By R10a

After listening I needed to hear more about Sofia. “I’ve noticed sometimes you call her Sofia and other times Sofie. Why is that?”

She laughed, “It’s Sofia, I call her Sof or Sofie at times like a nickname. She prefers I call her Sofia in public.”

“Having been away these past few years I have no idea how she’s doing. Will you tell me, and please be completely honest.”

“Since she started at the new school she’s done very well. She’s with kids who are just like her, kids who grow up physically but not mentally like others. She is smart and applies herself, she’s learned proper hygiene, some cooking skills, simple arithmetic, she reads at a sixth or seventh grade level and has fair comprehension. Once she learns something she remembers, her biggest issue is that she doesn’t know how to think things through and make decisions, once she’s told what needs to be done and is shown how to do it, she’s fine.”

“Thank you for being up front with me Mrs. Ortiz. If you don’t have a problem with the idea, I would like to include her in some of my activities, maybe being in public with somebody she trusts will help her develop better social skills.”

And so it was, I would take her with me from time to time, she always held onto my hand like a child does with a parent, more for protection than anything. Our small city of thirteen thousand had two major industries for employment, both were manufacturing facilities that required a large number of skilled welders. I used my GI Bill and attended a one year course for welding at our local tech, I was hired upon graduation, at the age of nearly twenty two I was not only working a full time well paying job, I was looking forward to a good life.

Now that Sofia was over eighteen I was taking her with me somewhere once a week on average, they weren’t dates, we were close friends and nothing more. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her, though she was a Latina knockout with raven black hair cascading down her back and had a nice figure, seeing her as a romantic partner was something I wouldn’t allow my mind to entertain. When I needed sex, I would venture into a larger city twenty-six miles away and find someone in a bar, I used condoms every time, the thought of bareback was tempting, the thought of disease or an unwanted child was daunting.

Between our town and the city was a small blip on the map that had once been a village until the timber market stopped and people simply moved away, the population was under two hundred and most of those were city people living in the numerous four-plex apartments. I’d met Bethany one Friday night on the prowl for pussy, turns out she was on the prowl for a cock, we ended up at her apartment in that little burb, she was what we called then *big boned* nowadays she’d have been referred to as *plus size*.

She wasn’t flabby in the least, just thick and to her credit she loved to fuck. She had no qualms which hole you chose to use, she was one of those gals who climaxed from anal, many don’t, they simply do it because it pleases their husband or lover. I don’t have a ten-inch cock that’s two and a half inches wide, my normal thick six inches has always managed to satisfy whomever I was with. Bethany was a pre-med student with two years to go, she wasn’t looking for a husband and I wasn’t looking for a wife, we fit each other’s purpose quite well.

She had large breasts she loved to be manhandled and sucked and a nice thick vulva that seemed to literally swallow my cock as it slid in, those were the days before shaving was popular and to be frank, I liked her thick bush. When we would finish it would be caked with her girl juices, matted and hugging to her labia, if she had cum hard enough there would be droplets on the few errant hairs across her opening. I know because my spunk went into a condom and not inside her, so from time to time I would lick her clean, the taste of her arousal was something I actually liked. I was seeing her almost every Saturday night which kept the hounds at bay in regard to my libido, in our case it was sex and sex only, no emotional ties. Bethany had seen me with Sofia at the mall one Saturday and asked about her that night. When I had explained my relationship with Sofia she smiled and made a comment I wouldn’t have expected.

“She really likes you, you know that, right? I know you think you’re just friends, but she doesn’t see it that way, if you ever reach the point where you want to get married you could do far worse than her, she’s gorgeous … I’d do her.”

It made me take stock of my situation, sure we went out for pizza, I took her to the county fair, we shopped together once in a while in the city and took in the occasional movie, but I never saw it as a romantic thing. When Sofia finished her schooling, she had been trained on a cash register at the grocery store and was no longer stocking shelves, she had been a checker almost two years and was so proud. Mrs. Ortiz seemed to be in failing health so I made it a point to make sure Sof got home safe after each shift, Sofia was a few months away from her twenty first birthday when her mom asked me to stop by on an evening when Sofia was working.

