lover.”

“Do you have the same thing?”

“Not exactly, similar but not the same. Honey we’ll talk about this next time we’re together, will that be alright?”

“Yes David, I love you, mama says you’ll never hurt me.”

After talking with our mothers, we decided that we would be married in two months, just before the trial for the Weatherly boys was scheduled to begin. Sofie wanted to be married on the old sand lot with all the old guys we’d played ball with, sadly it no longer existed as it had been, there was but a small amount of it that didn’t have buildings on it. Her second choice was to have the ceremony in the park next to the duck pond where she and I had spent many a Sunday afternoon talking.

It was a warm sunny day with a slight breeze as I watched my bride walk toward the minister and I, my best friend Ed and his new bride were standing up for us, there were about fifty people in attendance, more than enough as far as we were concerned. Our wedding was late afternoon, we simply moved the reception into the open sided pavilion, we had a catered meal but not a dance, instead we spent our time moving from table to table until it was time to leave.

I had booked a hotel room for us in the city, as I was taking Sofie’s bags from her house into the car both mothers pulled me aside, it was Camila who spoke with my mom at her side.

“Be gentle with her Dave, she and I have talked and she knows some of what to expect, I’ve also told her you won’t hurt her and to let you show her what to do. She knows it will hurt a little when her hymen breaks, I told her you’ll take extra time at that point so she can relax and actually enjoy sex with her husband.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Ortiz, I’ll take my time, she and I have talked about this as well, she’s told me her mama says it’s okay for her to let me do whatever I want, I won’t abuse that Mrs. Ortiz, I’m not into weird or kinky. She’ll be fine, I’ll make sure she feels safe and cared for.”

It was my mom’s turn, “The three of us picked out her honeymoon ensemble, she’s so proud of it, it’s a sexy little thing, make sure you compliment her. Remember, she’s going to be in an entirely different world when you get to Hawaii, make sure you look out for her, she looks like a lady, but inside she’s still sixteen, protect her.”

She had changed out of her wedding dress into a lovely white cotton dress with a cute yellow bow around her tiny waist, as we checked in she showed the lady her rings three times telling her each time we had just been married that afternoon. The older gal was sweet and understanding telling us to have an enjoyable evening, and congratulations on our marriage. We were alone on the elevator, I turned her to me, cupped her butt cheeks, pulled her tight to me and kissed her, I felt her push her hips into my rapidly growing cock.

As the elevator dinged she pulled back, “Did I do that right Dave? Is that a wife does? I hope so because I sure liked it.”

Holding her hand as we stepped out I whispered that she had done exactly what wives do and that she was smart to wait until we were not around other people. She informed me very quietly that her mama had told her we could do anything we wanted to if we were by ourselves. I was glad she and Camila had talked so much, her mother had been her protector all her life, she did or didn’t do things based upon what mama had told her, the significance of Camila passing that distinction over to me became very clear. I would protect this girl with my life.

In the room I suggested that I shower quickly while she got out her ensemble, then she could shower and change, I would be on the bed waiting. Before I could turn away she took my hand and put it directly on her mound over her dress, on tip toes he raised up and kissed me, then rubbed a hand across my rapidly stiffening dick. With a smile she pulled away and walked into the bathroom. I knew the moms had been giving her pointers, that was obviously one of them.

I lit some scented candles and doused the lights while I waited with a raging hardon, when the bathroom door opened she smiled as she made her way to me. I whistled and told her how sexy she looked in her yellow baby doll top, half cup bra, skimpy panties, a belt and sheer yellow stockings. I met her halfway to the bed, my dick standing straight as an arrow, picking her up she looked confused.

“You’re hard, I thought I was supposed to do that for you.”

“You did angel, just thinking about you made me hard, then seeing you dressed like this made me even harder. I’m going to set you down and take off the top, then we’re going to lay down while I finish undressing you.”

“Will we have sex then? Some of the ladies at work call it fucking and that I have a pussy and you have a cock. Is that right?”

“Those are words used in sex, but they shouldn’t be used in public places. We can call what your mother has always referred to as your peach a pussy if you want to.”

“Do you like when I use that word? Because it isn’t a peach, it’s my pussy and I want to call it that. And I want to call your thing a cock.”

“That’s what we’ll do then angel, come lay with me.”

Kissing and nuzzling her I untied the bow at her neck and let the top fall open, her tight nipples were above the half bra, I softly kissed her upper breast before I sucked first one then the other hardened nipple. Her back was arched and her hand on the back of my neck, she was trying to shove her entire tit into my mouth. I sat her up, slipped off the robe, unclipped the bra and slid it off her body, she never flinched or showed any apprehension at all.

As I sucked on her breasts my hand lowered to the front of her panties, my finger found the delicate groove, as it did her legs opened slightly and her hand wrapped around my aching dick. Moving from her breasts to kiss her lips we stayed in that position a few minutes, me rubbing up and down her vulva over her panties, her hand moving up and down my cock slowly. I began my descent as I kissed down her body, sucking and softly biting her nipples, leaving a bright red hickie on the side of her left breast, as my mouth moved toward her panties she stopped me.

“No, mama says you don’t have to do that unless you want to. Do you want to?”

As I nodded she smiled, hooked her thumbs into her panties and yanked them off. I could smell her arousal instantly, my dick was twitching, leaking pre-cum all over the bed and wanting to be sheathed in that tight tender pussy. With the same smile on her face she lay back opening her legs nice and wide, with my mouth above her pussy I asked how she knew what to do.

“Mama gave me a book to read that showed lots of different drawings, I want you to do all those things to me Davey.”

I’m thinking to myself, *thank you Camila* I had a hot nymph on my hands and I intended to make her mine. The days of a shaved pussy was not yet common, you might see it in a porn flick but not much else. She had a nice patch of silky down, not very wide, in fact it wasn’t more than a few inches wide at the top, making an almost perfect V as it narrowed above her clit. The hair was long and while not thick, it was also not sparse, in the past I’d had my fingers in pubic hair aplenty but had never felt any as soft as hers.

She was up on elbows looking down as I rested in between her legs, she watched intently as I softly kissed her inner thighs, then placing a gentle kiss directly on her labia, my eyes never leaving hers. My hands were under her butt, as I lifted her into my face pushing my tongue through the outer labia sucking gently she flopped onto the bed, head thrown back, mouth open and yet silent. I watched the lovely mounds of pleasure rise and fall with her rapid breathing, breasts that would one day nurse our children.

Licking the labia without touching her clit I watched her squeeze her breasts and pull the nipples, head back, soft moans and guttural sounds filling the room, the moment my tongue swiped over her love bud she let out a soft squeal, squeezing her breasts much harder, not only pulling but pinching her nipples as well. Her hips began rocking back and forth, as though passion had overtaken her body, it was then I came to the realization that passion and desire would be as normal for her as any other girl, it was up to me to channel it and let her know she was safe to let loose. I continued to lick and suck her clit, her hips were bucking up and down as her climax approached, suddenly she cried out, “Dave stop, I’m gonna pee.”

Looking up I waited until she looked at me, “You aren’t going to pee Sofie, you’re going to do something called a climax, just let it go sweetheart, it will feel wonderful.”

I proceeded to eat her tangy little cunt, her tender small pussy lips hugging my tongue as I swiped up and down, when the momentum of her hips returned I latched onto her clit and sucked lightly. Her body lifted off the bed, her hands were at the back of my head and she screamed as she pushed her pussy tight into my face, she didn’t squirt, but she certainly gushed. My face was full of cream, tangy clear liquid, her body flopped back onto the bed, I kept my tongue stiff and pressed against her clit, her hips would slowly move until her clit touched my tongue and then jump. I stayed this way a minute or so letting her take herself wherever it was she wanted to go, finally moving away from me.

Moving up the bed to lying next to her I cradled her in my arms as she regained some semblance of order in her breathing and body composure, I hadn’t bothered to wipe my face, I felt it more important to make sure she felt comfortable. Looking at me she kissed my lips and quickly pulled back.

“Your face is sticky, is that me?” I nodded. “I thought it would smell nasty and be yucky, but it isn’t. Are you upset with me because I did that to your face? I couldn’t stop it, it made me tingle all over my body, even in my toes.”

“I’m not upset, in fact it’s exactly what I hoped would happen. Was that your first climax Sofie?”

Though it was dark in the room I could tell she was blushing as she hung her head. “Well, sort of, I did it to myself once in the shower but it scared me and when I told mama she said I shouldn’t do it anymore. Will you do that to me again?”

“I will my love, not tonight though, tonight I’m going to make love to you.”

“Is that when you put your cock in my pussy and we fuck?”

“I will be inside you, but tonight I’m going to go slow and make love to you. Are you rested enough to do it now?”

Her answer was to bend her legs at the knees and open herself completely to anything I wanted to do. I pushed her legs flat onto the mattress as I kissed, caressed and stroked her body, whispering her name between kisses, bringing her to a point of arousal where her lower body was twisting and undulating, almost begging to be invaded. Rising above her with arms extended I told her to watch my eyes and listen as I explained things, with her eyes burning holes in mine and her pelvis pushing upward looking for attention I began.

“I’m going to put the tip of my cock against your pussy, you will feel pressure as I push, that’s normal so try and relax. Once I’m inside you I’ll stop so you can get used to it.” As I was talking she was listening intently. “After I’m inside I’ll go slowly, it will feel odd, like you’re being split apart but your body will adjust so try to relax if you can. Sofie, if you want me to stop push against my chest.”

Her eyes were wide as I began to push against the tightest pussy I’d ever encountered, pulling back I swiped the head up and down the wet crevice a few more times before trying again, I could feel the labia begin to yield and continued pushing until I felt the head break through. She let out a small yelp as her body stiffened, her hands against my chest pushing hard, I remained still until she opened her eyes.