Telling mom where I would be, she sat me down. “She’s a very sick woman Dave, let her take the time she needs to tell you whatever it is she wants to talk about.”

I knew she didn’t look well but I didn’t realize she was very sick as my mom had said. I could see Mrs. Ortiz curled up in a blanket on the couch as I walked onto the stoop, I knocked and stuck my head in the door announcing myself. She beckoned me to come in and sit, after a few minutes of chit chat she looked at me sternly before she spoke.

“David, I’m dying. I have been since just before you came home, I have stage four bone cancer, the doctors say I have a year, maybe two to live, I have a huge favor to ask, I don’t need an answer tonight, I want you to think about it and get back to me please.”

“Sure Mrs. Ortiz, whatever I can do to help.”

“David, I want you to marry Sofia. She knows and trusts you implicitly, not to mention that you’re one of the few people who actually know her and treat her with dignity. If she doesn’t marry, they want to move her to a group home in the city within six months, so she’ll have time to get used to me not being around. I understand what they want to do and why, I’m grateful for that, but she’ll do better if she stays here in our little town with a man who loves her. I know you don’t see her in that light now, but I believe you could. Will you give it some thought?”

As they say in England, I was gobsmacked. Talk about a curve ball, never in all my days had I considered such a thing. Yes, she was very pretty, she would be a devoted and loyal spouse, but what about kids and such? It was time to ask.

“What about kids, can she have kids? I’ve always wanted a large family. If we had kids would she be able to take care of them?”

“She’s been through the childcare courses and did very well, in fact she was the top girl of eleven. David, like I said before, when she learns something she doesn’t forget. She’s also learned to sew and loves making things, she has a hope chest full of little girl dresses, and numerous other items that she’s sewn. As for raising them, that’s why she has your mom and me, your aunts and cousins, close neighbors, that’s how we learned. Why would it be any different with her? Your gentle with her so I wouldn’t be worried about the sex part and she would be a good wife to you, she would never stray, you don’t know it but she talks about you every day.”

I asked if I could have a few days to think about it and get back to her. In the dark I walked to the store and waited for Sofia, as we walked home she again reached for my hand, only this time it meant more to me than her needing to feel safe, I held her hand a bit more firmly than I usually did. She told me all about her day and how Mrs. Connell yelled at her because she thought the price of the hamburger was too high. Then she laughed softly, “Mr. Jerrod told her that I don’t set the prices.”

I stood at the end of the sidewalk and watched as he went through the front door. It was just after ten when I got home, mother was already in bed, but I needed to talk, I needed my mother’s words of age and wisdom. I was sitting at the foot of her bed, she was propped against the headboard with pillows behind her as I divulged everything Mrs. Ortiz had told me. I spoke of my concerns and apprehension, was I ready for marriage, would I be a good husband to Sofie? It seemed as though my brain was mush.

Following a thirty second or more lull mother spoke, “I think you need to consider who you are to her David. I agree with Camila, Sofia would be a loyal and devoted wife. She isn’t illiterate son, she’s only ignorant of some things, with you to help her make wise decisions she would flourish as a mother and housewife. I know it sounds like I’m on her side, but what I’m trying to say is you could do so much worse, like you said, she’s a very pretty girl, the fact that she’s simple minded in some ways shouldn’t really be an issue Dave.”

“But mom, even though Mrs. O said you guys can help her raise babies you won’t be around forever. That scares me, how do I even know if she will like sex?”

“Son, you’re a bright lad but you have much to learn about women. If you take your time with her, be loving and attentive, she’ll enjoy sex, I can guarantee it. It isn’t so much the physical with women, it’s more the emotional, feeling wanted, feeling loved, sharing intimacy with her life partner. She won’t want to share that with anyone but her husband David, I’ll say it again, you could do far worse.”

Lying in bed Bethany’s words flooded my mind, I recalled her saying she could see the love for me in Sofia’s eyes, she’d also said what mother had, I could do far worse than Sofia. The more I pondered it the more I realized I was coming to a point in my life where I was ready to settle down, at the age of twenty four I had a skill and good paying job with a bright outlook for future advancement.