“Are you okay baby? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m not hurt, it surprised me, I knew it would go inside me but I didn’t know it would be so big.”

I’m not *hung* as they say, the six I have is nice and fat and has never seemed to leave a woman wanting, then again she’s never had anything inside her before, not even a tampon. I whispered *okay* she nodded and closed her eyes as I worked it in and out slowly, advancing a small amount with each stroke stopping when I hit her maidenhead. Her eyes opened as if to wonder why I stopped.

“Sofie, now is when it will hurt a little, I’ll as gentle as I can.”

“You mean you aren’t all the way in?” She raised up and looked at four inches of my dick still not inside her. “Dave I’m scared.”

“Do you want me to stop Sofie, we can do this tomorrow.”

“No Davey, we made it this far I want to be a woman, mama told me it would hurt a few minutes and then feel better. Go ahead, I’ll be strong.”

Not wanting to drag the discomfort out with a slow penetration I pulled back and slammed past the hymen. Her body tensed, she let out a cry and immediately fainted. I wasn’t sure what to do so I stayed as I was, in seconds her eyes were opening as she whimpered my name repeatedly, laying forward I kissed the tears from her cheeks, I kissed her lips softly and told her the worst was over.

“I’ll go real slow baby you tell me when it feels a little better.”

It took several minutes of short stroking before I could say I was all the way inside her tight hot pussy, she was so tight it made my dick hurt. Using slow deeper strokes, she began to relax, her breathing wasn’t so choppy and she’d begun to make little noises of what I assumed were pleasure. Leaning up to watch I saw her smile as I slid in and out of her, putting her arms around my neck she drew me down for a kiss, at the same time she raised her hips into me for the first time. It wasn’t much, but it was a beginning.

I’d like to say I sent her into orgasmic nirvana, except that would be a lie, she did cum with me but not very hard. Her body shook a bit and she stopped breathing momentarily, nothing like when I’d eaten her, then again I hadn’t ripped her little pussy apart when I ate her. I ran a bath for her and then helped her wash, when I tried to wash her nether area she cringed and whimpered, I could see through the water that she was red and swollen. I handed her the cloth and told her I’d get a towel, as she stood I wrapped the towel around her, carried her to bed and laid her down.

Her stockings, belt, half bra and panties were in a heap on the floor, after drying her I asked what she wanted to sleep in, she told me there were panties and a large t-shirt in her bag. Putting them on her I pulled the covers up over her and told her to sleep while I took a quick bath. With our flight leaving at ten I wanted to make sure we were up soon enough for her to get ready, she winced as she got out of bed and walked gingerly but within ten minutes she was showing no external signs of discomfort.

Sitting next to me on the 727 she gripped my hand like it was the last vestige of reality known to her. Once at altitude she relaxed and became calm, when I asked if she hurt down there she whispered, *just a little*. Our flight landed just after three, after checking in to our beach bungalow we opted for a nap before the evening meal. As we woke she asked if we could do it again, when I explained she might not be able to do it again that night she said she didn’t care, she wanted to do it then.

Who was I to argue, we took our time and eased into full penetration, once I’d hit bottom she wanted the pace to increase, I’m not saying I hammered her tender vulva, we certainly went at it harder than the night before which resulted in a long and strong climax for her. My nuts had been boiling, when she let loose so did I, it felt like my cock wasn’t going to stop spasming, I could feel it twitch and push out a little bit more. When I began to soften I pulled out lying next to her out of breath.

Her soft voice invaded my state of fogginess, “I could feel you this time, I mean your stuff inside me, I liked that Davey, it felt hot and thick, like the way my panties do when we kiss and you feel my tits. It sure was a lot, I can feel it running out.”

I jumped up, got some tissues and helped wipe away the residue dribbling from her swollen puffy vulva. We dressed and went for dinner, ever notice how there’s at least one lecherous vulture in every bar setting? We chose to be seated on the open patio with the sun still high in the sky, as I went to get us a drink at the bar across the room, I noticed a guy moving toward our table. I watched carefully while I waited for my beer and her soda, as I approached our table he rose and extended his hand, I looked at it and moved past.

Setting the drinks down I asked Sofie what he had said to her. “He said I’m pretty and tomorrow he’ll show us where we can go without clothes on, but I don’t want to do that.”

I turned, grabbed his arm and led him away, “Listen asshole, stay away from my wife. It’s obvious she’s learning disabled and you think you’re going to take advantage of that, if you as much as talk to her again I will end your time on this beach. Understand?”

I wasn’t much bigger than he was, but there’s something about when you know you’ve met your match and he’d met his. He nodded and scurried off not to be seen again the entire time we were there. Whether he put the word out or there were no more predators, he was the first and last I had to protect her from. Our sex life expanded rapidly in that first week, she wanted to try it from behind and loved it, then riding me, on her side, ankles on shoulders, bent over the couch and once on the kitchen table after she had sat in front of me with her dress up, no panties and my face buried in her pussy.

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