As I began to think of her beauty and sex appeal the head between my legs took over, the skimpiest outfit I’d ever seen her in was a one piece bathing suit, to say she rocked it would be an understatement. I could only imagine what she would look like naked, her arms holding me tight to her chest as we kissed, her long legs behind my thighs pulling me in as I stroked her sweet pussy, my dick was stiffening as I imagined my face buried between her legs. Mother was right, just because she didn’t have the same deductive skills most folks her age did wasn’t a reason to not consider her as a wife. I needed more time to think it through, but I was certainly considering it.

I thought of nothing but the situation before me the entire week, on Friday I suggested I take the mom’s and Sofia for supper. When Sofie got up to use the girl’s room I leaned over the table and took both mothers hands.

“I did nothing but think about this all week and I’ve made a decision, I want to marry Sofia, not that I need to because of your illness Mrs. Ortiz, I want to.”

Tears fell liberally until they saw Sofie walking back, as she sat her mom patted her hand and smiled, when Sofie asked what was going on she told her softly she would know soon enough. When I dropped the mom’s at home I asked Sofia if she’d like to get a sundae with me, as we sat eating the treat I looked in her eyes and saw nothing but admiration and affection. I decided it was time to take the leap.

“Sofia, do you like me?”

“You know I do David you’ve always been my hero. You always treat me nice, some other people don’t but you do.”

“I have another question to ask Sof, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Mom says I can’t yet, she says boys only want to have sex with me and I shouldn’t have sex before I’m married.”

I smiled, “Sofie, would you go out with me on a date tomorrow night? I’ve talked with your mom and she said it’s okay.”

“My mom said it was okay. You mean like a real date with a boy and girl? Not just like I’m your sister?”

“I mean a real date Sofia, I want to take you to the stock car races, if you want to go out with me.”

“Oh the stock car races, I like those, they’re noisy but I like them. Yes, I want to go out with you, will I be your girlfriend then?”

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“I do, can we kiss then? Mama says I can’t let boys touch my privates, but that’s different than kissing. I’ve never been kissed by a boy before, I don’t know how, will you show me?”

When we left the ice cream shop I dropped the car at my house and walked her home, she held my hand tight as she entwined her fingers in mine, a perpetual smile on her lips. At the end of the walk to her door I drew her into my arms, her head went back with her lips puckered up in a crinkled circle. I put my finger on her lips which made her open her eyes.

“Soften your lips, don’t scrunch them so tight, put them against mine lightly, I’ll show you how to do the rest.”

After five or six kisses she was getting the gist of things, her lips were soft, warm and full. It was too soon to French, that would be another lesson on another night. As I broke our kiss and stood back saying goodnight she grabbed my arms.

“No, you have to walk me to my front door and kiss me there. That’s how it’s supposed to be, I read it in a book.”

With my arm around her shoulders and her arm around my waist I walked her to the door, kissed her another five or six times and told her goodnight. As she reached for the doorknob, she smiled and uttered, “I love you David”, then slipped inside. Walking back to the sidewalk I glanced back to see her mom peeking through the living room curtains smiling. Our romance grew steadily, word got around that I was dating her, suddenly the guys trying to talk her out of her clothes seemed to disappear. On her twenty first birthday I met her at the door with roses, took her to an upscale restaurant in the city, to a night club dancing and headed home.

Sitting in her driveway necking I pushed back, as of late we’d been kissing more heavily, I had introduced Frenching, something she seemed to love, I looked at her and smiled.

“Sofia, I need to ask you something.”

“Are you gonna ask me to marry you? Mama said you might, and I made up my mind … Yes, yes, yes. I’ll be the best wife, mama says when I’m married that I can let you touch my body, oh I want that so much David. I’ve read so many books about it and now I want to know what it’s like.”

The little brat, she knew what was in my mind the whole night. I opened the ring box, she squealed, put it on and clamped her arms around my neck. We didn’t kiss as usual at the door, she burst inside dragging me along, putting her hand in front of her mother’s face she bubbled with pride.

“David is going to marry me mama, can I let him touch me now?”

Her mom looked at me with a questioning look, I shook my head as she spoke.

“Honey we’ll talk about that later when it’s just you and me. Congratulations you two, I’m so happy for you. Any thoughts about when it’ll happen David?”

“I need to give it some thought but I think sooner rather than later. I’m gonna go now, Sofie I’ll see you tomorrow, walk me to the door.”

As we stood kissing, she was different, no she wasn’t supposed to let me touch her but that didn’t stop her from pressing her chest into mine and pushing her lower body against mine before I broke the kiss. My cock was at full attention when I walked away, damn that girl could light my fire quickly. My relationship with Belinda had ended just before Mrs. O had talked with me, she was transferring to another school with better prospects of getting into a med school after graduation. It had been several months since I’d had any pussy, it was beginning to have an effect on me.

I thought news of our engagement around town would put the wolves at bay, not for Tom Weatherly though, it only seemed to spur him on. He was stupid enough to say in the tavern that he was going to fuck Sofia before I married her, he either didn’t care or was too stupid to realize the two guys to his right worked with me every day. It was all smoke and bravado to me until I got a call from Burt Jerrod the store owner two nights later. Tom and his brother John had snuck into the back room and were waiting when Sofie took her break, as she walked from the bathroom they tried to force her back in.

She kicked and screamed and fought for all she was worth until other store employees intervened to subdue the brothers while waiting for the cops. When I got to Sofie her dress was torn revealing much of her chest, they had grabbed her breasts through the dress before ripping it open, then had pulled her bra up where all could see her bare breasts. She was hysterical and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her until I arrived, I put her bra back in place and closed her dress as much as possible. She told me they grabbed her between her leg’s but she kicked hard so they couldn’t take her panties off. I hurt inside, my sweet innocent Sofie knew what they were trying to do was wrong but had no idea why.

The brothers were face down on the floor cuffed and being searched as I led Sofie out of the room. I stared at Tom the longest, made a gun with my fingers and went POW as I grabbed Sofie. Mike the former deputy now a sergeant stopped me afterward while Mr. Jerrod helped get her coat on.

“Dave don’t go after these pieces of shit when they bail out. Let the system put these fuckers away, this isn’t the first complaint we’ve had, but it’s the first we’ve had witnesses. Before that it was, he said she said, along with claims of consensual sex. This time they’ll go away for a long while.”

Once she finished with statements and I got her home it took my mom, Camila and me more than an hour to get her calmed down. She blubbered over and over about wanting me to be the one to touch her body, not those mean boys, it was finally my mom who intervened with what seemed to put her mind at rest.

“Did they touch your boobs or just tear your bra? If they didn’t touch your bare skin, then David can still be the one to touch you first.”

“No, no, they didn’t touch my boobs, can David touch me now so he knows they didn’t?”

Camila stepped in to save me from absolute embarrassment, “No sweetheart, that needs to be done in private, just you and David. It will happen soon enough baby, I promise.”

I was relieved, I wanted to take those tender looking delicacies into my mouth and molest them with my tongue, but not with our mothers watching. It was late and I needed to get in bed, I held and kissed my sweet angel promising I would see her the next evening after work. Mom wanted to stay a bit longer telling me she’d see me at breakfast. She woke me a half hour earlier than my normal alarm setting telling me to get ready, then to meet her in the kitchen for breakfast. With the pancakes and sausage eaten I ask why the early schedule.

“Camila and I had a long talk after you left and she got Sofie in bed. We both think it’s time for you kids to take a step in a new direction, while neither of us are for sex before marriage, we both feel like you need to know if you make each other’s motor run. Camila is comfortable with some light petting, and I say Camila because Sofia is going to do as her mother says, if mama says it’s okay for you to touch her breasts, then it’ll be okay in Sofie’s mind. She asked that you don’t take her virginity until after you’re married and please nothing below the waist right now.”

I must have looked like a cow at a new gate as she slapped my arm, “Can you do that David? Can you respect her wishes? We also need to discuss how long before you marry. Camila doesn’t have a long time and she’d like to see your first child before she dies if at all possible.”

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